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--- Quote from: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on ---In happy news: I forgot to not use chrome when downloading.  And it worked anyway!

--- End quote ---

I noticed a few days ago, that the MSI file was the only one using HTTP instead of HTTPS for download and fixed it.
Maybe that added to the problem - or better: helped resolve it now.

Shadowrun 6 - Version 2.0.1


* SR6-739 Build Your Dream: Improved Size does not change CF value
* SR6-737 Build Your Dream: CF value taken from higher size class
* SR6-736 Build Your Dream: Functional Improvements - Electronics Modifications hangs application
* SR6-735 Missing error text for problems changing custom descriptions
* SR6-733 Foundry Export fails on Augmentations
* SR6-732 PDF-Export failed (related to vehicles/drones)Improvement

* SR6-740 Resitrct "First Aid Kit" to german rules
* SR6-738 Build your Dream: Show Size Class
* SR6-734 Enable different CF calculation for non-german players
* SR6-724 Add content from german book "Revierbericht"

As this year comes to an end, we are releasing our last update for this year (I hope so - otherwise I will have messed this up terribly).

The new version changes the way exotic weapon skills are dealt with (we now assume grouped skills like "Whips" instead of per weapon specializations like "Monofilament Whip"). We still don't support having custom weapon skills, but we introduced an "Other" specialization to help you at least buying it.

We also introduced a config option to enable or disable to rules from the errata of the third printing, With the previous version 2.0 we forced those changes on players, which lead to a lot of confusion regarding not being able to buy spells/complex forms with customization Karma. Now you can choose your way in the creation wizard.

On the extended gear pages on the PDF the weapon element got a total redesign. It is more compact and supports having custom images for each weapon (which you need to upload yourself in Genesis). It also breaks the contributing modifications to the attack rating into a neat list, so you can control the values. As a play aid we show you ca list of modified AR ratings and dice pool per firemode.

SR6-771 Creation: First level or a metamagic/echo should not be free
SR6-769 Experience Journal uses current date instead of date entered
SR6-768 Defensive pool modifier (from Combat Sense) should not be capped at +4
SR6-767 NullPointerException for weapons without specialization
SR6-764 Increasing "Astral" skill not possible for adepts with power 'Astral Perception'
SR6-758 Matrix Initiatve bonus of cyberjacks is missing
SR6-756 Correct cost of cyberware ultrasonic sensor
SR6-754 Correct capacity cost of MEMS medkit carriers
SR6-750 Add levels to nimble fingers
SR6-748 Typo on character sheet PDF output
SR6-374 Correct wrong exotic weapon skills

New Feature
SR6-770 Introduce config option to enable/disable third printing errata
SR6-753 PDF: New extended weapon display

SR6-761 Support deprecated skill specializations

SR6-766 Deutsche Beschreibungen der Edge-Handlungen
SR6-765 Support "other" exotic weapon specialization
SR6-763 PDF: Range bands on weapons element
SR6-762 Warn about having deprecated skill specializations
SR6-760 Foundry Export: Created file compatible with Foundry 0.9.x
SR6-759 Support old version of the cyberjacks 5 or 6 with higher INI bonus (for DE)
SR6-757 Add magic formulas
SR6-755 Add content from DE Adventskalender
SR6-752 List both (US and DE) version of Manriki chain
SR6-373 Reduce number of specialisations for exotic weapons skill

I wish you all a happy new year and hope to have fun with you all in 2022.

Final Release Notes - Shadowrun 6 - Version 2.2.0


SR6-788 Correct smuggling compartment
SR6-787 PDF: Don't show metamagics on matrix page or echoes on magic page
SR6-785 Increase skilljack soft limit to rating x4 to enable wifi use
SR6-784 Several item corrections
SR6-783 Foundry JSON: Not compatible anymore with latest Foundry V9.242
SR6-782 Added MEMS harness as standalone item
SR6-729 PDF shows echos on magic page and initate arts on echos page
SR6-684 Correct Karma cost for languages


SR6-791 PDF: Add Shadowrun plugin version in footer
SR6-789 Add content from german magazine "Schattenload" 2022-01 Wirtz Atlas
SR6-786 Add license for heavy armor
SR6-39 Informationen about creation in character

Version 2.2.3


SR6-827 Correct essence cost of cycbereyes 5
SR6-826 Metahuman adaption should not cost slot for close combat weapons
SR6-824 Foundry JSON: Base initiative exported as modifier - effectivly doubles INI
SR6-822 PDF: Wrong attribute for Stealth on extended vehicle table
SR6-821 NPEs when printing extended gear pages with vehicles
SR6-819 Error when saving custom text on Overview, Magic or Action page
SR6-818 Echoes using Submersion Grade as rating even when they should not
SR6-794 Machine Mind echo adds rigger control with rating of current submersion grade instead rating 1


SR6-825 Add content from Kechibi Code
SR6-820 Add content from Schattenload 2022-02 HK 223 Series


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