Idea for riggers / drones and some new spell amps

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For the long missed Dronomancers...does this sound like a reasonable Amp?

Drone Mesh (complex form) (Amp Level 2): Effect: Control drones via AR/VR, re-roll 1D in vehicle tests
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>>> Plus there is the Adept Spell Power that lets a Physical Adept throw a spell in 5th edition, may have been in other editions.

Nope this is exclusively SR5's doing



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This thread has a lot of good ideas, thanks.

Any reason Assault Rifles were left off the list of drone weapons? Do you think they would be M/L or just L?

Suggestion: if Assault Rifles should be -2 close, shouldn't Machine Guns also be -2 close?


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Machine Guns with Close -2:  I was thinking the same.  The mitigating factor for me was one of balance.  You can fire an AR with Firearms which gets you Pistols, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns.  To use a Machine Gun you have to spend a whole skill slot and spend separate skill points.  I didn't want the Heavy Weapons specialist to have to choose between blowing himself up (Launchers) or getting the -2.

I still might though...

On the other hand, I was thinking for both Launchers and MGs as Close: No.

I put ARs on my drones in Anarchy Threats (medium drones)
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