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Another Rainy Night now out--what's lurking on the streets of Denver?

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Patrick Goodman:
The crunch for SASS can be found on the blog post announcing SASS. The crunch for ARN only appeared in the PDF release; I'll see about getting it broken free as a standalone PDF and posted. I kinda thought it had been done already, but I'm mistaken.


--- Quote from: martinchaen on ---Wait... there's gear in Another Rainy Night? Where? My kindle version doesn't have any gear listings?

Just flipped to the end of Sail Away, Sweet Sister, and I don't see any gear there either. Am I missing something, having bought the books on Amazon?

--- End quote ---

Maybe?  I got it through DriveThru and the gear is part of the same pdf.  The crunch begins on page 27, Personalized Grips are on page 31.

And the spell should really be "One Fewer"   ;)

EDIT: Looks like Patrick beat me to it.

Awesome, Patrick, thank you. I'd hate to miss out on more stuff :-)

I'm not seeing a price for personalized grip in the blog post release pdf, though. Omission?

Patrick Goodman:
Kind of. I honestly thought it would be in Run & Gun, so I just wanted to get the effect in for the purpose of the stats for the story, and let the big book take care of costs. I'll get back to you on the cost, but I can't imagine it would be any different from what you'd find for the same mod in Arsenal.

I just don't happen to have my books with me to look it up. Forgot the dang thumb drive with my PDF library on it.

Michael Chandra:
A big detail here is that R&G changed weapon modification rules compared to SR4. So what kind of slot, if any, would a Personalized Grip use?


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