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Nope, the Novel "Technobabel" makes it clear: The Elf is NOT Leonardo da Vinci, just an immortal elf obsessed with Leonardo da Vinci.

Really? Figures, one of the three novels I haven't read...  ::)

@doc, @Irian, It's working for the people that are a: usurping the "Ligitimate people's government" this is a communism-based-tradition after all, and b: killed every other person following this particular tradition.

Working for them is really violating something... I wouldn't call it a code of conduct, but it certainly comes close.

Walks Through Walls:
You could do the run and double cross them at the exchange. I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't their intent. I also like the idea of going after your focus instead.

What type of focus is it? I mean power, summoning, spell casting etc. Could your character do without it for a while (not that this would be my first choice)

Pray to your mentor spirit for guidance on how to do the right thing and get your focus back.

Hope these ideas help you

Yeah that's the plan, Walks.

It's a power focus, namely an actual hammer and sickle (Subtlety? Whazzat?). It'd be nice to have back, but yeah I can deal without it for a few runs. They have the focus, mostly because it was confiscated when the last run went sour. I had to burn TWO points of edge to survive it.


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