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Does HeroLab.Online have an exclusive license for SR?

Because they are seriously dropping the ball on Shadowrun book conversions.

Rpgframework, which makes Genesis, is doing a MUCH better job.  Technically they're licensed by Pegasus, but they do work in English and English/Catalyst rules as well as German.  And so far they have released updates with 1-2 weeks of a new book's release.

Oh, and it's FREE unlike HLO.

Genesis is indeed fantastic.

At what point can HeroLab be considered in breach of contract? It has literally been years since their last Shadowrun release. Some folks have paid for books that have never gotten released for the software. And they are still charging customers subscription fees on SR6.

Unfortunately, the subscription does not include new releases, which have to be purchased separately.

Was referring to both editions.

In 5E, there are a couple of books still not released for HeroLab, despite many folks having already paid for them in the bundles. Last Dev message was that they were being worked on, but that was in 2019.

In 6E, after the first couple of books, there similarly has been no movement on releases since 2019, even if you wanted to purchase them. Radio silence on this subject from the Devs since Jan 2020.



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