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Title: Ainu and Okinawan minorities in Neo-Tokyo
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <07-11-18/1440:39>
I'd like to revisit this ( old thread for a SRM context.

I don't think anything new has been published since that discussion, and it remains unanswered.  But it has much more impending relevance than it did back in 2013.

So what of the non-ethnic Japanese minorities in the Japanese Imperial State?  I'd imagine that if they went by way of the aboriginal peoples of North America and Siberia we'd have evidence of their new states, so a lack of information there is probably a safe assumption that nothing of the sort happened. 

OTOH while we don't have evidence of any genocidal purging of non Japanese in Japan, we do have the example of the purging of Metahumans.  So it honestly seems a very up in the air kind of question about how nonmetahuman, non ethnic Japanese Japanese citizens were treated. 

What would have happened to them in light of the Yamato Act prior to Yasuhito?  Is it best to assume for PC background purposes that any Ainu or Ryuku characters suffered similarly to metahumans, even if not confined to Yomi Island or subjected to deportation to San Francisco?
Title: Re: Ainu and Okinawan minorities in Neo-Tokyo
Post by: Jayde Moon on <07-19-18/1120:29>
Remember that NA was the result of a few major events.  I'm not as familiar with Siberia.

With the growth of magic and the realization of many animist beliefs as being grounded in truth, the ainu have likely experienced a resurgence and gained some measure of prestige, focused around Hokkaido.  There presence in Neo-Tokyo is likely minimal, though it's not impossible that they have representation in the diet, especially given the Emperor's reformative actions.

Ryukuan groups may be trying to leverage more recognition, but given the history, it's less likely that has gained much traction.

In either case, I don't think an Ainu or Ryukuan heritage is given much thought to folks living in Neo-Tokyo unless that individual is an agitator.

This is mostly my observation, not hard canon.