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>>>>>[These days, given what I pull in through various other means, that cool mil would be the minimum to get me to the meet.]<<<<<
   -- Predator (15:11:08/01-24-2078)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[It'd be nice if I was in that situation. But I need money something awful.]<<<<<
                                 --Black Bart (15:15:43/01-25-78)

>>>>>[Im not taking a cut. This is my fault and while I wouldnt expect those who don't follow the Dragonslayer to understand I am honorbound to take the job without pay. If all of us here agree thay would place a 250000 for a a crew of 5.]<<<<<
   -- Vexboy (03:48:34/01-24-78)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[Hell, I don't need that much. Fifty thou and I'm way in. As long as some good legwork and we know where the Mom is. I don't wanna go against Tamanous if we don't know she's even there. I can case a few places if need be. Get a decker and our magical areas covered.]<<<<<           
                               --Black Bart (15:58:45/01-25-2078)

>>>>>[Frag it. If he'll take 50 grand, then I'll go in for the rest of his share added to the base share.]<<<<<
   -- Kensai (16:03:12/01-24-2078)


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