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Title: [SR6] How to Increase Rigger's Initiative
Post by: j2klbs on <10-29-20/2047:39>
A rigger running in hot VR will roll 3d6 initiative.  But I want to get to the 5d6 cap.  How can it be done?  I follow Banshee's matrix guidelines preventing the simultaneous use of cyberdecks and RCC's, so I can't use the bonus initiative dice that comes with a cyberdeck.

I don't think wired reflexes or synaptic boosters would work in the Matrix since those modify your body and the Matrix is purely of the mind.  I suppose there are spells, but in my mind a rigger should not have to also be or rely on a mage.

I'm not aware of anything else that could add extra dice.  Can anyone else think of something?  Or are riggers forever doomed to be slower than their decker counterparts?
Title: Re: [SR6] How to Increase Rigger's Initiative
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <10-29-20/2051:55>
Well, remember if you're Jumping in you don't need a RCC.  Autosofts won't matter anyway, although the Noise Reduction is still nice.


When the Rigger and/or Matrix books come out, I'd imagine there will be more options.