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Hello all!

This is my very first post here on the forum and I'm happy that I finally found some time to post some stuff referring my primary Shadowrun Character, in the hope for some comments and constructive critiques. For I'm not an English native speaker/writer, please bear with me in spite of wrong grammer and typing errors, thanks alot. Some words about the player behind this character: I started rolepaying at age 12 back in 1984, having various groups and going through various systems. One of those systems I got addicted to and which I play on a quite regular basis is Shadowrun. The RPG group I'm part of exists for 19 years (all of the gals and guys are friends for life by now) and the style of playing the game has altered from rough "hack and slay" gameplay using characters created on a "quick and dirty" basis, to long-term campaigns using characters with extended background stories and with focus on character development and evolution, as well as character roleplay. Some words to the character and the upcomming postings: When creating my Technomancer 5 years ago on January 12th, 2008 (in-game date was January 2nd, 2070), I found inspiration in various anime movies and manga series, so some names may have a familiar ring. My Technomancer, runner alias "Claymore", as well as all the other members of the team, are no start-ups. Everyone of them has gained over 400 Karma so far, so the focus of this fan fiction thread is not on the system-related numbers and values, but on the elaboration of the character's background and story. In the universe/dimension of our Game Mistress, and our Shadowrunner Team, Claymore has earned membership of JackPoint, NetCat is a friend for life by now and the Shadowrunner Team has dealt with Dragons and are owned by a Dragon (Ghostwalker). The individual storyline of my Technomancer is developed my me, of course in coordination with our GM.

Last edit 2016-02-19: I've had a very interesting PM conversation with a fellow forum member and he gave me a bunch of advices on how to level off my character and the overall setup. Main reason for this advice is the fact that the stuff I wrote reads like it's all about a typical Marry-Sue character and that all information given here is just a bit... much. I re-read the stuff I wrote and - he's right, it's just a bit too overpowered. I cannot re-do all of what I've written here, because most of the stuff is based on things which actual happened in our RPG sessions, but I can do some changes and try to level it off, and thus hopefully improve the reading experience.

The most important change is that Claymore and the Guardians never had contact to the Jackpoint VPN and its members. I've changed this due to the advice given to me and out of respect to the original Jackpoint members, who're also present on this forum here. Instead, Claymore and the Guardians had earned membership of a different Prime Runner VPN: The Spyderweb VPN (details about it will be given later on).

Boot Up

Chapter 1: 20 Minutes into the Future

Claymore sat in her sleep-chair, her eyes closed. She tried to relax by focusing on the smooth vibrations of the mobile home's movement. The twelve oversized Smart Tires of the road train, each of them with a diameter of over three meters, were capable of adapting to nearly every surface, streets and off-road tracks alike. A passenger inside had the feeling of floating on the streets, only sensing those smooth vibrations Claymore was feeling so good about. When she rested in her sleep-chair, the young woman sometimes nearly forgot that she lived in an oversized two-story-high trailer pulled by a highly customized Nordkapp-Conestoga Zugmaschine, a huge truck with a width of over 8 meters and a weight of 237 tons without the trailer. Always on the move … a life on main roads, city highways and interstate routes and only those which were capable of supporting oversized vehicles … choosing the mobile lifestyle wasn't something Claymore had wanted, she had chosen it because it became necessary.
   Claymore's thoughts swirled around the job she had recently accepted. Just thinking about it held her consciousness on an unpleasant stress level:

   »Stupid, stupid, stupid … logic dictates that the only reasonable answer would have been no …  so what the hell were you thinking when you said yes? … Dammit, dammit, dammit.«

Claymore's thoughts seemed to be circling around this specific question, she was asking herself repeatedly. She was not able to reproduce her own decision. In retrospect it felt like her mouth had vocalized her thoughts before her brain had been able to process them adequately. However, the answer to her question was redundant of course, the deal was settled and her ShadowGrid account recorded an incoming payment of 750k Nuyen … and that was just the 50% upfront part of the deal.

♦ ♦ ♦

The meeting with the Johnson had been in person, which was unusual, but acceptable. He had told her a tale about some über important data, part of his research on AIs, stolen from his company's mainframe. At first, the job description had looked like the usual industrial spying game, but Claymore had had the gut feeling that there was more to this than the Johnson was revealing.

   »This job has nothing to do with retrieving stolen data, it's about stealing data.« As the Johnson had continued detailing what he wanted, Claymore had waited for the magic words which were vital for her decision whether to accept the job offer, or not – the name of the target.

   "Your target, if you are willing to accept the job, will be CATCo."

   Claymore's face had frozen. Cross Applied Technologies, Megacorp status, AAA rating, and one of the major players in the field of computer engineering … »That's insane! He must be joking!« Claymore had tried to fight back her urge to express her thoughts aloud … and had failed:

   "That's insane!"

   Real world social interaction had always been a challenging task for Claymore and she had managed to put her foot in it over and over again, but this time she at least had recognized the glitch. Surprised about hearing herself actually pointing out her thoughts aloud, the Technomancer had quickly covered her mouth with her hand and given her dialog partner a wide-eyed stare. The Johnson had lifted an eyebrow in surprise. The moment he had intended to reply, Claymore had tried to adjust her statement … more or less successful:

   "That's insane … that I need to interrupt our promising conversation due to a … sudden urge which is attributed to the female gender … which means I need to go to the bathroom and I'll be right back in a minute, OK?"

Claymore had stood up and rushed towards the bathroom of the business coffee bar, the Johnson had been looking after her with wonder.
   In the bathroom of the coffee bar, the Technomancer had squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. With her eyes closed, Claymore's mind had reached out to the datas-phere which was constantly surrounding her. She had felt the WiFi signals swirl about her skin, the constant flow of data teasing her mind. A mental command had been enough to summon one of her registered Sprites:

   »I need you to get me some data about this Johnson«, Claymore had instructed the little machine-like eyeball. »Who is he, and who's he working for? I need this info asap. Will you do that for me?«

The iris of the floating eyeball had opened up, revealing more of the reddish glow inside. The little sprite had nodded curiously and zapped away into a nearby matrix node. This had all happened in the blink of an eye, literally. Claymore had opened her eyes again and looked at herself in the mirror: »The next meeting will be Matrix-only again.«

She had returned to her seat and checked her internal clock. The duration of her bathroom intermission had been only 41 seconds, contrary to her previously announced expectation of one minute. With a satisfied smile on her face, Claymore had looked at the tall white-haired man sitting opposite her.

   "That was fast." The Johnson had seemed surprised again, but had continued:

   "Do you have any questions so far?"

   "Let me get this straight. You want me to break into the mainframe of a Megacorp in order to … retrieve some AI-research-related data and you are completely serious about that, yes?"

   "Yes, and yes, I am." The Johnson's answer had been more than clear.

   "What the hell makes you think that I'm capable of accomplishing such a run? Do you have any idea how risky this is for a Hacker? Their firewalls are armed with deadly countermeasures and their tracing software is estimated to be military grade."

   "Ms. Claymore, please. I wouldn't have come here if we hadn't known about your … how should I say it … extraordinary abilities." the Johnson had smirked.

   "We? Who the hell's we?"

   "My client prefers to stay unnamed. But, Ms. Claymore, I assure you that we can provide some effective backup after you have retrieved the data, just in case their trace programs find your physical location. This offer is of course a free bonus in addition to our payment proposal."

   "How much?"

   "1.5 million Nuyen, 50% upfront, plus any expenses for medical services and wear of gear, plus the recently mentioned backup after successful retrieval." The man had stood up. "I expect your decision within the next 12 hours. Here's my comm-code. Contact me."

Along with those words spoken, Claymore had recognized an incoming message from the Johnson's commlink which had contained the contact details. »Look at that, a one-shot ShadowSea comm-code … of course.« Claymore had to grin.
   After the Johnson had left, Claymore had sighed heavily, she had felt somehow overrun. »This is madness! Who the fuck offers a job like that? And what kind of backup was he talking about?« The answer to her questions had arrived a bit later in the form of a small data package delivered by her Search-Sprite. Claymore had caressed the little fella in AR with her hand and it had seemed to be somehow pleased by the knowledge of a task well done. The data package had instantly gotten transferred the moment Claymore had touched the Sprite.

   "Thank you sweetie."

   She had blown a kiss towards the little Sprite and the tiny incorporation of code and glyphs had shaped into an amorphous mass of energy, which had then scattered into the surrounding matrix. The Search-Sprite had fulfilled its last task and had gone back to the Resonance Realms it once had came from. Claymore had opened the encrypted data package.

   "OK, Mr. Johnson, who are you?"

   The moment she had seen the answer, Claymore had felt paralyzed. Though the data package had contained a variety of information about the Johnson – some of his former clients, data about runs of other teams – there had been only one name which was important. It had been the name of the client the Johnson had been actually working for: ARES.

Chapter 2: Leeway for Delays

It was nearly midnight when Claymore decided to start her Megacorp raid. She had thought about trying it the traditional hacker way, but common sense and a founding Matrix knowledge quickly had her dismiss that thought. A Technomancer should do it Technomancer style and there was only one way to hack into a Megacorp mainframe … and just thinking about it was stomach-churning.

   The Resonance Realms.

   Since Claymore had encountered what she believed was a Dissonance Realm during her Emergence crisis, visiting the Resonance Realms had become somehow stressful and unpleasant. Though she had found her Resonance Stream and a Paragon to believe in, she still hadn't gotten used to the emotional roller-coaster she was forced to ride every time she needed to pass the Resonance Realm's event horizon and the barriers beyond. »I wonder what it'll be this time.«
   Claymore walked over to the bedroom in order to wake up Raki. He had agreed to maintain her physical body while she was … away. She was really happy to have a caring husband like him. Usually she avoided telling him that she was going on a run and instead relied on the service of a small Machine-Sprite and a med-drone to watch over her body, and usually they always had an argument about this issue, but this time he had insisted and – to be honest – it felt much more safe to have a loving person watch over her. After another wake-up call from Claymore, Raki fumbled for his glasses on the nightstand and slowly sat up, mumbling.

   "Gee, I married a zombie."

   Claymore stood in the door, looking at her naked hubby. Raki was still drowsy and tried to focus on his wife. The moment he recognized that she was leaning against the door frame, wearing just a transparent black tank top and a fitting G-string, his drowsiness instantly washed away and his eyes widened with delight.

