Healing in Anarchy

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One of my groups wanted to try out Anarchy and I'm liking the look of it but seeing that magic has no drain attached to it anymore I find a bit concerning. Especially with the way the Heal spell works here, whats to stop the mage from healbotting the guys up to full health during/between every bout of danger?

As long as the mage isn't geeked, that is.


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p. 43 "Note that each person, device, vehicle, armor, or other piece of gear can only have one attempting healing or repair test per period of combat; you canít just make test after test until all damage is healed or repaired."

These healing attempts can come from any source, Biotech or Spell, or maybe even some Adept-healing Shadow Amp, but you cannot use them over and over until you are full. Plot Points can also be spent to heal or to "top-off" after a Healing Test. Plot Points are not an attempt.

Of course, if your players and you WANT it to work that way, you can; this is Anarchy after all. Do what seems fair, balanced, and makes for a better story.
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