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Our group has worked on some Flashbacks House Rules.  Flashbacks, like the Montage, are a well-used storytelling technique that feel like they have a place in the narrative-heavy Shadowrun: Anarchy.  The idea is that a player may use their Narration to describe certain preparation steps that they had taken before the current scene.  This might be to bribe a guard, steal a getaway car, plant a bug or weapon, clip an alarm wire, or anything at all really.  The Flashback is a heavier investment than other Plot Points and could go wrong, only to make things more exciting (or difficult).

Steps for Stylized Flashbacks and Preparation

1)   Player spends TWO Plot Points to invoke the Flashback (Shake it up plus Live Dangerously).
2)   Describe the purpose and method of the Flashback.  Test appropriate Skill and add a Glitch Die.
        a)   Exploit may refund a Plot Point or have an added positive effect.
        b)   Glitch may cause Cooldown, Stun or Physical damage, or have an added negative effect.
3)   Player narrates Flashback and results (using up their Narration) but may not negate a Narration that has already taken place.

The last two bits are important.  The player uses their own CURRENT Narration to narrate the FLASHBACK Narration.  This is for action economy and balance.  The Player may also not negate a Narration that has already taken place.  If an alarm is triggered while breaking in, the player cannot Flashback to say they disabled the alarm.  They didn't disarm it or it would not have been triggered.  It already happened.  But they could Flashback to rerouting the alarm away from Knight Errant and to another player or a contact instead.

Before attempting the break-in (and triggering the alarm), the player could Flashback to the time they spent all night studying the electronics and hardware of a similar device.  With this they might get a reroll or extra dice on the test.  You could spend Edge, certainly, for the same effect.  One method represents Luck or Skill and the other represents Preparation or Forethought.

The Glitch Dice adds the element of unforeseen consequences without fully playing them out in the Flashback.  If you Glitch on a Negotiations Test to bribe a bouncer, you might take 1 Stun to represent the punch in the eye you got.  If you Glitch on an Electronics Test to clip a wire,  your tools might be on Cooldown to represent dropping them when you grazed the livewire.
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