Cyberarms, Hero Lab, and Missions

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« on: <05-27-14/2315:57> »
Okay, I really don't want to rehash the entire cyberlimbs argument here, but I'd like to get a specific ruling for Missions.

I found out recently that Hero Lab is using the full Agility from a cyberarm for two-handed weapons like an assault rifle.  I reported it as a bug, and was told that there is a lot of debate on this subject, and they've decided to use the full Agility instead of averaging the Agility for the two arms.

Now, Hero Lab does have a specific checkbox for Missions, so I wanted to ask how cyberlimbs are handled for the Living Campaign.  If Missions averages, then I plan to reply to the Hero Lab folks in the hope that the Missions checkbox can be used to have the die pool calculated correctly.  That would keep me from having to make manual adjustments on my wife's street samurai.

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« Reply #1 on: <05-28-14/0342:06> »
In other words, your question would be "what weapons are two-handed, and do two-handed weapons average the agility of the two arms?", right? Good question, I've been sticking to the default assumptions*, but we don't really have confirmation of it.

*: Reach 2+ melee weapons, Katana, Assault Rifles, Longarms, Heavy Weapons, possibly some of the exotics.
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