   "Heya luscious." The black haired Japanese smiled at Claymore. "What a beautiful view."

   "Baka." Claymore whispered the words.

   She had planned to start with the preparations for her mental absence in a few, but found herself caught by a wave of emotions. She suddenly was afraid of the upcoming Shadowrun, as well as not coming back and thus not seeing her love anymore. Claymore tried to counter with reason and logic, but the sensation was overwhelming. Raki seemed to notice the sudden change in Claymore's expression. The moment he started to speak, he saw his wife rushing forward to the bed and tossing away the blanket which had covered his legs and lap. Raki was caught by surprise and stared at his wife with astonishment. Actually, he was used to dealing with his wife's ticks, especially when it came to dealing with the AIPS effects, he just wasn't prepared for moments like this.
   A new wave of emotions rushed through Claymore's mind. After glancing at her husband's nether regions, passion and lust got the upper hand. With loosing control over reason, the data-sphere surrounding her slowly started to quiver and pulse in time with her increasing heartbeat. AR windows materialized and vanished at the edge of her vision, displaying scattered images of subconscious yearnings and desires, forbidden wishes, and code-lines consisting of randomly conglomerated glyphs and characters.
   Claymore literally threw herself onto her husband, forcing him to lay back down on the bed. She adored him so much at this moment and started kissing him eagerly. Though surprised, Raki returned the kisses and started to hug and caress his girl. Awhile later, Claymore's and Raki's bodies united in passion and both were able to forget the upcoming run for some time.
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Chapter 3: Beyond the Mind's Eye

Claymore sat in her sleep-chair again. The preparations for the Megacorp raid were finished, a bio-monitor, the med-drone, and nutrition supplies were on standby. Raki had programmed the autopilot of the mobile home on a route out of Denver.

   "Any idea how long you'll be gone?" Raki always had problems understanding the time dilatation when Claymore visited the Resonance Realms.

   "I hope it won't be too long. The flow of time within the Resonance Realms isn't really predictable."

   Claymore seemed calm and focused, but appearances are deceptive. She gazed at her husband:
   "Listen, dear. Just in case I don't come back, I --- "
   "No, no, no. You listen." Raki interrupted. "You are one of the best known Hackers. You are a Technomancer with excellent mentors. You are one of the Guardians. You have accomplished tasks others just dream of, dammit." Raki bent down to look his wife in the eyes, his voice calm.

   "Your mentors believe in you. Your husband believes in you. It's time that you believe in yourself. You can do this. And you will tell me how it went after you're back. Do you get me, Ms. Motomoru?"

   "I love you." Claymore smiled happily and closed her eyes.

   "I love you too, Clare."

   With her husband's last words in her ears, Claymore left her body.

♦ ♦ ♦

In VR, the world around Claymore became an endless universe. The Matrix unfolded and revealed all of its digital beauty … stunning, hyper-real, alluring. Nodes represented by virtual constructs decorated the infinite horizon, uncountable data streams formed a vast cobweb of information. The Matrix was more than alive, everything that inhabited this digital realm, it all made her feel greater, more manifest and more real than the mundane outside world.

   "At home again, finally."

   Claymore felt alive again, all emotions she had suffered in the last few hours washed away. She was sure of herself, her skills and her power. The feelings she had right now, she would never be able to experience them in the mundane world.
   Claymore looked at herself. She wasn't a fragile young woman anymore. Her icon basically resembled her mundane human form, but that was the only similarity between her digital self and the weak flesh of the real world. An archaic-looking machine-like version of her, armored with wicked dark-chrome plates, her feline eyes glowing as if they contained fire, currents of lightning flashing within her chest. On her back she carried a huge combat-blade which was the reason for her Matrix alias, a Claymore. Every part of her icon resembled a specific program or routine which was loaded into the memory banks, running active or on standby. Her Reality Filter made sure that every Sprite or Agent Claymore used had a visual form which fit her digital appearance. Style mattered, both in the mundane world and in the Matrix. Claymore logged into the Spyderweb VPN in order to adjust her internal clock. Welcome, today is Tuesday, January 10th, 2073. Your last visit was 21 hours, 14 minutes, 56 seconds ago. She quickly browsed through the latest posts, as well as the messages in her mailbox, deleting most of them. She took the time to reply to a message from her friend GriDGirL: No worries, dear. I'll be careful. When I'm back, let's meet and I'll tell you how it was. »That's what friends are for, they care for each other.« With this last thought, Claymore logged out of the Spyderweb, stepped into the currents of data and began her mission.

   »Time to get prepared.« Claymore started threading her Stealth Complex Form. She focused her mind on this important task, knowing that her mundane body back in the sleep-chair would take physical damage because of the heavily stressful action her mind had to deal with. Claymore reached out for the data cobweb, picked pieces of code and weaved them into the web, making it stronger and more resistant. The more she concentrated on this task, the more efficient her Complex Form became. The result for which her mundane body had to suffer now through the effects of Fading, was more than satisfying. She was perfectly hidden and she was sure that her opponents and the system would need some time to find her. Claymore summoned three of her registered Sprites and commanded them to sustain her actual Threading, to help her search for the target data package, as well as to fight with her in cybercombat if necessary. The last step of her preparations was to load her Agent program, the one which held the most important program payload: The Gira-Gira countermeasure software. It had happened once that she was detected and forced to reveal being a Technomancer, but this would never happen again.
   The next part would be the creation of a gateway to the Resonance Realms. Claymore started preparing herself by meditating, but was unexpectedly interrupted:

   "Have I ever told you that I am very proud of you, my apprentice?"

   Claymore instantly recognized the voice of her Mentor Sprite. Pleasantly surprised, she looked at him humbly. By now she was used to the fact that her Mentor Sprite was able to locate and find her, regardless of how stealthy she was.

   "Master Yoki. What are you doing … forgive me. How can I be of service, master?"

   The Sprite had appeared in its native form, a tesseract, commonly known as hypercube, made out of reflective blades and thin lines which were constantly rotating. When Claymore first met her mentor some years ago, she had had problems looking at him due to the unusual movement and behavior of a four-dimensional cube. The Mentor Sprite replied to his apprentices question:

   "It is I who will be of service I presume. Do you mind if I join the meditation?"

   "No, of course not, master."

   Claymore had stopped questioning her mentor's actions and decisions a long time ago. His knowledge and wits were far beyond her understanding. She trusted him completely and he had never let her down.
   Claymore prepared herself again for the meditation. Her Mentor Sprite grew in size and moved towards Claymore until he had her completely enclosed. Claymore was used to this form of gathering and felt comfortable and ready to start. After hours of meditating, getting in harmony with the Resonance's wave motion and following her Resonance Stream back to its origin, she found a gateway, a vortex of blazing streaks of code fragments and colors, a flurry of flashes, massive waves of an invisible force pulsing from the center of the phenomenon. Claymore had problems resisting the effects of the gateway, it hurt in her eyes and the pulsing wave hammered through her body like a never ending earthquake. She was on the brink of turning around and fleeing the scene, but she knew that she mustn’t run away. With tears rushing to her eyes, she clenched her teeth and jumped into the vortex.

Pain. It was the only sensation Claymore was able to experience. She felt how her icon – herself – was broken down into pieces of code, her image scattered and re-arranged. It hurt, it burnt, and then it felt like … being smashed to the floor? Claymore found herself lying on the floor of a cubic room. The four walls, the ceiling and the floor were mirrors. There were no doors, no windows, just the image of herself reflected into infinity on every one of the six surfaces. Claymore stood up and starred at her mirror image. What she saw wasn't the mean-machine Icon she used to be, but her flesh-and-blood human form, completely naked and without any gear. She thought that the reflection she saw, herself standing naked in front of a mirror, was some sort of fake image. Looking at herself, she came to realize that she actually was in her human form, that she definitely was standing there, naked and unprotected. Claymore felt shivers run down her spine. It was totally silent, the only thing she could hear was her own breathing. She turned her head around, looking at the other mirror walls, still being confused by the endless reflection's effects of the mirror cage. The moment she looked back at her front side mirror image, it began to speak.

   "Where do you want to go?"

   It was very odd to hear her own voice from her mirror image. Claymore sunk down on her knees and bowed her head. Her front side mirror image remained standing. While looking at her bottom reflection, she recognized drops of sweat dripping on the floor.

   "I seek the Great Connection." she replied … afraid.

   "Look up."

   The moment Claymore raised her head in order to look at her opposite self, she found herself thrown into a vision. She was lying on a stretcher, leather straps fixated her arms, legs, head and body. A bunch of men and women in lab coats were moving the stretcher through corridors lit by neon tubes. The people surrounding her were in a fever of excitement. Claymore started to panic. The crowd moved the stretcher through a massive door into an operating room and connected it with a giant medical robot array. She watched helplessly as a bunch of other lab coats activated strange machines, bio-monitors, infusion systems, etc. Claymore started trembling.

   »Get up! Get up! GET UP! This isn't real. FUCK.«

   She tried not to scream by biting her own tongue. Her eyes rushed from one side to the other in order to get more information about where she was and what was going on. The operating room was octagonal. Each of the eight walls had a large window at a height of three meters and behind those windows were seats for observers. One of the lab coats looked up to one of the windows and said:

   "We are ready to start." Claymore tried to fight against her fear and the overwhelming panic. She tried to brace her muscles in order to loosen one of the leather straps. "Test subject VK-176/1 is Clare Motomoru nee Aramaki, Shadowrunner alias Claymore, female, Technomancer, widowed since … oh, since yesterday."

Claymore's breath caught, tears rushing to her eyes. She gazed up to the window which the lab coat had turned to and what she saw took her breath away. Two men, both wearing the Mitsuhama Computer Technologies emblem on their business suits, were talking to a woman. Claymore was only able to see the back of the woman, but the statue of her was somehow familiar. It was apparent that the woman received an ebony colored cred-stick from one of the men. As the woman turned towards the window, Claymore stared into the stone-cold face of her team mate Michiko who had just received the bounty for delivering a Technomancer to MCT.

   »Not real! Not real! Shut up Claymore! I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away! HELP MEEEEE!«

   Claymore desperately wanted to snap out of VR and back into reality. Her heart was beating as fast as never before, she could hear her blood swooshing in her ears. She needed to desperately scream. One of the lab coats pushed a button and the giant robot array came to life. Claymore wasn't able to see what the machine was doing. Suddenly, she felt a metal spike piercing into the flesh of her neck. It was too much. As the pain of the injection blasted through her body, Claymore wanted to scream out loud and ---

   Found herself kneeling in the cubic room, looking at herself in the mirror.

