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Anna shrugged as she got dressed and then texted bnc again:

>> You are mocking me again, this is getting frustrating I am not as smart as you and I think you would look good in pants-suit. We are in Be Nice Cutie all over again.

We need to get people to sell us a boathouse at a fixed price. They do not care about money - so why us?

They care about something other than money but what might that be?  You are the smart one I am sure you have some ideas. 

Now if you eliminate all the competition with your matrix magic - then sure no problem. I'll seat by your side and be your hand candy if this is what you like. 

As a backup plan meet Beckie. The flirty and eager to please assistant.  She really wants to make the purchase to impress her boss - the head of purchasing.  If she pleases him, she will not be just an abstractor for long. Her career is moves forward and the sky are the limit. Like many other ambitious cooperate girls Beckie will do ANYTHING to make sure things happens her way. Her career is EVERYTHING to her...

Can you pretend that you are not a criminal at the edge of society but a normative person for just a day?

Existing the conference room she shrugs "I am done, whose next?".  She thinks "They see me as a joke, especially bnc, dammit."

<<i didnt mean to tell you that. dont ask if u r afraid of the answer.
that being said ive got no intention to fight. just lemme tell u 1 thing honey. u sure have trained smooth talking in some communication workshop or so. i recognize the patterns. concessions, compliments, creation of  a mutual identity. u know all the fancy stuff u learn from psychologists communication trainers and teachers. i learned that stuff too. i guess i had way more to do with psychologists than you ll have to in ur entire life. u know y.
now take an advice. this biz u wont smoothtalk anyone with that. u compell with professionalism and competence. u impressed me with witty answers yesterday. bit kinky. bit nasty. bit nice. well balanced. today its too chocolate and icecream. to sweet, i cant stomach that. cuz itn not real and i had a stomach full of fake bullshit. instead impress me with competence.
i ll take a shower then cum to ur room. there u can undress & redress me like the barbie dolls u seem to love so much.

">> Well you make it sound like a drug deal but fine. I hope that my grooming skills impress you more than my sweet tongue" She texts and then leave to her room.  Anna is a bit pissed off, she will wait for bnc and play her guitar in the meanwhile as it always relaxes her.  "Yo can do it, Yael" she thinks.

<<old habits die hard i guess>>

Roughly half an hour later there's a knock-knock on Anna's door.

Anna gets up from her bed and opens the door, It kind of feels like an odd date for her.
"Ruty nice of you to come by... " she said.


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