[6e] Critter/Spirit Confusion power

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« on: <05-16-21/2228:01> »
In my printed book (lacking errata), there's a test specified for the Confusion power (p.222).

In my PDF, which seems to include the latest errata, the test details have been removed.  It says "Any net hits" but no longer says what you're rolling and what it's resisted by.  It also states the effect of the spell twice, saying the target gets Dazed and Confused (net hits) statuses, and separately saying they get the Dazed status and a -1 pool for any actions per net hit (e.g. the same thing using different words).

I think the wrong sentence was removed in the errata process. I think the intent was to replace the "dazed and -1 pool" sentence with "dazed and confused" but instead the "Magic+Willpower vs Willpower+Logic" sentence was replaced with "dazed and confused".

Maybe this power description could be revisited in any future errata?

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« Reply #1 on: <05-16-21/2252:25> »
Yep, the wrong sentence got removed.

It's a known issue. A fix is in the works.
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« Reply #2 on: <05-18-21/1746:34> »
Yup, wrong sentence. I covered it in If you correct it to replace the right sentence, it should become this:

"This power causes the target to become indecisive, forgetful and befuddled. The critter makes an Opposed test using its Magic + Willpower against the target's Willpower + Logic. If the critter scores any net hits, the target character gains the Dazed status and the Confused status at a rating equal to the net hits."
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