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The Found Arcana Chapter 2

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I'll be happy to have you, but I expect more commitment than what you showed as a GM, you can't just disappear for weeks.

and yes I'll be happy to get what notes you have and see if I can build around them.

That's very fair.  Looking back, I think my activity really started dropping off when I felt like combat was imminent, because I had no idea how to GM one in a pbp format.

Alright, pass me the notes make a character you like using your own house rules, and I'll try to have a game running shortly.

@Tecumseh from looking at your charsheet you seem to have paid twice for palming (so you should probably get 1 additional karma).

Wow, sharp eyes. I'm impressed you caught that.

One of those instances of "Palming" should say "Armorer". The karma spent is correct, but what I spent it on was wrong.

I didn't explicitly state it but the purchased specializations break my Close Combat skill group into the individual skills.

I already have the team's Ford Americar on my sheet. Should I put the Dodge Xenon on my sheet too?

Mato would agree with AM that there's no advantage to selling it now. The only concern is that our shared lifestyle on has a garage for one car, not for two. We can park it elsewhere, as leaving it on the streets of Redmond is probably a bad idea.


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