Need some assistance clarifying a few things in Character Creation

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Hey all - Hoping I can get some help just clarifying a few things as I am struggling not to mix up editions  ;D

First - Metatype Adjustment Points

Am I right in my understanding that all stats (including edge) start at 1 (Except Magic/Resonance) and you cannot use points from the attributes priority to raise any of them above 6.  If you pick a racial subtype that allows for you to have an ability score higher than 6, you must spend metatype adjustment points on it.  E.G. If I play a troll and I want a 9 body, I need to spend 5 of my allotted attribute points on body and a further 3 from the metatype adjustment points I have available.

It also appears as though there is no way to have a human get their edge to 7 without either: Spending Karma, having a magic or resonance attribute, or wasting some metatype attribute points.  This appears to me to be because Human priority D is only 4 attribute points so you could max your edge at 5, and human priority C gives you 9 attribute points, so 3 would be unusable as a human unless you were also had a magic or resonance attribute.  Am I right in my understanding?

Second - Cyberware/Bioware Augmentations

Are there any limitations on the improvements you get from cyberware or bioware?  For instance, could I have a character with a logic of 2 and still use a level 3 cerebral booster to get a net 5 logic?  What if I max out my Logic at a 6, If I then have a cerebral booster 3, would my logic be a 9?  Would that allow me to roll 9 dice plus my cracking skill if I were to do any of the usual matrix actions?  Or is there a limit somewhere I am not seeing?  There used to be metahuman maximums back in earlier editions and then there were limits but I donít see either anymore so I feel gunshy in just reading what I have found.

Third - non stacking cyberware options

Am I correct in my understanding that there are a number of cyberware upgrades which do not stack, but do not call it out?  I am thinking here specifically of things like Bone Lacing and the melee cyber impant weapons (hand spurs, handblades, etc.) bone density augmentation.  They all give a DV for unarmed combat, but none appear to stack in any way.  Its not called out unlike in other situations where they call out when things donít stack like Muscle Toner not stacking with other augmentations that increase agility.

Thanks in advance everyone for your advice, patience and help!

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You can just raise attributes past 6 with normal points, it's just that adjustment points cannot be spent on non-higher-than-6 ones. So you could raise a racial attribute from 1 to 7 with 6 normal attribute points, or from 1 to 5 with normal and then 5 to 7 for 2 adjustment points, etc.

On page 37 the rules mention that an adjusted attribute can never exceed the current attribute rank +4. So 2[5] and 6[9] are both perfectly legal. Meanwhile some things raise the skill dice and those also are capped at +4 (p39), so for example you can't double-dip a +4 Skill Adept Power as well as a +1 Reflex Recorder, since the bonus of 5 would be cut back to +4.

Augmentation stacking is a disaster phrasing-wise, I suggest checking the Shadowrun Missions Guide for some info on them. And yes, if you have multiple things that state they change your damage explicitly to X, then the highest applies to me. But if something says +1 and another +1 as well, I assume that normally they can stack unless something else prevents it.
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