Shadowrun Missions Chicago FAQ Update v1.4 now available.

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« on: <07-27-15/1359:18> »
Good afternoon Shadowrun fans! Please find the link to the current version of Shadowrun Missions FAQ.

This update includes Data Trails and Lockdown. This also includes some recent FAQs we found on the forums and some additional items. All updates are in red.

Please note the FAQ is a "living" document, therefore, based on GM and player feedback, it is subject to change.

Data Trails and Lockdown become Missions legal this Thursday, 30 Jul 2015 (Day 1 of GenCon 2015)

In about another month or so, we will be releasing another FAQ in a new format, but GenCon has made it's creation and release a little challenging. Stay tuned!
Ray Rigel
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Thanks!  I'm sure getting this done before GenCon wasn't easy.
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