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The Way of the Adept kicks off Shadowrun Options line

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We have a new PDF-only product out, and if you like adepts of any flavor, this is for you! The Way of the Adept presents new rules for adept Ways, giving you the opportunity to design themed adepts who can become more powerful through their discipline. It's part of the new Shadowrun Options line, presenting optional rules to let you customize your game as you like. It's available at the Battleshop and at Drivethru. Here's the basic info:


Something is happening to the adepts of the Sixth World. They’re becoming stronger, faster—some of them are even becoming more charming. Studies indicate that the improvements are fixing on the most disciplined of adepts, those who integrate their abilities into the greater whole known as a Way. By following these Ways, adepts are reaching new levels of power.

The Way of the Adept is the first in the Shadowrun Options line of products. This line offers optional rules that can add new levels of fun to your Shadowrun game. The Way of the Adept presents fiction and in-character information to set the context for these optional rules, along with the information you need to develop characters who use their discipline to realize new strength.

The Way of the Adept is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

Jason H.

I would love to hear Critias' thoughts on this, as he seems to be quite the authority on adepts....

Patrick Goodman:
Considering that Critias wrote it.... ;)

LOL...yea I started thinking about that after I posted....He probably wrote the whole damn thing  :P

Is a similar book planned for cyberered characters aka street samurais?


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