Anarchy VS Howling Shadows, PDF VS Printed...?

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« on: <05-27-17/1015:56> »
I haven't played since third edition (bought fifth, not my cup of tea). I've purchased Anarchy and am thinking of picking up Howling Shadows for more creature options. How much conversion have people had to do to use Howling Shadows with Anarchy? If it's a lot, I might just buy the PDF and record my own converted versions. If it isn't a lot, I might spring for the printed copy.

I hope they put out more Anarchy specific material, or list Anarchy stats along with 5E in future books. <fingers crossed>


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« Reply #1 on: <06-10-17/2310:17> »
I replied to it before but the response was lost in the hacking attack.

I haven't had any issues converting Howling Shadows into Anarchy. Stats and skills are easy as can be. Shadow amps are the only things that require more thought and balancing, but I wouldn't call it difficult.