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The Found Arcana Chapter 2

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Yes, I edited it. Sorry, a brain fart. Selling it for 25k, and the 10k profit is yours to keep.

btw, just tryin to role-play the negotiations a bit, but willing to speed things along soon.  I see Jawsey less as the hard edged, demanding, negotiator, and more the kind who just tries to make his point of view seem so reasonable that it is hard to disagree with it.

I believe it is time to roll negotiation.  If I understand, correctly you are four as AM is on an errand.  So the current offer is 2.5k per person, with an option for 3.75k per person if you rob the buyer from the card, or prevent him from getting to the meet.

Gao has 3 hits - you need to score more than that to sweeten the deal. Whereas Bobby suggested, the additional pay can be talismonger goods.

Alright, Jawsey, work your magic.

You can roll cooperation if you wish.


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