Extra Attacks and when to use them???

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Ok, finally approaching the first real combat... there's some uncertainty about when we should be using the extra attacks granted by the various initiative increases and I was wondering how others are doing it?!?  I'd initially assumed just do both in a single narration, but that is perhaps less flexible.  One on your normal turn and then get another before the GM goes (like SR5 phases sort of)...seems a bit complicated, and the foe may have them too!?  Or perhaps use one on your go and then use a plot point to insert the second somewhere else in the turn order?!?

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As a standard I would go with both in a single narration but you have the choice to only take 1 of them and then use a plot point to insert at any point during the turn order. This way you never lose the ability to have 2 actions but you can only use it as an interrupt action if you have the plot points to do so.
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