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The low accuracy on a lot of Krime weapons had kept me away from them.  But I was just finishing off a rigger and realized that in some circumstances drones use their sensor rating instead of the weapon accuracy,  at which point who cares about the weapon accuracy?   And if you are using the Swarm program, the Swarm gets +1 limit per additional drone in the Swarm.  Small, cheap, drones can't carry larger guns, so the high damage of a lot of Krime weapons fits into this strategy perfectly.

And speaking of drones, the Krime Screamer doesn't list a drone size, more use the Rigger 5 style indication of available body for modification.   I'm thinking that with the body of 2 it would be a small drone, and that the speakers would take up one mod slot so it would be body 2(1).

Make sense?


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