Rules Questions Part II

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If I buy one amp to improve drone armor, does it apply to all of the drones I have?

Why would you ever buy a doberman? It has higher durability, but has no effect in RAW unless you are ramming, and the default melee damage is higher for ANY drone than for the doberman's ramming damage. It also lacks the +1 movement that gun drones have.

If I buy 2 gun drones, do I need to buy two done weapon gear amps, or can they 'share' it?

What is the range modifiers for Banish actions - if any - in terms of Close/Near/Far?

What are the range modifiers for all of the attack spells and illusion spells?

What is the difference between astral combat (WIL) and close combat (WIL)? From page 315 of the 5E CORE rules: "There are no ranged weapons that function in astral space, so unarmed attacks, active weapon foci, and mana spells are the only options for astral combat."


When compiling a sprite, can I assign it a complex form that my technomancer doesn't have? The statblock for sprite says: "Choose one
Techomancer Amp, p. 203"

Thanks in Advance,
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Drone Amp Armor: I would say, if you spend an Amp Slot to improve Drone Armor, then it would affect all your drones.  If you simply increase and existing Drone Amp by increasing Armor, then it only affects drones in THAT Amp slot.

The Doberman entry is messed up. It is a drone, so it gets +1 attack (drone only) and it moves so it gets +1 movement (drone only). It has a melee weapon (a bite, I suppose) that does 8P (according to Fusion on pg. 97 and the Drone Melee entry on pg. 206).


There do not seem to be range modifiers for magic, but you can put them in if you and your group feel it is appropriate.

The Astral Combat Skill (how we play and how I understand it) is used for anything that happens in astral space.  Want to attack a spirit in astral space? Roll Astral Combat + WIL. Want to cast a manabolt in astral space? Same. Want to use your weapon focus in astral space? Same but maybe with some built in Amp bonus.

Close Combat + WIL is used for those that cannot affect spirits with magic, astral, banishing, etc. It is a way for melee characters to injure the overpowered spirits in the book.


Nothing stops you from assigning ANY complex form to your sprite. You can look them up in the book or make up your own using the same principles of Amp design. If you find my Anarchy Threats list, I have redesigned sprites that have certain 5E-type roles.

That is how I understand it and play but remember this is your Anarchy, you can make whatever changes you see fit.
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« Reply #2 on: <03-05-18/1252:34> »
Awesome, that really clears things up. I mistakenly thought that there were three skills:
Close Combat
Astral Combat
Close Combat Astral

All of which could be trained separately.

There are only the first two, and someone who isn't a mage and hasn't trained in Astral Combat gets a wimpy attack with their Close Combat Skill + Willpower - 2.

From 5E: "Range: This describes how close you have to get, or how far away you can be, to cast the spell. The most common range is Line of Sight (LOS), meaning you have to physically see the target (described in Step 2 of spellcasting,p. 281)."

This goes on to say it can't be a digitized image unless it's a cyber-eye or some such thing that you paid essence for. So I'll agree with you and say sorcery / conjuring are all effectively OK for all ranges.

Thanks again!

Brookylyn Gamer Dad

Brooklyn Gamer Dad