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So, why play Missions?

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The concept of the Missions games as an official living story seems pretty cool, but I'm not completely sold on the idea of the canned quest.

So, if you could, tell me why, in your opinion, Missions games are worth seeking out, as an aide, as an experience or for however it tickles your fancy.

If you're playing a public game, as opposed to a private game, Missions are easy to run in a 4-6 hour time slot. The adventure is over by the end of the night. You don't need the same people who showed up last week. You can adjust the difficulty of the mission easily by using the table rating. You can accommodate new players easily.

They work great for pick-up games and for con play.  The GM still has to adjust them to suit the players, but that is (relatively) easily handled.

They do serve their purpose fast easy adventures that anyone can play and use as a learning tool to which a person can then move up to advanced games with more flexability

They are also a good way to meet new players at a convention. I've met at least a dozen of my SR freinds that way.
Also since they semi-linked "one shots" and done in 4 hours, they are an awesome avenue to test out character concepts.

But the main reason, yes some are flawed badly, (but so are alot of homegames) on average it's a damn fun time! And once you play them you now have another "Gamer story" to compare with all the other people that have play that mission! Compare notes and hilarity ensues.  ;D


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