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Title: Hacking Drones
Post by: Unahim on <08-06-18/0554:06>
Hey there, Chummers.

How should one handle drones (both PC drones and NPC drones) being hacked in Anarchy? What does the hacker roll against? If you deal matrix damage to a drone, what happens? I play with PC drones that only have Armour, so are they just out right away? Does their armour start peeling off of them in meatspace? Should they get a Matrix CM of 8 + something?

These questions keep me up at night.
Title: Re: Hacking Drones
Post by: Gingivitis on <08-06-18/1259:29>
For my games, I do use Armor-only stats for Enemy Drones as well. When they take Matrix damage, it comes off of the same Armor. I don't think of vehicle Armor as armor plating; I think of it as total functionality of the drone/vehicle. Data Spikes fry the insides, and bullets damage the outsides, but they can both take down a drone.

I use Logic (or the rigger's Logic) for the Matrix defense of the drone. If a rigger wants to, they can buy a Firewall Amp to help protect their drones. You can make anything an Amp in Anarchy, so make a RCC Amp.

Drones can also be repaired with Engineering and be back in the fight next Narration.

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Title: Re: Hacking Drones
Post by: Unahim on <08-06-18/1703:11>
Alright, cool. That works for Matrix damage. Do you let enemy hackers try and take them away from a Rigger's control, too? Somewhat of an iconic move after all.