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Title: Red Shadows - House Rules for Cyberpunk Red
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赤 影 - Red Shadows

Even Night City has its Shadows. Places where magic has returned, along with the races of old.

With the release of Cyberpunk Red, I've been toying with the idea of some house rules to add a bit of Shadow flare to the tech dystopia. So, here are some musings on how to incorporate a certain setting with the d10 Edgerunning rules system. Comments and criticism are welcomes, as are any additions you may have!
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赤 影 - Races of Old

"Eight feet tall and a horns! I swear! And not a bit of tech installed!" - Rizzo the Street Rat

Humans are the base, their stats are all the same as noted in Cyberpunk Red and they are the dominant sub-species of the Homo Sapiens.

Low Light
Low Light
Low Light
SP7 Natural Armor
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赤 影 - Magical Roles

"I have a ... unique ... set of skills." - Vex, a Whiz

Breaking down the magical (and techno-magical) abilities into roles allows for the flexibility to mix and match with other roles, while still giving the special abilities needed for the setting. The four roles are Ace - those that empower their bodies with the magic surrounding them; R3Z0N3T0R - a mixture of science and magic, these netrunners can hack the grid using just their minds; Shade - summoning shades from the magic around them, they're literally one-person armies; and Whiz - conjurers that bend and break the laws of physics.

Aces are like sponges, soaking up the magic around them to do things most pay hundreds of thousands of eurodollars to do. They gain the Solo's Combat Awareness ability, progressing the same as the Solo when ranking up. Their biggest advantage, however, is their ability to channel the natural magic of the world back into themselves. Listed below are some of the abilities as an example, and their cost. The amount of points the Ace has to spend on abilities is equal to their Empathy score + their Rank in Ace.

R3Z0N3T0R is identical to the Netrunner role, gaining the same Role abilities, including the Interface abilities. The only difference is R3Z0N3T0R does not need a cyberdeck, to run programs and hardware, instead using their EMP attribute to determine how many slots they have available for programs.

Shade characters lie by summoning shades (or spirits) to fight with them. The Summoning ability for Shades is similar to the Lawman Role's Backup ability.

When using Summoning to call spirits, a Shade must roll equal to or lower than their Summoning Rank on a d10. If you abuse this power, spirits will not be pleased and may stop responding or even attacking the Shade.

After a spirit responds to the Shade's call (successfully rolled lower than your Summoning Rank), a Shade rolls a d6 to find out how many Rounds until the spirit arrives. If a 6 is rolled, the spirit that arrives will be from the next higher rank, unless the Shade is rank 10, in which case two spirits of the same Rank arrive.

Shades can also banish spirits (ones summoned by another Shade, or free spirits) using rolling 1d10 + their Summoning Rank against 1d10 + the Rank of the Spirit.

Summoning Ranks
Combat Number: A Skill Base used for both offense and defense. This number combines both STAT and Skill for them. You will add a d10 roll to this value whenever attacking with their carried weapons or equipment or defending. Backup cannot dodge bullets.
SP: The stopping power of the armor on both their Body and Head location.
HP: The amount of Hit Points that each member of the backup has.
MOVE & BODY: The backup's MOVE and BODY STAT, important for movement and for some effects that reference the target's MOVE or BODY (like Death Saves).

Whizzes gain the Casting Role Ability, allowing them to cast Spells (See post below) by rolling 1d10 + Casting to determine the success of the spell. When Casting a Spell, the Whiz will make a Drain check, rolling 1d10 + WILL attribute against 1d10 + the Force of the spell, taking Fd6 damage (F = Force of the spell). If the Force of the spell is less than the Whiz's rank, this damage cannot mortally wound, and they go unconscious at 1 HP.

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赤 影 - Spells

"Fireball." - Last words heard by "Killer Dog" McReynolds before Trauma Team's arrival

Spells are the effect of Whizzes breaking the laws of physics to make the impossible happen. Here I'll be showing how to create spells and use magic, followed by a list of common spells.

Spell Design
When designing a Spell, each Spell has the following attributes, with three of those attributes modifying the Difficulty Value (DV) of the spell:
Every spell begins with a base 10 DV, adding the modifiers as listed above. So a Spell that has Range: Touch, Duration: Instant, Type: Mana would have a DV of 10, while a Spell of Range: Area, Duration: Sustained, and Type: Physical would be more difficult with a DV of 20. Range, Duration, and Type are constants, while School and Test are more free-form to what the spell is trying to do. Schools are the overall "idea" of the spell. If the Whiz is using it to attack a person or persons, then it is most likely a Combat spell. Likewise, the Test is usually determined as whether the Spell's effect can be resisted by the target's willpower, or if it's more like shooting a gun at the target. See some of the examples below to determine a Spells School or Test when designing your own.

Using Magic
To use a spell, a Whiz makes a caster check against either the DV of a spell, or against the target's Resist Torture/Drugs Skill check. A Whiz can cast any Spell at any Force level (from 1 to 10), as long as they are willing to accept the consequences of Drain. Every spell takes a toll on the Whiz, even the lowest Force 1 spell deals 1d6 damage to the Whiz if they fail their Drain check.

After making a Casting check, the Whiz has to then make a Drain check, regardless of whether the spell was successfully cast or not.






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I'm wondering if there is any interest in this, or if it's not been visible to most of the board members.
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Im digging it!
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This sounds awesome.
Thinking of fiddling with this for my own game for sure.
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