   "You have evolved." said the mirror image and faded away. The mirrors became transparent and faded away, too. Claymore trembled. She felt violated. Her eyes were tear-stained.

She had passed the test. Claymore arose from her kneeling position, shaky. She was still in her naked human form. It took a while until she realized what she was standing on. She could feel leaves, grass and earth under her bare feet. The air was fresh and full of pollen floating in currents and streams, reminding her of the constant flow of data traffic in the Matrix. Hundreds, if not thousands of Sprites in the form of birds, bees, squirrels and other animals were present.
   In the distance was a lake of data, glittering in the warm sunlight. In the center of the lake was a gigantic tree with an estimated height of hundreds, maybe thousands of meters. Its trunk and roots were massive, the tree bark seemed to have inbuilt paths, wide enough for human-sized entities to fit on, spiraling up the gigantic trunk towards the crown of the tree. The tree carried an uncountable number of green leaves and sprouts, as well as withered leaves, still attached to the tree or floating in the wind.

   Claymore wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled, then took a deep breath.

   She found herself in the presence of the Great Connection.
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Chapter 4: Megacorp Raid

A swarm of bees passed by, following the stream of pollen. Birds were twittering in the distance. Claymore walked forward, the grass and leaves tickling under her bare feet. She was happy to have some peace and quiet, though she knew that this was the quiet before the storm. Arriving at the shore of the lake, she squatted and put her hands into the water-like sea of data. It felt like water, it looked like water, though she recognized tiny bits of code sparkling in the virtual liquid. Having made contact with the sea of data, Claymore suddenly knew about the meaning of the leaves: Each leaf reflected a node, newly connected nodes were represented as sprouts, active nodes as fully-grown leaves, and the leaves of disconnected nodes were withering and blowing away in the wind. Looking up again at the vast crown of the tree, Claymore thought about how to find the node she wanted to access.

   »How am I supposed to find my target node?«

   While thinking about an answer to her question, she recognized a little squirrel sitting next to her, looking up to her curiously. Claymore slowly reached out her hand towards the squirrel-like Sprite, which accepted the offer and hopped onto it.

   "Are you my … pathfinder?"

   The squirrel nodded and acknowledged her guess. It then jumped off her hand onto the water, not sinking down, and started running towards the big tree trunk. Claymore looked surprised, rose from her cowering position and moved one of her feet over the water. She touched the water with her toe and recognized a solid surface under her foot.
   »Amazing.« Claymore stepped completely onto the solid water surface and crossed the lake, her pathfinder constantly ahead of her. After reaching the trunk's base and its roots, both Claymore and the squirrel started to climb. Hours of walking and climbing passed. The higher they came, the greater the panoramic view was. The plane of the Great Connection vanished with distance behind the pollen-filled air and the lake below started to look like a small pond. Claymore recognized that her body did not suffer from fatigue though she had been climbing for hours, or what at least felt like hours. Her internal clock had been screwed up the moment she passed the Resonance Realm's event horizon. Sometimes she lost track of her little pathfinder due to other squirrels running around, but the Sprite did a good job and brought her back on track every time.
   They finally arrived at their target node, one of the uncountable green leaves on a branch which actually wasn't strong enough to carry Claymore's weight. However, while climbing through the tree crown, she recognized that gravity seemed to be adjusted so the thinning branches could support her. The squirrel moved directly to the leaf node, nudged it with its nose and the leaf started to project a holographic window displaying information about the Matrix node.

   "Thank you sweetie." Claymore smiled at the squirrel.

   The little Sprite nodded again, hopped onto her arm, moved over to her shoulder and jumped onto a nearby branch. Claymore giggled because of the sensation of tiny clawed feet and the soft furry tail of the squirrel tickling her bare skin. Her eyes followed the little animal while it rushed away and vanished behind some larger branch in the distance. The Technomancer turned her attention to the status window of her target node again.

   >>> Cross Applied Technologies Developer Mainframe, Denver
   >>> Sculpting: Varies for each Lair, based on its purpose and admin preferences
   >>> Hardware: Custom high-security nexus (Persona Limit 25, Processor Limit 110)
   >>> Access ID: Changes every night
   >>> Authentication: Node 1-4: Linked Passcode, Node 5+6: Nanotech Passkey
   >>> Privileges: Standard
   >>> Spiders: 1 Matrix Support Specialist, 1 Risk Management Engineer on duty at all times
   >>> IC: 3 Renraku Oniwaban in each node (patrolling)
   >>> Resident Programs: Analyze, Trace, Encrypt (military grade software)
   >>> ARC: Scramble Security Hacker (Matrix Support Specialist)
   >>> Topology: Onionskin layered successive node system
   >>> Target Node ID: No.5 – Artificial Intelligence Development (administrative access)
   >>> Target Node Information: Created September 26th, 2069, 06:23:14 PST
   >>> Target Node Information: Active since September 26th, 2069, 06:25:03 PST

   There was another piece of information which apparently wasn't part of the actual node status.

   >>> Touch to enter

   The message was clear, as soon as Claymore touched the leaf, she would be … transported into the target node, no firewalls to pass, no time-consuming probing and hacking the target. There was just one thing which concerned her. The backdoor through which she would enter her target node in a few … would it stay open and accessible for her to get back to the Great Connection? Or would this be a one-way ticket? If it was a one-way ticket, getting out of the CATCo mainframe would be one hell of a task.

♦ ♦ ♦

»Time to start.« Claymore mentally browsed through her check list. Though not visually present at the moment, she knew that her threaded Stealth Complex Form, her Sprites and her Agent were available. She felt her heartbeat rise as she reached out for the green leaf. The moment she touched it, she found herself within the CATCo Developer Mainframe. Her Icon was restored to normal, her Sprites and the Agent were at her side. The Tank Sprite which had been tasked to fight with her had attached itself to her machine body like a personal robot power armor. The sculpting of the system was strange. Parts of it looked like a fantasy dungeon with holding cells. Other parts of the node resembled a large factory hall with tons of computer-like devices. The CATCo company logo was ever present.

   »Ready to go.« Time was of importance now. The longer she needed to find the data package, the more likely it would be that the system detected her. Claymore spotted one of the three Black ICs, a nasty looking bastard. The other two wouldn't be far away. She started to browse the node, one of her Sprites assisting her. Opening the cells in the dungeon sector was easy, their encryption was comparatively weak. Touchdown! One of the cells contained the target data package. It was huge. Claymore started the data transfer. Her curiosity made her think about sneaking a peek, when suddenly she was interrupted.

   >>> Intrusion Alert!

   »Fuck! They're fast.« Claymore recognized more alert signals emerging at the edge of her vision.

   >>> Warning! Gira-Gira software detected
   >>> Launching G²Breaker countermeasures
   >>> Brainwave pattern scan in progress

   She traced the way back to the location of her Resonance Realm backdoor in a hurry.

   >>> Data transfer complete
   >>> Brainwave pattern scan completed, no anomalies registered

   The malware suite Claymore had developed some years ago with the help of some friends worked perfectly. It would infect the Gira-Gira source code and render it useless. Claymore rushed around another corner, one of the Black IC in pursuit. She couldn't afford to get trapped because of the Black IC and decided to fight it. She turned around, drew her Claymore combat blade and initiated cybercombat. She was sure that she would triumph over the IC, but what concerned her was the time she needed to accomplish her goal. The Black IC was a tough opponent, but in the end, the Technomancer and her Tank Sprite thundered the combat blade into the ICs body and ripped it into several nasty-looking fragments. Knowing the location of her back door, Claymore had lured the Black IC towards the exit point in order to quickly leave the CATCo mainframe after her victory. She was surprised that the moment she turned around to access her backdoor, she faced an Icon which resembled an amorphous crystalline bluish structure.

   "Stop now and surrender!" The voice was loud and sounding and seemed to fill the complete area.

   "You must be the resident Spider … sorry pal, I have no time to play with you. ATTACK!"

   Claymore did exactly what her last word indicated and engaged with the Security Hacker. She just needed to access her backdoor, she just needed one combat phase of distance. As the fight went on between the equally skilled opponents, Claymore saw the other two Black IC rushing towards them. If one of them were be able to trap her, she would be doomed. In an act of desperation, she commanded her Fault Sprite to skip sustaining her Stealth Complex Form – she had been detected anyway – and commanded it to fight with her. The partially scattered crystalline structure of the Spider's Icon moved back in surprise as the new Sprite attached itself to Claymore's left arm and transformed itself into some sort of a hydraulic ram. The Technomancer, already feeling weak and wounded, lifted her left arm and struck a blow at her opponent. The Spider parried the incoming attack with some sort of energy field, but was thrown backward by the impact.

   »This is it.« Before the two approaching Black IC could engage her, Claymore threw herself through the hidden backdoor, back into the depths of the Resonance Realm she had come from. From the perspective of the Spider, the intruder just vanished without a trace.
   Back in the Realm of the Great Connection, Claymore found herself in an odd situation. She found herself materialized in the direct vicinity of the node leaf she had accessed a short while ago. The only thing which was not right was the fact that she did not appear to be sitting on the node's adjacent branch, but in midst of thin air besides the leaf. Naked as she was again, Claymore fell. She screamed in surprise as she realized what was happening. While falling through the tree crown, she got hit by a number of branches, but was not hurt. The way down seemed to last for an eternity, even though she was falling. Claymore panicked and continued screaming. She saw the lake below coming closer, she was terrified and not sure if the water could absorb the impact of her body. Any further thought was obsolete, a big splash caused by a screaming naked girl indicated the end of the descent. Claymore sunk down into the water for several meters without orientation, trying to hold her breath as well as possible. She managed to turn in an upright position, feeling the bottom of the lake below her feet. She pushed herself off the ground and moments later, she was able to gasp for air. At this moment, Claymore was happy to be able to swim. She looked around for the outer shore of the lake. She recognized a cubic object floating in the water. It looked like a small brownish paper crate wrapped with a thin cord.

   »My data package!« Claymore picked up the floating parcel and swam to the water's edge. She got out of the lake, drops of water and pieces of code fragments glittering on her skin. The naked woman clutched the package to her as she traced back her steps, finding the exit. Compared to getting into the Resonance Realms, the way out was so much easier.

