Made The List - Top 5 RPG of 2016

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Game Informer has listed the top tabletop and top RPG game of 2016.

Shadowrun: Anarchy made the list:
The concept behind Shadowrun is easy to cheer for. Envision a cyberpunk future populated by creatures drawn from magical literature, like elves, dragons, and trolls. Shamanic magic melds with cyber-espionage in a heady mix of sci-fi and fantasy. The current edition of the Shadowrun RPG is great fun for experienced role-players, with tons of detail to help flesh out characters and worlds. But Shadowrun’s 5th edition is also an intimidating beast, and might scare away those looking for more of the theme and less of the rules. Enter Shadowrun Anarchy, an alternate ruleset to role-play in the Shadowrun universe, focused on a far less complex set of guidelines governing the way the game evolves. A smart and simple game mechanic keeps the action brisk and fun, allowing players to focus on the storytelling, and gives tremendous control to players (not just the gamemaster) to shape the ongoing story and scenario.