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So I have a few questions.

I've been hearing a lot about rules changes and things like that, and I was wondering what is the official forums to use in order to find the most recent updates on the game?

Secondly? What happens when a character fills up their missions Calender? Is there a limit on the number of calenders a character can use per season, or do they just get to keep getting new ones every time they fill one up?

Lastly are Contacts Connectionx2+Loyalty for buying hits or do we use their stats? I've been hearing from people that the Connection x2 + Loyalty was changed on the and that we now use the contacts charisma + negotiation + connections instead?


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« Reply #1 on: <01-25-14/1725:15> »
The pinned topics here include the latest rulings by Bull, ultimate super-GM of Missions.

He noted you can have as many calenders as you want. Just keep in mind that you can only have 4 weeks of downtime after each run.

Contacts in Missions do not use their stats, and I do not recall any statement over at SRU that they would. I noted myself there that Missions uses its own special rules, which are Connectionx2+Loyalty and buying hits. Note that you can buy bonus dice by paying more, before hits are bought. So do not divide by 4 until bonus dice for paying more are added. (Such as +50% on a 5/4 contact for 16 dice = anything below availability 20.)
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