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Character creation and critique / Re: [6E] Excel Character Generator
« Last post by Aria on <07-17-24/0417:55> »
Links updated for C6.38 with Falling Point, FastJack's Zero's Grimoire and some other minor tweaks

Dropbox: <<CG6.38>>
Errata / Re: Firing Squad Errata
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <07-17-24/0250:08> »

pg 13 - "Long Tooth" Collapsible Staff does Stun damage in staff form but Physical damage in collapsed club form. Both should probably be Stun.

Note this is separate from the bladed mode. The released errata document only addresses the blade portion of the Long Tooth.

It's been a while since I updated this... more effort required!  I've updated some of the 6E links to re-direct to the versions of the adepts on RPGx and I will try and post some more soon!
Living Campaign Discussion / Re: Missions Results
« Last post by Mycroft on <07-09-24/1319:01> »
Sorry for the delay ... we entered playtesting season and I lost my mind.

Season 9/10: The majority of runners sided with the Inagawa-kai. As we moved into the next step where teams were expected to decide between government and corp, most runs tended to focus on the corporate side of life (mainly Evo) and we found that teams were drawn to work with Kaito Nakamura. Season 9 and 10 were followed up with the CMP Neo-Tokyo Twilight (6th edition) where we really hit on the government storyline which we ran out of time to develop in 5th edition.
Forum Business / Re: Forum new registration
« Last post by FastJack on <07-09-24/0747:25> »
There are issues with the emails going out. I'm having our admin take a look to resending them. If there are any that want immediate access, PM me with their email addresses and I can manually activate them.
Forum Business / Forum new registration
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <07-08-24/1831:49> »
Is something up with registration of new forum members? I have run into at least three people complaining they are not receiving the verification e-mail after filling out the site registration form.
Thanks for the reply!

Guess I'll have to wait until I get to Gen Con to find out if I need to buy 1 book or 2.  :-\
As I understand it, Auditions was a collection of short stories that brings the characters together prior to the actual Mosaic Run.
Catalyst's Shadowrun Products / The Mozaic Run Vs Mozaic Run Auditions?
« Last post by GRUD on <07-01-24/1018:07> »
Does anyone know, is the new Novel The Mosaic Run included/part of the novel The Mosaic Run: Auditions?   ???
The Secret History / Re: The Web
« Last post by Beta on <06-30-24/2039:26> »
Wow, Beta your table's narrative is super dope. After doing something as cool as that, I might just recommend completely ignoring canon if it ever conflicts with your table's story.

The reason I prefer to stick with canon as much as possible is that my imagination has its limits, so if I have to keep thinking of things they get repetitive.  Using published material gives me a source of things that are different than what I'd think of (sure, I tweak them, but I try to keep the basics there).  But the more that my campaign veers from canon, the harder a lot of published material becomes to use.

So, for example, in my campaign Celedyr left a foundation portal into Marianne, 'just in case' -- letting the party find that was a cool moment.  BUT he's never used it, so things continue on per canon (so far).  Likewise we will do this Chicago city spirit thing, but it is possible that the spider spirit will eat another spirit and lay a young that looks like the consumed spirit (but is secretly also spider), so that that we can at least have a veneer of canon even if the party got to do their thing.
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