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alright folks i dont know if this needs to go here, GD, or somewhere else, I HOPE that the mods will be kind and either let me know and/or move it to the proper place.

that said i need people to make comments. If you have a line or two of comment that you think would go well inserted into this regional build and description, please slip it in. I'll get the ball rolling, (BTW the regional description is a work in progress, i dont even have all the major headings ready yet. hopefully i'll have the numbers figured or BSed by the end of the week.)

Alright folks, I asked Bull to let me do a little write up on my home region, here it is.

Regional Spotlight: Northwest Florida

From the Apalachacola to the Perdido Rivers and from the Gulf of Atzlan to the Alabama state line is the region known as Northwest Florida. Often ignored by the state capital in Tallahassee, this region includes large tracts of both rural areas, industries, and a large but under-populated city sprawl. Even the state matrix sight, a hold over from 2050, underplays the area, mentioning only in passing the “Gulf Coast Metroplex” and a coastal/tidal toxic zone to its east.

I guess I also need to note that the state government cant seem to be bothered with us except at tax and election times. Dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing, but even at those times the southern end of the state seems to get more attention. Fraggin Snowbirds.  (Wolfgar)

Region at a Glance:
Area:  square km.
% Dwarf
% Elf
% Human
% Ork
% Troll
% Other

This area includes the following businesses and or government employers:
N.A.N. Region (Okaloosa Co.)
   Eagle AFB
   Green Bio Fuels (United Petroleum)
   Gulf Coast Maritime and Marine
C.A.S. Region:
   NAS Pensacola
      Main side
      Naval Hospital
   Cecil Field
   Whiting Field
   Rebel Training Group ltd. (RTG)
Patti Fishing Enterprises
   Consolidated Paper Products
   Gulf Coast Gas and Oil (United Petroleum)
   Northwest Florida Farmers Co-op.


Long considered and treated as an unwanted appendage by both Florida and all the neighboring states, the region has grown practically alone for the majority of its most recent history. The major metroplex of the area, the Gulf Coast Metroplex, (GCM) grew from the various cities and large towns making up the majority of the southern half of the local counties. From Pensacola in the west to Port St. Joe in the east and going as far north as Cantonment, Pace and Holt, the GCM finally incorporated as its current entity in the 2030.

The only exclusion to the GCM for its area is the NAN Reservation that encompasses all of the former Eglin and Hurlburt field military bases. This unfortunately includes the Special Operations Command group area that was stationed on Hurlburt Field. The NAN did however cede the area from Highway 98 south to the gulf giving the GCM the tourist drawing beach front and roadway passage and insuring that the now renamed Eagle base would have a peaceful relationship with both the locals and the CAS government.

Incase no one bothered to think this far SOCom was not happy about the loss of the base or of their current crop of just upgraded “Spooky” gunships, nor the fact that they were turned on the locals to hold them off during the wait for the Treaty of Denver to be signed. (Wolfgar)

Things in this area generally proceed slowly and for the most part are fairly resistant to change. That being said, the night of rage hit the GCM itself pretty hard. The mayor was a bigot and a racist and just about every other “`ist” in the book, (I suspect he might have been a member of Alamos 20K as the police chief was later found to be, however because he decided to eat a .45 caliber expanding hollow point before the investigation could get around to questioning him no one will ever know.) however, for some reason unknown to any but him and maybe the chief of police at the time not just county and GCM police were sent out but certain elements of the local national guard were mobilized to try and round up the meta’s in the region. This might have been the ultimate goal, but the result was that a lot of meta’s moved out of the city and either to the NAN areas, (if they could prove the native blood necessary), or they ran out into the country to relatives or friends that lived out there. In certain places fighting broke out when police, deputized thugs, or national guardsmen tried to take Meta’s into custody and either they or their family fought. The problem that the GCM mayor and his ilk forgot was that though these were metahumans, they were also rednecks tried and true and if they weren’t former military, their family usually were. Many died on both sides that night until the next day when the CAS President sent Air Cav forces from Fort Rucker in Alabama and airborne troops from Fort Benning in Georgia to quell the fighting.

Geography: Terrain wise this region must be broken down into three separate areas, South, Central, and North, and holds four of the six major terrain forms.

To the south of Highway 98 is beachfront terrain and includes all the tourist areas like Pensacola, Navarre and Panama City beaches. However it is also includes the Industry areas of the Port of Pensacola as well as several harbors and marinas mostly owned by the company Gulf Coast Maritime and Marine.

Between Highways 98 and 90 (with a few variations deeper to the north at Milton and Cantonment) lies the central area. This area is the heart of the Gulf Coast Metroplex and is classified as urban terrain with a small amount of light woods and rolling hills. Exceptions to this are the actual rivers which are either swamp or have been incorporated into the metroplex’s sewer system, The N.A.N. Reservation and Bases (heavily wooded rolling hills and swamps) and the southern end of Black water State Park. (Heavily wooded hills and swamp). While classified Urban for our uses the GC plex is not what most would consider inner city or heavy urban, most in fact would consider the entire thing with the exception of down town to be almost Sub-urban.


North of Highway 90 the majority of the land is considered rural. Open fields and thick wood stands on rolling hills spread from this highway to the Alabama state line allowing family owned and run farms to survive and even prosper in the face of huge Agro-corps. Next after the family farms for employment in this area is the Northwest Florida Farmers Co-op, a conglomerate of the local farming families with a few outside managers brought in to assure that no favoritism is given to any one family where crops are concerned.
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May god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and the firepower to make the difference.

Suicide is never the answer, now homicide on the other hand, that has posibilities.

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honestly just a bump, but i just added to it as well so work with me here, please
May god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and the firepower to make the difference.

Suicide is never the answer, now homicide on the other hand, that has posibilities.

7.62 Russian, when it absolutely has to be done under budget