Adrenaline: Developed Anarchy Character

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Adrenaline - Elven Street Samurai - 58 Karma earned, 0 available

Strength 4
Agility 7
Willpower 4
Logic 5
Charisma 3
Edge 5

Never trust a suit.
Ares must be stopped, I'm the man to do it.
I've got to find out what they did to me.
With the perfect plan anything is possible.

Firearms 4
Close Combat 4
Electronics 4
Athletics 6
Pilot (Ground) 2
Ares [K]

Move by Wire R3 (4 amp points)
- +1 attack
- +2 plot points at the beginning of each scene

Skillwires (firearms) R3 (4 amp points)
- +3 Firearms dice

Adrenaline Pump (4 amp points)
- Once per scene reroll up to 3 agility or strength dice.

Synthacardium (5 amp points)
- Reroll up to three failed athletics dice.

SOTA Stun Grenades (5 amp points)
- 8S OK* OK* -
- Those hit by this weapon must reroll 3 successes per roll for 1 full turn and cannot use edge during this duration.

Custom Suzuki Aurora Street Bike (7 amp points)
- +3 Pilot (Ground) dice.
- Reroll 1 failed Pilot (Ground) die
- 2 Damage reduction
- Run flat tires
- Nitrous Oxide: 1/scene Take an extra movement.

If you can't go quiet, go loud.
Wiz, chummer. I owe you one.
I've been through worse.
Back off, omae, your guts look better in your body.
Be patient, he'll slip up.
The is no perfect security system.
Hop on, nobody can out race me.
A soycaf would be wiz right about now.
Hell of a run, let's celebrate!

Positive Qualities
Natural Athlete: +2 dice on athletics rolls
Street Racer: +2 dice on pilot (ground) rolls

Negative Qualities:
Cortex Bomb

Ruger Super Warhawk - Vibro Sword - Leather Jacket
Fake SIN - Electronics Kit - Smoke Grenades - Mitsuhama Platinum Commlink - Maglock Passkey

Max (fixer)
Shelly (Ex Ares Wageslave)

Backstory (can't find it so here are the main points)
After being expelled from college and missing out on his technical degree he was in financial trouble and resorted to shadowrunning. On a failed run against Ares he was kidnapped and experimented on while unconscious. A cortext bomb was implanted inside his skull unbeknownst to him. Despite not knowing the details he found his escape to be suspicious, as if they let him get a way, and he could sense that they did something to him, but he had no idea what. Adrenaline swore to strike Ares at every opportunity and became somewhat of a punk. He is care-free and friendly although he is all business  while on the job.
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