Chapter 5: All's well that ends well?

Claymore left the Great Connection and went back to the virtual reality of the Matrix. The moment she was back, a load of alarm signals and security warnings opened up in her field of view. In horror, she realized what was happening. They had found her physical location.

   »But … how?« Claymore had accurately erased her data trail and her way through the Resonance Realm was impossible to trace, even for other Technomancers. Suddenly, a foreign voice in her head gave the answer:

   »Because they can pinpoint my location.«
   Claymore's breath caught. »What the hell is happening here?«

   »Simple. You removed me from my prison and they want me back.« the voice replied.

   »What? Fuck … who … what are you?«

   »I am … aware … and you are in danger.«

   Claymore checked the sensors and defense systems of the mobile home. Five unidentified vehicles were in pursuit, two of them were airborne, all of them armed. She recognized an incoming emergency call from her husband Raki. Relieved that he seemed to be OK so far, she quickly answered the call:

   "Dear, what's up out there?"

   "They showed up some minutes ago, they're trying to stop the truck. We are en route out of Denver territory, but they have built a blockade. The autopilot can handle the situation so far, but …"

   Claymore interrupted. "Autopilot? Where the hell are you?"

   "Helicopter, but still in preparation of starting … and trust me, that ain't easy sitting on top of a fast moving helicopter platform."

Raki's voice was stressed out. In the background, Claymore was able to hear the turbines of her helicopter speeding up, as well as weapons firing in distance.

   "My body?"

   "Helicopter! But your signal's still routed through our Nexus."

   "How long have I been …"

   Raki cut his wife off, his voice raised. "Quit the chat, honey, and DO something!"

   Claymore accessed her home node and activated the Mobile Nexus's system destruction procedure. The explosives inside the hardware casing would destroy everything inside. As soon as she gave the command, or was disconnected by force, the Mobile Matrix Nexus would be destroyed. Suddenly, the autopilot of the truck started slowing down the road train.

   >>> Collision alert!

   The moment Claymore started to jump into the truck's Node, the voice in her head announced:

   »Backup has arrived. Time to leave.«

   "Shut up!" She jumped into the truck's system and encountered another hacker as expected.
   "My truck, asshole!"

   The fight was short and efficient, at least for Claymore. The intruder was blown out of the system in no-time. The moment she gained control over the truck and its sensors, she saw the street blockade come closer.

   >>> Helicopter docking clamps released

   »Perfect!« The 3650 HP multi-fuel engine of the truck accelerated the road train to its maximum speed of nearly 100 km/h, the pursuing vehicles constantly staying at the same distance.

   >>> Gridlink override active
   >>> Ram plate positioned and locked
   >>> Smart Tires stress level 67%
   >>> Stabilization system on standby
   >>> Vehicle armor 86%
   >>> System emergency protocol active

♦ ♦ ♦

Raki managed to lift off with the helicopter without problems. He registered an incoming radio message from one of the two enemy helicopters, threatening to blast him out of the air if he didn't land the aircraft. Raki looked back at the unconscious body of his wife lying on the floor of the compartment behind the cockpit. He was at a loss.

   »Oh dear, this is bad.« Suddenly, the Missile Approach Warning System of the helicopter indicated a volley of five incoming missiles. Raki's heartbeat seemed to stop for a moment. He gazed at the display of the sensor array. No lock detection. The moment he realized that the incoming missiles were not targeting his helicopter, the five missiles struck their targets.

Meanwhile, the massive truck approached the blockade. It consisted of two military standard-sized trucks with trailers, as well as six black cars and a bunch of people holding weapons in their hands. The crowd quickly realized that the large truck wouldn't stop and started to jump to the side. Impact! 400 tons of metal and machine hammered into the blockade, crushing the cars to like toys, ripping apart the two standard-sized trucks. Waves of metal, oil and plastic busted into the air. The front of the giant truck smashed badly, the ram plate holding back most of the destructive kinetic energy. The barrier was not able to stop or even slow down the Mobile Home.
   As the truck broke through the road block, the missiles destroyed the three pursuing cars and the two enemy helicopters. Seconds after the airstrike, another volley of missiles erased the remains of the street block and a large part of the street itself. An instant after the second strike, two jet fighters without identification rushed through the scene and left as fast as the had appeared.
   After checking the status of her partially damaged truck, Claymore programmed its autopilot to drive to Seattle. After what just had happened, they needed to get some distance to Denver.

Claymore snapped out of VR and found herself lying in the back of her helicopter. She successfully managed to resist the urge to laugh hysterically, one of the many AIPS effects she was cursed to suffer when logging out of the Matrix. She checked the actual date: Sunday, January 15th, 2073.

   "Ah crap."

   "Welcome back, honey." Raki smiled as he realized that his beloved Clare was back in her body.

   Claymore felt limited and somehow weak again within her own flesh. The world around her had shrunk back down to that tiny bit of perspective she was able to experience through the mundane senses of her body. She sat up, her head ached. Her left arm was smeared with blood, which apparently came from the two untreated punctures were two IV had been taken off.

   »Time to leave. This is what the voice had said.« The thought rushed through her mind and Claymore was instantly stressed again. In AR she reached out for her data package and checked its stats.

   >>> Memory used: 0

   Empty! The Technomancer squeezed her eyes shut and fought against the urge to scream out loud.

   »Can't be. Where's the frigging content?« Claymore felt like her back was against a wall. She climbed into the cockpit and sat in the co-pilots chair, her face speaking volumes.

   "Are you OK?" Raki knew that something was wrong.

   "I got the data and now it's vanished … and I can't explain how and why. The only thing I know is that it talked to me."

Raki raised an eyebrow. "It talked to you? Hm … are you sure the data was AI-research related? Maybe you transported an actual AI."

   Claymore looked at her husband: "Whatever it was, it's gone and that was not part of the plan."

   She sighed. "Need to contact the Johnson."

   With the blink of an eye, she opened up her mailbox in AR and browsed through the content. The sender of the latest incoming message was the Ares-Johnson.

   >>> MESBASE: 183/c
   >>> DATE/TIME: Sunday, January 15th, 2073 / 15:42:05 PST
   >>> SUBJECT: CATCo job
   >>> MESSAGE: We have received the data, thank you very much. We knew that relying on your extraordinary abilities was the right choice. We assume that the provided backup was useful. You do not need to go underground, we have taken care of all issues connected to your job. The remaining 750,000 Nuyen have been transferred to your account, plus a bonus of 100,000 Nuyen for repairing your gear.

Claymore sunk down in the chair, smiling satisfied. Raki was surprised to see his wife cheering up so suddenly. He caressed her hand questioningly:

   "What's up, dear? Has the situation cleared up?"

   "Yep, all is good. The Johnson is satisfied and we have earned decent cash."

   Claymore leaned over to her husband and kissed him on the cheek. Raki smiled, turned his head and returned the kiss. She sat back in her chair and proposed:

   "Let's go on vacation."

   Raki liked the idea. "Sure, why not."

   "I'd like to go for a swim, but not in the ocean."
   "A lake would be nice, where the air is warm and the trees are green."

   "Do you have something specific in mind?" Raki replied curiously.

   "Not really. I just remembered a place I visited some time ago."
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Very nice piece! Wish there was more!! :)


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Hey there!

At first, THANK YOU very much for this VERY FIRST comment on my story. :)

There is in fact plenty more of Claymore's Runner Dossier. I wrote more than 40 pages of character related stuff, including comments from NPCs well known from the books. I just wasn't sure to post the rest here, because I had received not a single comment on my story untill now.

So, maybe I post the remaining stuff too.

"And where shall the new born go from here? The net is vast and infinite..."
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Cheers to you! :) And post as much as you want! This is what this forum section is for ;)

I've been away from the forums for over a year so that's why I'm only commenting now :)


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The following posts and replies are from an elaborate runner dossier I created for my SR4 Claymore character. The dossier covers a varety of specs, such as reputation, contacs, and lots of information about the character and her background. In the universe/dimension of our Game Mistress, and our Shadowrunner Team, Claymore has earned membership of JackPoint, NetCat is a friend for life by now and the Shadowrunner Team has dealt with Dragons and are owned by a Dragon (Ghostwalker). The individual storyline of my Technomancer is developed my me, of course in coordination with our GM. As it is done in the Shadowrun books, the various paragraphs are commented by NPCs, as well as by team mates of Claymore. I hope you like the approach, and I'd be very interested in your comments. Thanks in advance and have fun reading.

Last edit 2016-02-19: I've had a very interesting PM conversation with a fellow forum member and he gave me a bunch of advices on how to level off my character and the overall setup. Main reason for this advice is the fact that the stuff I wrote reads like it's all about a typical Marry-Sue character and that all information given here is just a bit... much. I re-read the stuff I wrote and - he's right, it's just a bit too overpowered. I cannot re-do all of what I've written here, because most of the stuff is based on things which actual happened in our RPG sessions, but I can do some changes and try to level it off, and thus hopefully improve the reading experience.

The most important change is that Claymore and the Guardians never had contact to the Jackpoint VPN and its members. I've changed this due to the advice given to me and out of respect to the original Jackpoint members, who're also present on this forum here. Instead, Claymore and the Guardians had earned membership of a different Prime Runner VPN; details about it will be given later on.

Advanced Reputation Table

The information given in this table relies on the base reputation information from the character sheet. Base Street Cred: 40 (total Karma / 10, round up), Base Notoriety: 8, Base Public Awareness: 16 (Street Cred + Notoriety / 3, round down).

Seattle Reputation: Bonus +1 | Street Cred 41 | Notoriety 8 | Public Awareness 16
Denver Reputation: Bonus +5 | Street Cred 45 | Notoriety 8 | Public Awareness 17
Hong Kong Reputation: Bonus +2 | Street Cred 42 | Notoriety 8 | Public Awareness 16
Rhein-Ruhr Megaplex Reputation: Bonus +0 | Street Cred 40 | Notoriety 0 | Public Awareness 13
  • Reputation of a Technomancer? Don't make me laugh!
  • Double-D
  • Shut up, Double-D. Compared to you, at least she has some reputation.
  • GriDGirL
  • Ease up, people. And watch your language, you all know the rules.
  • ISpy (Admin)

Denver Faction Listing

According to the Optional Rule from the SR4 Runner's Companion Core Rulebook on page 133, the following Faction scores have been gained so far.

