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Sorry for the delay I was trying to give Switch as much time as possible without going over the 1 day limit for posting characters... Please tell me if its okay
Name: River Bhatt
Alias: Monkey
Race: Harumen (50BP)
Nationality: Indian
Lifestyle: Middle (2 Months 10,000)
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description:
He is a harumen so his body is covered with fur, he's 1.15m and around 110lbs. His tail is usually hidden under his lined coat or curled around in his auctioneer business clothes.
Personality/background: He is a friendly outgoing guy who puts his genetic and magical inclinations to use as a thief and burglar. He moved from Indian recently to move up to shadowrunning from minor thefts he enjoys the challenge. He grew up being shunned in India and moved around a lot from place to place hiding and stealing what he needed.


Body: 4
Agility: 4
Reaction: 4
Strength: 4
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 3
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3
Edge: 3
Magic: 4
Essence: 6
Initiative: 6

Positive Qualities: Adept 5BP
 Setae (10BP)
Martial Art (Muay Thai) 5BP (+1 DV)
  Finishing Move (2BP)
Negative Qualities:

Adept Powers:
Eidetic Sense Memory .5
Traceless Walk 1
Critical Strike lvl 2. .5
Killing Hands .5
Elemental Strike (Electricity) .5
Gliding 1

Active Skills: 118
Athletics Group 4 (40BP)
Outdoors Group 2 (20BP)
Perception 2 (8BP)
Infiltration 3 (12 BP)
Shadowing 3 (12BP)
Unarmed 4 +2 Muay Thai (18 BP)

Knowledge Skills: 18 Free
Modern Security Systems : 3
Lone Star Procedure: 3
Seattle Gangs : 3
Martial Arts Dojos in Seattle: 3
Indian Beliefs and culture : 3
Language Skills:
Indian : N
English : 3
Gear 39,450 (including Lifestyle) 8BP with:
Fake SIN Rating 4 : 4,000
Transys Avalon Commlink (4/4) 5,000
Novatech Navi OS ( 3/4) 1,500
AR Gloves 250
Chameleon Suit 8,000
Auctioneer Buisness Suit 1,500
Maglock Passkey Rating 4 8,000
Autopicker Rating 6 1,200
The Exchange 3/2
Fixer 2/3

Race : 50BP
Attributes: 200BP
Positive Qualities 22 BP
Active Skills 110
Contacts 10
Gear 8

5th player. Nice. Welcome, monkey boy. :D

a monkey, an orc, a giant, and two humans, one of which is a catholic priest. Ya we won't stick out at ALL!  ;)

Lol. That's what I know.  ;)

At least three of us can blend in somewhat. But a Giant and a Monkey Man... lol. That's gonna be a bit more tough.

Luckily there are some equally strange people on the street.

Walks Through Walls:
Looks good Tobias.


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