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--- Quote from: Anna --->> Should I make Beckie less flirty and more all business?<<
--- End quote ---

<@Anna <How about less giggly-girlishly? We're not buying a barbie dream palace but a boat house. Also, the target is married. Try not to piss his wife off.>

>> his wife is hetro-flexible... just saying... I'll tune it down a bit though I do not want to see that face again. Is that German you are speaking? 
So you still want me to dress you up?

>>u sure u wanna know what you got that face 4?

yah it was. i'm austrian, and he's bavarian. devil knows why we both use german standard.

guess it can't be helped, nestcepas? u think i look chinky in a pantsuite?

>>I am sure that you will tell me anyhow...  but I use what I have to get what I want.
Austria... You are long way from home Ruth, I am originally from here, never actually left the city.
Schmidt sure has some soft spot for you though...  and I was promised a nova hot decker, so you better look chinky.

My place or yours?

With that Anna walked to Mike that showed her how to scan her measurements, she did so in the conference room and hoped that she was not recorded. Who knows how sophisticate the security was in that place was. Then again... there was so much perv material in the trix that should she even care? With her measurements taken Anna could now select what she likes from a catalog and by the remote familiarity of the rest of the runners, with the life style of SINers she may have the pleasure of clothing many of the rest as well...

"What a day... being hired with so many digits pay day and the first thing that I am needed for is a makeover...  Who would have imagined"

<<u asked for it. be a good barbie doll and keep ur girly talk to u. if u want sthg ask for it. but keep ur it is nice of u to notice, it will all be soooo fun crap to urself. this is a shadowrun not a fashion party.
that being said i appreciation your superiority in this field. not without some sarcasm if u failed to notice.

ah btw chinky means shitty. so i hope i dont look like crap.>>


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