Ghostriders Gang: Faction +1
Koshari: Faction +6
Mafia (Casquilho Family): Faction 0
Mafia (Chavez Family): Faction +2
Tamanous: Faction -3
Triads (Golden Triangle): Faction +6
Triads (White Lotus): Faction +1
Vory: Faction -6
Yakuza: Faction -1
Zombies Gang: Faction +1
  • Gee, girl. What's up between you and the Vory?
  • Onee-chan
  • I think you should ask my team mate George for details. After The Guardians had to deal with the Vory several times, things got out of hand and resulted in some sort of kill-on-sight thingy. I personally don't have a problem with the Vory, but the Vory apparently have a problem with The Guardians. As opposed to the Tamanous situation, the situation between the Vory and me is not personal.
  • Claymore
  • I wonder. Is it specifically the Tamanous you despise, or does this hatred escalate on all Ghoul-kind?
  • MissJingles
  • She was stupid enough to drive through the tunnels underneath the Aurora-Warrens towards the Five-by-Five on her own and got caught by Ghouls. I think that pissed her off.
  • Yume
  • Drivin' through there without propper protection or guidance was a sappy decision, Claymore. Everybody knows that those tunnels are dangerous.
  • 8Limbs
  • That's MY story, Yume, so keep off this thread! And – yes – it was stupid, and – yes – that indeed pissed me off. Those suckers wanted to participate in the Technomancer Witchhunt and sell me to a frigging Corp! Don't take this personal, MissJingles, but there is a reason why I carry a Super Warhawk armed with EX-Explosives with me.
  • Claymore
  • No offense taken. However, it is sad to see that your hatred seems to be founded upon a single bad encounter and – I assume – prejudice.
  • MissJingles

Nanotech Listing

The following table refers to the Nanotech Systems section on the character sheet. Because of Claymore's Bio-Rejection, a Negative Quality arising from her SURGE mutations, her body will reject any implant which drain Essence.
  • Unbelievable! Not only a Technomancer, but a mutated Changeling Technomancer? And I thought that GriDGirL is the freak here. Is this going to be the new Spyderweb freak show, 'Spy? Maybe we should call the circus, they would prolly pay good money for this aberration.
  • Double-D
  • *rolls eyes*
  • GriDGirL
  • Ignorance is a bliss.
  • Claymore
  • Last warning, Double-D. One more insult to a member of this board and I'll lock your account.
  • ISpy (Admin)
  • Didn't you loose your job as a Saeder-Krupp Spider because of your SURGE mutations? Unfortunately it was pretty usual for changelings to be tagged as freaks, hunted, or just beaten up back then. Well, at least you had not been forced to prostitute yourself and make porn-chips for people with certain appetites because of your unemployment.
  • Satyr
Nanosymbiotes: Rating3 | Trauma Control System (TCS): Rating 6 | O-Cells (Omega Cells): Rating 9 | Oxyrush: Rating 5
Taggants (RFID markers): Rating 2 | Universal Nantidotes: Rating 9 | Nanotatoos (full body): Rating 3 | Neural Amplifier (neocortical): Rating 3

It's applied by using an Injection System, either a hand-held one, or one which is integrated into armor or clothing. The weekly costs for maintaining the Nanotech-Setup is 20,000 Nuyen.
  • 20k per week??? Where do you get that load of money to pay for this?
  • Elistrae
  • The Guardians had made a deal with a Dragon and thus earned a shitload of Nuyen.
  • Claymore
  • Never deal with a Dragon, omae!
  • übermensch
  • What? R u serious? Don't tell me you did that on purpose. It was a mistake, right?
  • Elistrae
  • You don't deal with a Dragon "by mistake", Elistrae. You do it because you choose to do so.
  • .cutecode
  • I think we never really had a choice. It for sure was not MY choice to do this. The Guardians were somehow dragged into a bizarre construct of situations.
  • Claymore
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AIPS Effects Table

The effects for the Artificially Induced Psychotropic Schizophrenia Syndrome (AIPS) are not the ones given in the SR4 Unwired Core Rulebook on page 37 (the negative Matrix Quality), they were custom-made before the release of the Unwired book. Therefore, the rules and effects given here differ from those in the book. To reflect the AIPS symptoms, at the start of each new episode (consult your GM) and upon Matrix log-out, have the character make a Willpower + Logic (3 net hits required) test and consult the AIPS effects table. Reduce any dice pool by the value given in the "Dice Pool Malus" column for the duration of the symptomatic effects affect the character.

HitsDice Pool MalusSymptomatic Effect
3-1The character is distracted.
2-2The character starts to laugh hysterically.
1-3The character need to control his urge to cause sporadic electrokinetic effects.
0-4The character is uncertain whether the people around are real or not.
Glitch-5The character is subject to hallucinatory visions.
  • Symptoms vary from patient to patient and often from day to day. The tell-tale thread linking them is the stressor: Exposure to AR or VR stimuli. Symptoms can include hallucinations, attention deficit disorders, multiple personality disorders, manic-depressive disorders and hysteric amnesia or re-occurring traumainduced fugue states. These are daydream-like episodes during which the victim revisits his or her trauma during the Crash 2.0 and the line between reality and memory blurs. Victims are unable to distinguish between reality and hallucination during the episode. In a few cases, these episodes reach beyond recall of the traumatic incident; the patient's psyche produces a series of further linked and involved "episodes". More than 50 percent of the AIPS suffers describe having encounters with imaginary characters during these hallucinations. Individuals suffering from AIPS have good days and bad days.
  • DocMoses
  • *bites own tongue*
  • Double-D
  • Yes, Double-D, we all know what's up.
  • GriDGirL
  • A "crazy mutated changeling Technomancer", that's too much for him I assume.
  • Claymore
  • I have enough of this ridiculous display of freakiness. Isn't there a Megacorp left paying a good bounty for a crazy TM-chick like you? I'm out of here for now, 'Spy, otherwise this is getting nasty and we don't want to pollute your board, do we? See y(*gb^&*bkjn--- *signal lost*
  • Double-D

The Guardians

A Shadowrunner Team extraordinaire

The Guardians were formed on January 2nd 2070 in line with their first run in Seattle. At the beginning, the Guardians consisted of five members: Ashanta – a Street Mage and Drake who follows an unknown totem, George – a former Dragon Slayer who now follows the path of the Wise Warrior, Yume – a young Adept and Face of the Runner Team, Vincent – a former Street-Sam who got killed and reborn as a Free Spirit and, of course, Claymore – the Technomancer Hacker. Later on, two more members joined the team: Commlink (yes, that actually is his name) – a Wild Sprite who took lodgings with Ashanta's commlink, and Sekia – a female Orc and Magical Adept.

The Guardians act by the code of non-lethality. The only exception is when they have to deal with the Vory, these are always opposed with lethal force. The Guardians refuse to do wet-jobs and the use of unnecessary violence, though the method of torture may be applied in certain cases. Whenever possible, the Guardians tend to follow the code of their title and help solve a situation. Some unusual facts about the Guardians, who are still meant to be a Shadowrunner Team, are that they have dealt with Dragons, they have their own fan-created homepages, they run an own office in Denver, as well as some orphanages. Every member of the Guardians is rich enough to settle down and retire from running the Shadows, but for some complicated reason they keep on working as Prime Shadowrunners.

Claymore and The Guardians

Being a member of The Guardians is like sitting on a roller coaster for Claymore. Though she considers her team mates as trustworthy beings and – at least some of them – as friends, she definitively has problems participating in The Guardians' actions, decisions, etc. She is aware of the problems deriving from her hacking into her companions' commlinks at the beginning. Especially when it comes to interacting with Yume who somehow works for Mitsuhama Computer Technologies. Another set of problems derive from The Guardians interacting with too many members from organized crime, as well as The Guardians being "supervised" or "owned" by a Dragon, Ghostwalker, owner of Denver. Whenever possible, Claymore tries to stay in the background when it comes to making deals, taking job offers, meeting Johnsons, etc.
  • I personally never have and never will work for Mitsuhama Computer Technologies unless they hire The Guardians for a job in the future. If you keep dwelling in the delusion that I am working for them just because of ONE of my NINE SINs contain the words "Citizen of Mitsuhama" – C-I-T-I-Z-E-N, not even a wage slave, for crying out loud! – go and get someone who gives you the answer to the following question: What are the tools of the trade for a Face? … or even better: Go fetch a rope!
  • Yume
  • *rolls eyes*
  • Claymore
  • Oh and just for the record: The main reason why I'm pissed off at you, dear Claymore, is for blowing my cover.
  • Yume
  • She blew your cover on a run?
  • Snowball
  • No, not on a run. I was pretending to be a guy when joining The Guardians and she crashed my plan before I was ready to trust any of them at that time.
  • Yume
  • That indeed is a strange combination of individuals. I guess that there is quite some potential for friction within your team, eh? Seems like Yume and Claymore are BFFs, eh? *lol*
  • Hitman5
  • Very funny.
  • Claymore
  • You know, all the gals in our team seem to have some serious derangements. Must be a woman-thingy, or just the usual cat fight stuff.
  • George
  • To state a famous quote: Concealability of belted cannon ammunition? YEAH RIGHT!
  • Claymore
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Contacts – Precious Contacts

Primary Contacts (gained at character creation)

Raki Motomoru: BOD 3, AGI 4, REA 4, STR 4, CHA 5, INT 5, LOG 3, WIL 4, EDG 6, ESS 6, INI 8, IPS 1
Runner Alias: Rocketeer / Profession: Fixer / Nationality: Japanese / Race: Human / Gender: male
Age: 22 / Height: 1,70m / Weight: 78kg / Eyes: brown / Hair: black
Active Skills: Computer 4, Data Search 5, Dodge 4, Etiquette 4, Etiquette: Street 6, Negotiation 5
Active Skills: Perception 4, Pistols 3, Con 4, Prime Runners 5
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Rumors 4, Fences 4, Gear Values 6, Shadowrunner Teams 4, Street Rumors 3
Knowledge Skills: Safehouses 3, Comics 2, Comics: Mangas 4
Licenses: Weapons 6, Groundcraft (Bikes, Cars, Trucks) 6, Aircraft (Helicopters) 6

Raki is Claymore's boyfriend and lover. Claymore and Raki know each other since they were teenagers – around early 2063 – and they are a couple since December 2064. Raki supports Claymore whenever he can, he watches her back and is the only person in whom Claymore has absolute confidence in.

