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The Found Arcana Chapter 2

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Account is made.

I'm a bit confused and wanted to clarify. Here's what I'm getting from the IC thread:

Party A - the seller of the card
Party B - Amanda Green, Gau's client, who wants the card
Party C - Gau, who sounds like he's acting as a middleman between Party A and Party B
Party D - the party that wants the card, has threatened Gau, and intends to meet with Party A to buy the card in Gau's place
Party E - the PCs, who are being hired to ensure that the party A sells to us/Gau so that Gau can sell to Party B/ Amanda Green

It sounds like Gau is giving us 15K to purchase the card from Party A and ensure that Party D doesn't interfere, so that Gau can sell the card to Party B/Amanda. That's my interpretation of the situation. If that's correct, that means we haven't negotiated our agency's fee for our services yet. Am I tracking things accurately?

Yes you are correct:

Gau wants you to acquire the card and give it to A.

Gau did not discuss compensation yet, you get the money to get the card.  Though, you can, of course, try to get paid more, by keeping the 15k, and robbing D after the sell.

I posted IC before reading the posts above.  I was also a bit confused by Gao dancing around the topic of how we get paid, so Jawsey made his own proposal ;-)   (I don't expect it to play out that way, but it seemed like "we make all the profit" was a good opening bid)

Latest IC post makes it sound like Gau is buying the card for 15K and selling it for 10K. Is that correct? I suppose Gau could be trying to curry favor with Amanda Green by selling it to her at below-market rates.

Edit: Looks like gilga edited the post so that we're selling to Amanda for 25k and keeping the 10k difference for ourselves.

It seems like part of the assumption for our payment is that we relieve Party D of the 15K that they bring with them to the meet with Party A.


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