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General Discussion / Re: Sixth World Companion
« Last post by Shadowhack on Today at 13:56:02 »
It does. Thanks!
General Gaming / Re: Dunkelzahn Plushie
« Last post by tequila on Today at 13:53:55 »
Sounds like we need to support that Kickstarter for the children.
Rules and such / Re: FAQ Page
« Last post by Shadowhack on Today at 13:52:28 »
Yeah, the FAQ looks really comprehensive and combined with the companion a lot of folks could come back or start up again.
General Discussion / Re: Sixth World Companion
« Last post by Typhus on Today at 13:50:38 »
For me, it doesn't "fix" the game so much as it gives me all the tools I need to make the game what I want it to be.  To really "fix" the game CGL would need to rewrite the core book properly, incorporating all the FAQ info, and some assorted errata/improvements from other books.  Instead, I would instead say "with all the current resources, its in the best state it has been in yet, and currently very workable for the GM who doesn't mind the extra work".  If I were called upon to run it tomorrow, I could make a go of it using the Seattle version of the Core Book, the FAQ, and the 6WC.  I still see stuff in the Matrix areas that makes my head spin from all the if/then situations the FAQ discusses, but most of them probably wouldn't come up with my group. I'm hoping the Matrix book provides some simplification and variant options like we saw 6WC and Double Clutch offer.  That would leave us with improvements in all the pillars of the game. 

As to ongoing quality, the rules changes seem to be products of a very dedicated errata team.  The editing on the book is actually really strong, which suggests people have really been working to address concerns on typos etc. proactively.  In fact, I haven't found a single editing issue yet, which is very encouraging.  I would hope this represents a higher commitment to quality overall, but only time will tell.  If the Matrix book is as strong as this one, the game will be doing even better yet.  GMs will still have to go through all the books and the FAQ to make it really play smoothly for their table.  Maybe after the Matrix book comes out, someone can do a "Master Edition" that puts all the best/final rules in one place, not unlike the 4e Anniversary edition.  That would be a nice thing to do for the GMs and players both. 

Hope that helps?
Character creation and critique / Re: [6E] Excel Character Generator
« Last post by Aria on Today at 12:37:42 »
Links in the first post have been updated to Point Buy and general qualities from Sixth World Companion, enjoy!
With the optional rules in 6WC, I would also suggest that the Armor spell would work to improve any armor-as-damage-mitigation rules you might be using, since it's specifically working like armor.  Whereas Combat Sense would be affecting the Reaction side of the DR calculation, and thus would *not* affect the armor. 
General Discussion / Sixth World Companion
« Last post by Shadowhack on Today at 12:06:40 »
So it has been a while since I posted here because I had kind of given up on 6e due to all the bad reviews and the fact that I moved on to other systems. I am encouraged to see that many of the issues that were brought up as being flaws with Shadowrun have been addressed quite directly in the rules chapter of this book.

Curious about folks opinions, does this book fix the game in your view and will this be an about face for Catalyst? I mean have they re-committed to creating 'better' product for this property that we all love?
Rules and such / Re: FAQ Page
« Last post by MercilessMing on Today at 11:25:32 »
Yeah I'll concur it was very helpful.  I've been playing for 2 something years, active in the community, still learned a couple things.

yeah, the effect of shifting physical damage to stun is in effect pointless on entities that have a single, combined condition monitor.  However it's certainly a big deal to PCs, and "named" NPCs that use separate CMs.

When it comes to vehicles, don't forget they ignore stun damage that is equal to or lower than their body (and is not electrical elemental damage).  When only 1 or 2 boxes is being transmogrified into stun damage, that stun damage will in most cases be ignored.
The difference in drain between combat sense and armor is due to the type. Mana spells have less drain than physical spells.  Yes, the mana spell has the expanded effect, but in the grand scheme of things bonuses on a surprise test aren't hugely valuable because being surprised in 6e isn't that big a deal.

You are right, however, about vehicle armor.  And that's why it already has been errata'd! Vehicle armor gives hardened armor now.
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