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The Found Arcana Chapter 2

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--- Quote from: Lorebane24 on ---I'd be down with moving it.  Also, I've been reading along.  Just waiting on everyone to get into the backroom before Ginsburg introduces himself.

--- End quote ---

If I understand correctly everyone at RPG Playroom so let's move there for the next scene once we conclude the negotiation.  I created us a folder to play in

Looks like the table code doesn't work on RPG Playroom the same way it does here. It will take me a while to clean up my sheet and make it more legible.

@Tecumseh @Jack_Spade In the name of getting things moving, I'm inclined to have Jawsey basically take the offer,, even if I don't like it (and Jawsey certainly doesn't like it)  The offer assumes that:
a) the other side in all of this is bringing money to buy the card, rather than just planning on stealing it, and
b) that we'll be able to keep the other side's bagman from escaping with the money.

However the group is a little desperate for work, and I'm sure we all want to get on to more exciting things.  So hopefully you guys are OK with a final negotiate roll (any benefit probably showing up in goods from Gao's), and get on with it?  Otherwise we can push for an entirely different deal.  (in a face-to-face game I'd be more willing to push back more, but it sucks up so much time in PbP).

ETA: negotiate roll:
neg with Gao: 13d6t5 4

@Lorebane: Ginsburg will have to speak for himself on taking the offer.  Although if he has negotiate he could either try to neg his own side sweetener, or teamwork with Jawsey.

You're the face; you can negotiate for as much or as little as you want. I just thought that a discount or some free goods might be a way to sweeten the pot without breaking Gao's bank. Mato isn't going to benefit from it either way so he's fine if you want to accept the deal as-is, it's just not what he would expect the face to do.

Yah, first time that I've played a Face in a remotely normal game.  I'm finding myself at "As a Face, Jawsey should be pushing for more, and I should be playing out this negotiation" versus "Can we just get a move on? This doesn't involve anyone else and it turns out Negotiations don't really interest me much either."


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