Priscilla Hunter: BOD 4, AGI 3, REA 6, STR 3, CHA 4, INT 5, LOG 5, WIL 4, EDG 3, ESS 0.5, INI 11, IPS 4
Matrix Alias: KnightSaber / Profession: Spider / Nationality: German / Race: Elf / Gender: female
Age: 41 / Height: 1,88m / Weight: 65kg / Eyes: blue / Hair: blonde
Active Skills: Cybercombat 5, Dodge 3, Electronics (Group) 5, Electronic Warfare 6, Etiquette: Matrix 4
Active Skills: Hacking 6, Perception 7, Negotiation 3
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Matrix 5, Security Procedures 5, Operating Systems 3, Corporate Politics 3
Knowledge Skills: Data Havens 3, Security Systems 4
Licenses: Weapons 6, Groundcraft (Cars) 6, Seader Krupp Access 6

Priscilla has been Claymore's mentor and teacher at Saeder-Krupp. She ist the only person who has some sort of parental status in Claymore's life. Priscilla's first contact to Claymore was when she recognized her at the orphanage.

Silvia Romanova: BOD 3, AGI 4, REA 4, STR 2, CHA 3, INT 5, LOG 5, WIL 4, EDG 6, ESS 6, INI 7, IPS 1
Street Alias: DocMoses / Profession: Medical Doctor / Nationality: Russian / Race: Human / Gender: female
Age: 30 / Height: 1,65m / Weight: 55kg / Eyes: brown / Hair: brunette
Active Skills: Cybertechnology 5, First Aid 4, Medicine 6, Negotiation 2, Perception 5, Gear Values 3
Knowledge Skills: Biology 4, Chemistry 4, Medical Advances 3, Organleggers 3, Psychology 3, Smugglers 2
Knowledge Skills: Chop Shops 4, Law 2, Pharmaceuticals 5, Doc Weagon Corporation 4, Tactics 3
Licenses: Weapons 6, Groundcraft (Bikes) 6, Doc Wagon Access 6, Battlefield Medic 6

Silvia is Claymore's so to speak family doctor. She has been tending to her since Claymore was a teenager and helps her out with words and deeds, especially since Claymore runs the Shadows.
  • Tell me, young Claymore. Do you love Raki?
  • OldmanJohnson
  • Yes, with all of my heart.
  • Claymore
  • Then hear my advice: Be as careful as possible when being together in public. There is nothing more dangerous than your enemies knowing your weak spot.
  • OldmanJohnson
  • My … weak spot?
  • Claymore
  • Just imagine someone kidnapping your boyfriend in order to shake you down, or just in order to hurt you.
  • MarcTheMerc
  • Oh … my … god …
  • Claymore

Expanded Contacts List

Rocketeer (Raki Motomoru) - Fixer / Claymore's boyfriend (got your back)
KnightSaber (Priscilla Hunter) - Saeder-Krupp / Chief of Matrix Security
DocMoses (Silvia Romanova) - Medical Doctor at DocWagon / Street Doc
Master Yoki - Mentor Sprite
Commlink - Wild Sprite / Member of The Guardians
GriDGirL - Technomancer (girlfriend for life)
ISpy - Security Specialist / Spyderweb VPN owner
Peter Becket - Shangri-La Security / Seattle
Apu - Fixer / Seattle (contact established by George)
Fox - Fixer / Seattle (considered dangerous)
Barnaby Mason - FBI Agent / Denver
Peaches - Coyote / PCC – CAS (Denver)
Stalker - Coyote / PCC – UCAS (Denver)
Johny Ono - Yakuza Wakagashira (friend of Michiko)
Tabby - Fixer / Denver – CAS
Falcone - Fixer / Denver – Sioux
Finger - Weapon Specialist / Denver
Joey - Fixer / Seattle (part-time Smuggler)
Mark Longfeather - Shaman / Denver – PCC
Little D - Restaurant owner / Denver – CAS
Wharez Waldo - Media Reporter / Denver
Jack Q - Media Face / Denver
An Peng - Triads (Golden Triangle) / Denver
Sam - Bartender (Five-by-Five) / Denver
Lin Yao - Triads (White Lotus) / Klub Karma – Denver
Lady Jade - Armsdealer / Denver (a.k.a. Junko Tetsuya)
Katie Kaboo - Joygirl / Denver
Dom Scarlett - Domina / Nameless Club – New Orleans
Wanda - Ghostriders Gangleader / Denver
Jana McKee - Coyote / Denver
Miguel Sanchez - Mafia Fixer / Denver
Tron - Spider / PCC (Street Grid Security)
Doc Tico - Street Doc / Denver (private LTG available)
Dean Casquilho - Mafia (Casquilho Family) / Denver
Tene Brous - Technomancer / Denver (Technodrome)
Kya - Technomancer / HongKong (Technodrome)
Strong - Technomancer / HongKong (Technodrome)
Lee - Technomancer / Denver (Technodrome)
Lei Sterling - Technomancer / HongKong (Technodrome)
Nadja Deviar - Voice of Dunkelzahn (Dragon) (LTG only)
Eleyza Kahnduri - Coyote / PCC – CAS (Denver)
James Coburn - Spider / Denver (Ex-MCT / Guardians Office)
Kenny Tan - 9x9 Group / HongKong
Mia - Voice of Shan (Dragon) / HongKong
Strawberry Callister - Secretary of Ghostwalker (Dragon) / Denver
Ohara Sung - AI / Korea (Kwon Shan Digital Employee)
Golden Boy - AI / Denver (Financial Market Expert)
Juggernaut - ZDF Colonel (David Benjamin) / Denver
Dr. Sheela O'Hare - DocWagon Medic / Seattle
Peter Peterson - LTG only (contact via Zipper)
  • Ahhhh... contacts are a girl's best friend.
  • Demoness
  • Eh, wasn't that supposed to be diamonds?
  • SpaceHarrier
  • Uh, yes, diamonds. *sigh* I want one!
  • Elistrae
  • Nadja Deviar? THE Nadja Deviar? What exactly did you do to come into contact with a Legend like her?
  • Treadmill
  • We captured a Blood Mage alive and delivered him to the Draco Foundation. As stated in Dunkelzahn's Last Will, anyone who delivers a living Blood Mage to the Draco Foundation shall be rewarded with 1,000,000 Nuyen. Here is the original term: "To further encourage an end to the use of blood magic by Aztechnology and other parties, I offer a bounty of 1 million Nuyen on any blood mages captured alive and delivered to the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research for the purposes of studying the effects of blood magic use on metahumanity. I further authorize the Draco Foundation to provide suitable rewards for the receipt of verifiable accounts of blood magic use, the rewards to reflect the usefulness of the information provided."
  • Claymore
  • Impressive. If I may ask: How exactly did you guys manage to subdue this Blood Mage? Were you able to surprise that bastard?
  • Killer Queen
  • Well, he was indeed surprised when we entered his domain. And I think he was even more surprised when Claymore tasered him, which finally struck him down.
  • George
  • The HACKER of your team struck him down? Well THAT's a surprise.
  • .cutecode
  • You use a Taser in armed combat? … Wait, forget that question. You actually JOIN in armed combat?
  • The Machine
  • I try to avoid joining real world combat. Last time I was forced into a combat situation I nearly died.
  • Claymore
  • FORCED into a combat situation? It was just a slap in the face! How the hell should I have known that you were going into a fight club wearing near to zero protection? Oh, and by the way: You were betting against me knowing I would drop the fight. Do you have any idea what they would have done to us if they had found out?
  • Yume
  • *sigh* Not THAT combat situation, cutie. I referred to our "Walk in the Park". Oh, and by the way: Don't you have someone else to tick off?
  • Claymore
  • Watch it, CUTIE!
  • Yume
  • I suggest that you two switch to another p2p network if you want to continue harassing each other. Oh, and by the way: This is a one-time warning.
  • ISpy (Admin)
  • Sorry ISpy. We'll behave now.
  • Claymore
  • Yeah sorry, won't happen again … soon.
  • Yume
  • Gee, Yume and Claymore ARE BFFs after all. *twinkles*
  • Hitman5
  • *rolls eyes*
  • Yume
  • *rolls eyes*
  • Claymore
  • Claymore, you can also die in Cybercombat since you are considered to be a Hot-Sim VR user, right?
  • The Machine
  • Right. The difference is: In the Matrix, I know how to gear up properly and how to fight. Since I have emerged to a higher Resonance level, most of my opponents are out of my league.
  • Claymore
  • HA! Don't get cute with me! Fight with me and you'll be pwned.
  • VRMax
  • Are you serious?
  • GriDGirL
  • YEAH! Bring it on! I always wanted to fight a Technomancer. This is the kind of challenge I like. Oh, and to clear that upfront: Full Hot-Sim VR, not that other sissy stuff. *evil smile* Deal?
  • VRMax
  • Claymore, that's too dangerous, even if it's just for a fight on cordial terms.
  • GriDGirL
  • Aww, c'mon. No pain no gain.
  • VRMax
  • Challenge accepted.
  • Claymore
  • Oh dear.
  • GriDGirL
  • Have you all gone nuts recently?
  • ISpy (Admin)
  • Maybe another comet passing by … and this time the changes are not physical, but mental. Let's call it SUCER – Sudden Cranial Evolutionary Regression *lol*
  • DocMoses
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  • I Have Taken All Shadowrun To Be My Province
    • VU93 Writeup for The Wyrm Ouroboros
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Very nicely done.  A very ... advanced rate-of-acquaintanceship and all, certainly, but your writeup is stellar.
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Very nicely done.  A very ... advanced rate-of-acquaintanceship and all, certainly, but your writeup is stellar.
Thank you very much for your comment. I'm glad to read that you like the writeup. :)

... speaking of, let's post some more stuff, stay tuned! w00t
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Adventure Log

