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« on: <05-27-15/0307:54> »
OK, probably wishful thinking to get any answers before the FAQ but it's going to get asked so let's get a thread up and ready...

What is the likelihood of AI characters being Missions legal?

And yes, I know time will be needed to go over the rules. Just trying to preempt 5 threads about this showing up in three forum sections.
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« Reply #1 on: <05-27-15/0529:02> »
32.33%. Repeating, of course.

But seriously, they weren't allowed in 4E, and they really don't fit in well with the missions system (there's too often nothing to do for them). So I wouldn't count on it.


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Would YOU want to be a fully digital being in an area of constant static (and thus pain)?

But either way, extremely unlikely, though I will review the full rules.  But AI tend to present a unique sort of challenge and complexity to adventures that make it much, much more difficult for Missions writers, since it adds a whole new level to what they have to plan for.