Evergreen Table Top Expo 2015 and Shadowrun

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I'm not the event coordinator or even a GM, just a player who really wanted to play Shadowrun and for goodness sake actually be able to buy Shadowrun Rule books.

Uncles Games formed this convention for free RPG day with a lot of help from donors and the like. I was told by Employees of Uncles Games at their Tacoma location store that there would be Shadowrun books as well as Shadowrun but was disappointed and upset to find there were no Shadowrun books. In fact Uncles may carry the core rule book...but getting a nice Shadowrun book set required me to at least special order the book and get it shipped from another Uncles Store. Uncles said they would have the books but there were no books present.

I found Talon at a little booth between bigger booths with labels. I complained that I wanted to buy Shadowrun books but nobody was selling them. He pointed me to a store in Lake Steven's but I can't remember the name of it.

Anyhow skip to the actual event...which was slammed in a room with Pathfinder and some other RPG's. The location of the RPG was out of the way, downstairs in its own corner. While I was overjoyed that I could actually hear...the problem was that we had many people sign up for Shadowrun but because of bad organizing on Uncles part and location, most of the people signed up stayed upstairs with the food and card games which of course got them pleasantly distracted. Kiirnodel ran the event wonderfully and I got more Non Essential Role Play Stuff. And over the course of three sessions we had more than 12 people play and had fun. Some had to look at my core rule book because they were interested in making a character. However good luck making your own characters when you can't find or buy any physical Shadowrun books.

Kiirnodel came out with pregens that you could run for the missions however some of the pregens are silly like a Face not having the Negotiation skill....or the fact most of the pregens don't have at least 1 rank in computers and thus I'm not sure how they operate their commlinks....

Overall the Missions were really fun and suspenseful. And the Lost Islands Found mission was just plain creepy at the end...But I'm thankful I got to play my NAN Sioux Bow-Archer. Her Flashbangs and Stick and Shock arrows as well as Stealth Rope and Catalyst came in so handy! Also Lockpicking! And somehow we managed to extract a high profile target from a high secured high class ritzy condo without a decker or a magician....using a primarily gymnastics and sneaky party.

I want to play more Shadowrun! and ETX needs to do better preperations.