Zoe Heritage Modifications

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« on: <06-14-21/1751:28> »
When buying the Zoe Heritage weapons, it's pretty clear in its wording regarding having built-in custom grips and also metahuman adaptation, but then it follows it up with "these weapons can add two additional modifications of the userís choice at no additional cost."

Is that supposed to mean that they have the ability to fit two more modifications, or that you can spend 200 nuyen on a blade and get dikote and smart materials (over 1100 nuyen combined value) for free?

Also all of the heritage line prices seem really low but they're melee weapons so who cares?
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« Reply #1 on: <06-17-21/1741:57> »
The prices are stupidly low for something that claims to be custom made to the design needs of the buyer.  A personalized grip alone should cost at least that much.