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So, for Pacifist level 3 in Firing Squad of 6WE, You are allowed to do Stun damage, but if it spills over into Physical because the Stun Condition Monitor fills, does that mean you lose the ability to earn and use Edge for 24 hours for violating your code?
"You may not knowingly take actions that would result in inflicting Physical damage to a target, but you may still take actions that would result in inflicting Stun damage to a target." Firing Squad excerpt.
So, the easy answer would be to say No as a general rule, otherwise this level is meaningless.  However, if people kept abusing it, i.e. Use 4 point Edge Boost to add Edge to dice and full dice pool to rock a Clout spell against a target you have previously hit hard with a stun spell and fairly sure he is on his last legs, and you score 14 hits and he only resists 2, and only has 9 blocks of Physical Condition Monitor at full, and you just put him down for the count with 1 block of Overflow.


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