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bnc toasts with her straw, "On mindfuck!", and draws in her line. She wipes her nose with the back of her hand and exhales one swift breath. Then the spell hits her.
"Jeeez... I sure am addicted to life!"
She flashes a grin, already showing signs of the combination of Ket, the spell and a portion of placebo. "Now, have you been a good girl and behaved?", she asks with a kinky grin.

Anna felt the excitement as well as other sensations that she did not recognize. "I have been a very naughty girl. What are you going to to do about it?" she said, and gently pushed bnc in a play of provocation.

bnc forces herself to a smile. Then her voice gets commanding:
"Kneel.", then:
"Do what you can best."

Anna dropped to her knees, "Yes, Sprinklers..." she says, she reaches out with her hands and stroke bnc's legs and then take her shoes off. She felt a strange form of excitement rushing through her veins."Seat here, I'll be right back..." she hinted to the super comfortable decker seat. Anna brought a towel, a bowl of water and washed bnc's legs. She began massaging the legs with dedication while kneeling on the floor by the chair.

"Oh wow, is this how you do it with men? I could get used to it..."

bnc eases herself into the seat and closes her eyes. "This sure is different from anything I experienced so far..."


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