So what's the cost/availablity of aspected Foci?

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Aspected foci are a LOT cheaper to produce (requires resources equal to as a focus 2 grades less) so how much do they cost?   If we go on how hard they are to produce you'd just reduce the effective force by 2, but clearly Shadowrun economics doesn't work like that.  I mean look at how hard it is to produce higher level foci, they should be far more expensive compared to lower ones.  Of course in the second hand market they might be cheaper if someone can't use such a focus anymore examples:

"My foci are aspected to Seattle and I have to leave Seattle, how much?"  "I'll can give you 50K for the Power Foci tomorrow..."  "How much tonight?" 

"My aspected foci aren't working for me anymore would you like to buy them?"
"Why would I want to buy them if they don't work?" 
"Because I'm selling them 50% off and for you the chasity restriction wouldn't be such a problem."
"Excellent!  HEY WAIT!" >:(