On the Run (Seattle)
Mission Briefing (Seattle)
Parliament of Thieves (start of Denver Missions)
Best Served Cold (Denver)
A Fork in Fate's Path (Seattle)
A Dark and Stormy Night (Seattle > Denver)
The List (custom Intermission, New Orleans)
Blasting Bicson (third party Intermission, Denver)
A Very Bad Day (Denver)
The Grab (Denver)
Chasing the Dragon (Denver)
Trash the Body Electric (Denver)
The Flip Side (Denver)
An Ounce of Prevention (Denver)
Through a Rose Colored Display Link (Denver)
Tunnel Vision (Denver)
A Walk in the Park (Seattle)
Bashing Vory (custom Intermission, Denver)
Winter Wonderland (Denver)
Emergence (stand-alone Campaign)
Tinkerbell's Concert (custom Intermission, HongKong)
Vincent (custom Intermission, Denver)
Wetwork, Pure and Simple (Denver)
Career Path (Denver)
Extraction (custom Intermission, Denver)
Michiko's Revenge (custom Intermission, Denver)
Backlash (Denver)
Happenstance (Denver)
Prodigal Son (Denver)
Hubris and Humility (Denver)
Done Deal (end of Denver Missions)
Ghost Cartels (stand-alone Campaign)
Dawn of Artifacts (stand-alone Campaign)
Venom (custom Adventure, Seattle)
Code Block (custom Adventure, Seattle)
A New Face (custom Adventure, Seattle)
Visitors from the Past (custom Adventure, Seattle)
Flee, you Fools! (custom Adventure, Seattle)
Another Sprawl (custom Adventure, Rhein-Ruhr Megaplex)
The Siege (custom Adventure, Rhein-Ruhr Megaplex)
überflieger (custom Adventure, Rhein-Ruhr Megaplex)
Home Sweet Home (custom Intermission, Rhein-Ruhr Megaplex)
The Fall (custom Intermission, Rhein-Ruhr Megaplex)
Saeder-Krupp (custom Adventure, Rhein-Ruhr Megaplex)
A Helping Hand (custom Intermission, New Orleans)
George (custom Intermission, New Orleans)
Shattered Heaven (custom Adventure, Seattle)
Military Service Provider (custom Adventure, Seattle)
War (custom Adventure, Seattle)
Dances with Dragons (custom Adventure, Denver)
End Game (final Adventure)
  • The Guardians took on a wetwork job? #Wetwork, Pure and Simple#
  • KnightSaber
  • Eh, nope. The Guardians act by the code of non-lethality, remember? We met the Johnson, we listened to what he had to offer, and we refused to do the job. Therefor, no reward, but that was Ok.
  • Claymore
  • Tinkerbell's Concert was a really good show, though it's not my favorite type of music. Have been there, too. The HongKong Museum of Art was a pretty weird location for a concert, at least from my point of view. #Tinkerbell's Concert#
  • Panthera
  • Hello all, this is Commlink. Thank you very much for the guest login. Ashanta asked me to post this for her. *Quote* Ashanta: The best thing was when we were offered to meet Tinkerbell in person. She's SO gorgeous. Uh, and hello all, nice to meet you. *Pause* Hey, there is a yellow thingy on my display and it's blinking. Do you know what that is, Commlink? */Quote*
  • Commlink
  • You are welcome. This is the first time I've allowed a virtual entity to post on the Spyderweb, so I'm looking forward to interesting discussions.
  • ISpy (Admin)
  • Ashanta semms to be a bit "challenged" when interacting with technology.
  • Tech-Wiz
  • Oops, the last two sentences were not meant to be posted. I still need to get used to this limited form of information sharing.
  • Commlink

Home Sweet Home

Building a Customized Permanent Mobile Medium Lifestyle

After cancellation of her apartments in Denver and Seattle due to certain Shadowrun activities, Claymore and Raki have decided to stay mobile and thus creating their own customized Mobile Middle Lifestyle.

The base frame for the mobility of this lifestyle is a "Nordkapp Conestoga Zugmaschine" (tractor trailer) including a highly customized trailer holding the actual housing, and – yes – this machine is huge. A vehicle like this is not meant to be driven through the center of a city, but on the highways and main roads around a city (it does not fit onto normal sized city streets anyway). Information about the technical stats and upgrades of the vehicle can be found in the Vehicles/Drones section of the character sheet. Because of the advanced autopilot of the truck and its capability to drive on its own, the cockpit of the truck and the trailer are connected and have transit sections, so the driver can easily move between the cockpit and the trailer. The trailer itself has a height of two average stories and is divided into several sections.

The lower backside (street level) section contains a garage for two cars and at least one motorcycle, as well as a small workshop for doing hot-fixes on the vehicles. The upper backside is an open air section and contains a helicopter landing pad and holding clamps for the Shiawase MK.2 Drone-Carrier helicopter. The front section of the trailer contains the actual middle lifestyle lodging area distributed over two stories, consisting of a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a workroom for Claymore and a home office for Raki. Further more, the front roof of the trailer is accessible and can be used as a balcony.
  • Living in a camper has its advantages.
  • Pink
  • A camper? This so called camper is larger than my whole apartment!
  • Elistrae
  • So we are always on the move, excellent. For someone with your reputation, my dear, it is clever to not be present in one spot for too long. Call it paranoia, but that's what I would do in case my public awareness surpassed my way of living.
  • Rocketeer
  • It doesn't change the fact that you are still bound to Denver, Claymore. This is what HE expects from his subordinates, get used to it.
  • George
  • No! Never. This city is awful. I like Denver as well as I like a stomach flu. Seattle is my home, it always has been and it always will be.
  • Claymore
  • Question: What does a Dragon do on your b-day party? Well, the answer to this question is redundant, isn't it, Claymore? Do you really want to tell our BOSS that you are going to leave his – how did he express it? – circle of protection?
  • Yume
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"And where shall the new born go from here? The net is vast and infinite..."
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The Matrix

Security Setup of Claymore's Matrix Systems

The term "Matrix-Systems" primary includes Claymore's "Fairlight Caliban" commlink and the "Evo Mobile Nexus" Matrix node. Both systems are heavily secured and are subject to a multi-layered encryption including defensive and offensive measures. Both systems maintain the maximum processor load in order to quickly recognize unauthorized third-party access.

The commlink acts as a slave device and is connected to Claymore via Skinlink. The wireless node has been removed in line with the commlink customization, making it non-existent in the wireless world. In order to connect to the Matrix, the commlink's signal needs to be forwarded through it's host, which apparently is Claymore herself. In addition to the standard payload of common use and hacking programs, the commlink contains the following specific software payload:

· Spyderweb VPN (encrypted peer-to-peer network incl. limited access to the ADL Panoptikum)
· Technodrome VPN (encrypted p2p network created by Claymore to form up a Technomancer alliance)
· G²Breaker ™ (countermeasure software against Mitsuhama's "Gira-Gira")
· Commlink Residence (residential memory reserved for the Wild Sprite "Commlink")
· Agent IC (rating 8 military software agent containing defensive intrusion countermeasure autosoft)

Security Topology of Claymore's PAN & Commlink

Level 0 Barrier: Hardware activation and system connection. In order to get access to the commlink's node, the clearance of four authentication systems is required:

· Availability check for a Skinlink Host system (commlink only activates on a successful system pairing)
· Biometric Scan of Host system (linked Passcode needs to match scan result)
· RFID verification of Host system (linked Passcode needs to match verification result)
· Nanotech Passkey authentication (commlink connects on a successful authentication of all three scans)

Level 1 Barrier: Signals Encryption (by default and always running)
Level 2 Barrier: Node Encryption (by using the Strong Encryption method, time interval 8 hrs, UN. page 66)
Level 3 Barrier: Agent IC (Alert Response Configuration: Launch IC with non-lethal countermeasures)
Level 4 Barrier: File Encryption (by using the Dynamic Encryption method, UN. Page 66)
Level 5 Barrier: Agent IC (Alert Response Configuration: Launch IC with lethal countermeasures)
Level 6 Barrier: System Reboot / Shutdown
  • WTF is Gira Gira and the G²Breaker?
  • RetroRulez
  • That looks like a highly sophisticated security setup. So, ISpy, what do you say to a little "intrusion exercise" to show our dear Claymore who's the Legend here? If we team up, I would predict that her security measures won't stand a chance.
  • .cutecode
  • *sigh* Why are men always so crazy about a wanger waving challenge?
  • GriDGirL
  • Must be the hormones. Or midlife crisis. Or the fact that they are all becoming old men who wanna impress young girls.
  • Lady-Z
  • I always had a thing for ELDER women like you, my dear. Touché.
  • ISpy (Admin)
  • Hell yeah, if you do that, I'd either pay you guys, or owe you a favor. That would serve her right. After all, she has hacked ALL of her team mates commlinks after our first run.
  • Yume
  • Blah, blah, blah, insert Yume's comments here, blah, blah. You tried to fool us with your false ID in order to "get to know and trust the team" and I tried the same by hacking the commlinks. We BOTH made mistakes back then.
  • Claymore
  • Why exactly do you guys still work together?
  • KnightSaber

Technodrome VPN

The Virtual Private Network has been programmed by Claymore with some help from ISpy (Spyderweb VPN owner) within 12 days, 8 hours per day, from 13.07.2070 to 25.07.2070. The VPN has been terminated on 16.12.2070 after the Emergence Witchhunt and because of the encounter with a dissonant AI, in order to prevent the safety of its members. After the acceptance of Technomancers, Claymore has decided to reinitiate the Technodrome VPN, formerly known as Technomancer Alliance.

Purpose: Guild-System, work and learn together out of mutual interest, knowledge-collection and database
Strictures: Attendance, service, privacy, limited membership
Resources: Middle, donations are welcome. Resonance Mesh offer
Quest: Resonance Well search (long term), Sourcerors Stream, Gira-Gira monitoring, 01-Paragon research

Members (full access): Claymore, GriDGirL, Tene Brous, Kya, Strong, Lee, Lei Sterling
Members (limited access): Master Yoki, Commlink, Ohara Sung, Golden Boy
  • Thanks again for your support, ISpy.
  • Claymore
  • My pleasure.
  • ISpy (Admin)
  • No, no, no, are you messing with me? You have GOLDEN BOY in your p2p network? How the heck did you get in contact with him?
  • Count Acount
  • You should ask Ashanta for details. All I know is that since Ashanta's commlink (the device) got occupied by Commlink (the virtual entity), other Matrix entities established contact to her for some unknown reason … or was it vice versa? Anyway, Ashanta is somehow easy going when it comes to "making friends" with Matrix entities and she offers some nice amenities for them, like a generously equipped Matrix mainframe on top of a Resonance Well. Quite attractive for an AI, Wild and Free Sprites, etc.
  • Claymore
  • Golden Boy is a buddy of mine by the way and since I got accepted as an official Guardians member, I thought it would be nice to return the favor and tell some friends about my new family.
  • Commlink

Gira-Gira Software Analysis
  • Ahh, here we go. This will be interesting.
  • RetroRulez
  • Now you got my curiosity.
  • Cyrus
The Gira-Gira software has been developed by Mitsuhama Computer Technologies (MCT). The person accountable for the Gira-Gira development is Dr. Kevin Chiang of the MCT San Fransisco division. It's purpose is to exclusively identify and uncover Technomancers. If a (living) Persona is detected by Gira-Gira, it exposes the intruder by scattering some sort of Silver Glitter. If the Persona is identified as a Technomancer, the exposure is visualized by scattering Gold Glitter. The Glitter is part of the software routine which uncovers the intruder.

