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>>>>>[Does he go around lookin' for something to jack in to? <har-har>]<<<<<
     -- Bear (21:19:47/09-04-72)

>>>>>[It's so nice to see the respect of the youth today.  A slight word of advice: pay attention.  You just might learn something.]<<<<<
     -- Nomad (23:06:53/09-04-72)

>>>>>[Woah, funky formatting.  This is a bit different than ShadowSEA,
     Anyway, I'm intern down at the Governor's office.  Apparently there's some big push by the meta-rights groups going on.  Anyone know what that's all about?]<<<<<
     -- Legal Eagle (10:50:25/09-05-72)

Caine Hazen:
>>>>>[Tauren, you dropped soemthing while we were getting off that island.  Forgot to give it back to you on the boat ride home.  Drop me a message, I'll get it back to you!  We should do a trip like that again!]<<<<<
     -- Stevesie(12:54:12/09-05-72)

>>>>>[Any idea when MagickNet is going back up? I need to compare some notes on some AmerInd pottery shards I recently found, and my local lodge doesn't have the information I need - and I highly doubt the local universities are going to let a Poor Ork Boy look at their files.]<<<<<
     -- Texas Tarantula(10:54:11/09-05-72)


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