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« on: <09-25-21/1017:33> »
Hi all :)
I'm new to Anarchy, and to being a GM. I am, however a long time fan of the SR series (started with SR2 in the mid nineties). Anarchy seems wonderful to me, as it finally allows me to be a GM in this setting I love =)

The one thing that jumped to me while reading the rulebook was the absence of the levitate spell effect. From my first read, I'm not getting a clear idea on how to balance new spell effects.

My idea would be to make it a (2/3/4) amp (hopefully that's the right term, I got the French version) with the weight that can be lifted increasing with lvels (say 2 : a person/3 : a small vehicle/4 : a big vehicle). The speed would stay limited at all levels to avoid abuse.

Does that sound right ?


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« Reply #1 on: <04-19-23/1739:35> »
I wouldn't worry about weights. I'd just say you can lift something as a narrative effect.

So it'd be 1 amp point for the spell plus 1 amp point for the spell effect, giving a level 2 amp? But it might be level 3, as I don't have my book to hand.

Additional levels would just add bonus effects (re-roll 1/2/3 dice for +1/2/3 levels, for instance).