Recoil and Drones

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IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, which is a percentile.  An IQ of 100 represents average intelligence considering all humans, everywhere.  So an IQ of 100 is typical intelligence.  IQ of 70 (70% of normal) is borderline retardation, whereas 140 (140% of normal) is borderline genius (or actual genius, depending on who you ask).

There is no top end to the IQ scale, but there is a bottom (i.e. 0=braindead).  So someone could theoretically have an IQ of 300 (300% of normal).

I would have addon RC systems stack with BOD RC from vehicles.  This will ensure that mounted vehicle weapon systems will always (or almost always) be more stable than footsloggers.
There is no overkill.

Only "Open fire" and "I need to reload."