The Gira-Gira code is based on a Psychotropic Black IC. It's pilot rating is estimated to be military grade software, because the routine is capable of surpassing a high level threading of a Technomancer's Stealth Complex Form. The Black IC itself has an unusual high Stealth rating and is difficult to detect.

The functionality of Gira-Gira is quite simple. The Psychotropic Black IC subconsciously forces an intruder to give answers to an elaborate set of questions which eventually results in being tagged as a Technomancer or not. The scattering of Glitter is also the result of the Black IC's manipulation, the intruder himself is the one throwing the Glitter and thus uncovering himself.
  • That's quite an innovative piece of programming. You have to admire the simplicity of the idea: "Let the target do the job for you." Fascinating!
  • Cyrus
  • I think "fascinating" is the wrong word here. This is evil! Remember what those bastards did to some of us in that frigging HongKong hospital?
  • GriDGirL
  • Where can I buy this?
  • Double-D
  • Look who's back! It's our Technomancer-phobic weapon's specialist.
  • GriDGirL
  • Stop spamming this thread with your bickering! I wanna stay focused on the information given here.
  • RetroRulez

G²Breaker ™ Gira-Gira Countermeasure Software

The G²Breaker ™ Software Suite has been developed by Claymore with the help of Jackpoint members. It is actually a malware combination of a Worm and a Virus carrying a Metamorphic Engine (UN. Page 120). The Virus is target-oriented, designed to infect the Gira-Gira software and not to spread into the Matrix. The Virus is carried by a Worm (a special type of Agent) in order to prevent it from being disinfected or purged. The Worm also has a specific Replicate autosoft in its payload. This autosoft is not for spreading purposes, but to create a backup of the Worm itself in emergency situations. Because Gira-Gira is estimated to be military grade software, the software suite has been programmed on basis of a military grade Agent.

The G²Breaker ™ needs to be placed within any auxiliary commlink (if used), as well as at a Technomancer's side when intruding a target node (using up one subscription slot). The G²Breaker ™ Worm constantly uses it's customized program payload to scan the environment, as well as the brainwave pattern of the Technomancer through a bio-monitor for Gira-Gira specific (sub-)routines. If Gira-Gira is identified, the Worm launches the G²Breaker ™ Virus which immediately infects the Gira-Gira software. Upon successful infection, Gira-Gira is rendered useless and remains to be purged or dumped.
  • How long did it take to program this piece of malware?
  • Snowball
  • Coding the Software Suite required 3 Hackers and a time-frame of about 3 weeks of programming, and all this in addition to running the Shadows. .cutecode, GriDGirL, thank you so much again for teaming up.
  • Claymore
  • No problem, dear.
  • GriDGirL
  • I've always wanted to program nasty stuff like this. My pleasure.
  • .cutecode
  • It is unnatural for a Technomancer to use Agents, or even Worms and Viruses. Why haven't you created an appropriate Complex Form or used a powerful Sprite to develop this countermeasure?
  • RetroRulez
  • The answer is quite simple: Technomancers rely on Resonance. You really really do not want to end up as a Dissonant Technomancer and you do not want to deal with Entropic Sprites. Dissonance is best described as your personal hell! When I had to suffer through my Technomancer crisis during the Emergence Witchhunt, I encountered what I believe is a Dissonance Realm. Believe me, you do not want to get in touch with Dissonance, it is sheer horror for us Technomancers.
  • Claymore
  • You've encountered Dissonance? Gee, girl, that's... not good.
  • GriDGirL
  • So Dissonance is a Technomancer-only thingy, right?
  • Elistrae
  • You have no idea how dangerous Dissonance is and how close you've been to chaos and corruption.
  • Commlink
  • Feel free to enlighten those who lack the knowledge.
  • ISpy (Admin)
  • Dissonance follows an antithetical concept of the Matrix. It was a new phenomenon some decades ago, spearheaded by a dissonant otaku known as Pax (probably the first one warped and corrupted by her own psychopathic behaviour). Her unleashing of a dissonant worm construct named Jormungand was one of the factors leading to the Crash 2.0. With the recent Emergence of Technomancers and Sprites, it has become clear that the Dissonance did not disappear with Crash 2.0, but rather has become more prominent than ever. As current theory goes, it seems that the interaction of the Technomancer's unique neurophysiology and bio-electrics with the Matrix is the cause of the phenomenon.
  • Commlink
  • I KNEW IT!
  • Double-D
  • Yes, Double-D, we know it too. The answer is 42.
  • Claymore
  • Since the particulars of dissonants are tied to their personal cyberpsychopathic disorder, they develop their own unique way to wield Resonance. Although no credible reports exist of any Technomancer surviving one, Dissonance Realms appear to exist.
  • Commlink
  • If I got Commlink's explanation right, programming and dealing with malware is one more step to a Technomancer's dark side.
  • RetroRulez
  • Not necessarily. For example, Claymore is "in Resonance" with the Matrix, therefor any malware she creates is also based on Resonance. At her current state, she is unable to create dissonant constructs. As far as I can see, her encounter with what she believe is a Dissonance Realm has not tainted her Resonance.
  • Commlink

System Setup of Claymore's Mobile Home

The Mobile Nexus is similar to any stationary Matrix Nexus. It basically enables any node within its signal range to connect up to the Matrix. Claymore's Mobile Nexus is integrated into the Mobile Home in order to enable Claymore to have contact to the Matrix at all times when being at home, but without the danger of being disconnected and therefor dumpshocked. The security topology of the Mobile Nexus is similar to Claymore's PAN and commlink, it also has 6 levels of protection against unauthorized intrusion.

Base Nexus: "Evo Mobile Terminus" Matrix Nexus
Persona limit: 20
Processor limit: 50
Hardware / Software upgrades: Response 6, Signal 5, System 6, Firewall 6
Cryptosense Module
Response Enhancer: Rating 6 (Matrix initiative +4)
Nonstandard Wireless Link: Rating 5 (Detection threshold +1)
Satellite Link (permanent)
Access ID Account Protocol & Commcodes
Nanotech Passkey & Nanotech Passkey System
Node Encryption (customized)

Because the Mobile Nexus' data storage units hold vital data about Claymore's work and programming tasks, the system has some sort of last resort line of defense. This defense system is a self destruct system which triggers in the case that the Mobile Nexus is removed (stolen) from Claymore's mobile home. The self destruct system's explosive components are customized to physically destroy the hardware inside the casing, not blow up the whole device. The level of destruction is high enough to destroy the inbuilt hardware (ideally low enough to not be recognized), thus low enough to not harm the casing's surrounding.
  • Oh gg0d', H3Ad.
  • Claymore
  • What's up, chummer. Don't tell me that this is some sort of lame try to write l33t?
  • Snowball
  • VRMax and Claymore had their "test fight" and this is the result.*shakes head*
  • GriDGirL
  • Sweeeet! So, who's the winner?
  • Snowball
  • We called it a draw … somehow.
  • VRMax
  • Somehow??? You both fell unconscious! And both of you were BLEEDING heavily! Unbelievable! Did you intend to kill each other? I've never seen such a stupid display of stubbornness in the context of a "friendly fight".
  • Rocketeer
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"And where shall the new born go from here? The net is vast and infinite..."
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Spyderweb VPN

The Spyderweb is a distributed peer-to-peer (p2p) virtual private network (VPN) based around a software suite created by the prime runner ISpy and was originally limited to hand-picked members. Following the example of the legendary decker Fastjack's Jackpoint VPN, the encrypted network has no centralized server, but exists within the commlinks of its users. The members represent a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, and operate throughout the world. While the network was designed for full members selected by ISpy, other individuals possessing unique and/or detailed information of interest to the network can be invited to post files, etc. Like the Jackpoint software suite, the Spyderweb contains several programs for private and collaborative messaging, a reputation system, integration with the user's e-mail, and Matrix feeds (e.g., news; personal alerts), as well as a file storage area and management. It also contains the software that allows the network to operate from even one member's commlink.

Spyderweb VPN Members List
(in alphabetical order)

.cutecode - female Elf - Hacker
8Limbs - male Human - Street Samurai
Claymore - female Changeling - Technomancer
Commlink - genderless Entity - Wild Sprite
Count Acount - male Human - Broker
Cyrus - male Human - Matrix Specialist
Demoness - female Orc - Mage
DocMoses - female Human - Medical Doctor
Double-D - male Human - Weapons Specialist
Elistrae - female Elf - Street Shaman
George - male Troll - Weapons Specialist
GriDGirL - female Human - Technomancer
Hitman5 - male Human - Assassin
ISpy - male Orc - Former Security Specialist
Killer Queen - female Human - Adept Gunslinger
KnightSaber - female Elf - Saeder-Krupp Spider
Lady-Z - female Human - Hermetic Magician
MarcTheMerc - male Elf - Mercenary
MissJingles - female Ghoul - Bounty Hunter
OldmanJohnson - male Human - Former Company Lawyer
Onee-chan - female Human - Escort Girl
Panthera - female Human - Combat Biker
Pink - female Orc - Drone Rigger
Ree/L - female Human - Former Astronaut / Orbital Spider
RetroRulez - male Human - Hacker
Rocketeer - male Human - Fixer
Satyr - male Dwarf - Fixer
Snowball - male Troll - Smuggler
SpaceHarrier - male Human - Airborn Rigger
Tech-Wiz - male Human - Tech-Wiz
The Machine - male Troll - Former Cage-Fighter
Treadmill - male Human - Media Reporter
übermensch - male Human - Data Courier
VRMax - male Dwarf - Combat Decker
Yume - female Human - Adept Bodyguard
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"And where shall the new born go from here? The net is vast and infinite..."
Major Motoko Kusanagi - Ghost In The Shell


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It has been a rather interesting read so far.  Thanks for sharing!
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