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Title: Mapping nodes in Anarchy
Post by: ImaginalDisc on <07-19-18/2258:42>
Howdies chummers,

Man, I haven't been on in ages. I've been running a weekly Anarchy game for months with players of mixed experience, some entirely new to Table Top, some with a lot of experience. Anarchy's been a breath of fresh air as the narrative structure and rule system are a much easier point of entry for my new players.

The game's set in Miami and I was using the Google Map I created for locations, but I realized it was too busy and unfamiliar for players. There was the additional style clash as it didn't really mesh with the existing node system I was using for locations. I've been using nodes for the whole city, neighborhoods, as well as locations. I'll include some samples below and I'm asking for any feedback you folks may have.

The city.

One neighborhood.

One location.

Title: Re: Mapping nodes in Anarchy
Post by: ImaginalDisc on <07-24-18/0909:12>
Test reply by instruction of Fastjack.