Tough Runs

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« on: <09-04-18/2108:34> »
What good SR5 modules are out there worth buying and will provide experienced SR players with a hard challenge? (I read that Boundless Mercy is supposed to be tough...)
   Or how about some good player-created runs that are well written and will provide a hard challenge? Surely there's got to be something on the 'net I could DL and print off?
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« Reply #1 on: <09-05-18/1602:13> »
Leaving this thread here for now, but I moved your other two, Angel Heart, as this forum is specifically for Shadowrun Missions, which is the official Living Campaign for the game.  As such house rules, game modifications, and SR Anarchy don't really apply, because Missions has a strict set of guidelines for how it needs to be played.

If you want to ask about non-Missions adventures, I'd recommend hitting up the Gamemasters Lounge or the General sub-forum. But there are plenty of tricky and tough Missions adventures as well, so I'm sure folks will have some recommendations here for you.