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Da Profezzur:
Ok I get the point !
Thanks  :D
Anyway, I feel a bit disappointed, bacause it represents a substancial amount of cards that could have been replaced with really useful ones (drones, spells, weapons and so on).
I just feel they tried to "fill" some blanks.
Not enough material again, even if the game feels great to me, I don't understand what Catalyst wants to do with it. Time is really long since the base game release.

I've heard others express similar feelings about the extra Basic Cards, but let's break this expansion down by the numbers.

It adds: 
    30 Black Market Cards to the original 60, a 50% increase
    32 Normal Obstacles to the original 40, an 80% increase
    16 Hard Obstacles to the original 40, a 40% increase
    25 New Upgrades to the original 48, a 52% increase
    0 Crossfire Cards to the original 50, a 0% increase
    More than doubles the "available" Missions, from 3 to 8

Not including the extra Basic Cards, High Caliber Ops still adds more than half of the original game and costs less than half the price.  I don't see how they could have added more content in this expansion without risking designing themselves into a corner.  This way they can see how High Caliber Ops integrates into the base game and give themselves room for future development.

As for the extra Basic Cards, I think you are right that they were filling blanks, but in a good way.  56 is a pretty standard printing batch size for cards (Poker deck is 52 + 2 Jokers + 2 Rule Cards), and printing companies normally charge significantly less to print in increments of 56.  There are 112 (or 56 x2) cards in this expansion.  80 of those cards could be considered the "meat" of this expansion.  So Catalyst had a choice:  Either cut 24 "meat" cards (and probably drop the MSRP from $25 to $20), or add 32 New Basic Cards.  I think they made the right choice.

And to add to what graven2002 said, having more basic card allow us to have multiple ready-to-play decks. One deck for a Street Samurai, one deck for a Rigger, one deck for a Mage, etc.
So no more "ok, i'm playing the Face, gimme 4 Street Smarts, 1 Quick Shot, 1 Mana and 1 Mark." You just take the Face deck. :)

How does one actually get the Crossfire game? It shows Sold-Out

and on Amazon it's like over $100

Some local gaming stores might still have copies. Mine, for example, still has one left in stock.

There is also a reprint in the works, called the Prime Runner edition (if I'm remembering correctly). The new edition will additionally include some of the changes that came about when they were developing Dragonfire. However, I don't think it will be out until mid-2018...

sorry I can't be more helpful...


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