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Huh... was sure there was mention of it in Run & Gun... but it only talked about fixing melee weapons. I can't recall in what book, but somewhere I do remember hearing about guns losing accuracy if used in melee without melee hardening.
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Yup, Bayonets are a longarm attachment only. And while Melee Hardening is mentioned in Gun H(3)aven they never actually got around to quantifying it in the rules... it wasn't done in Gun H(3)aven because it was assumed to be done later in Run & Gun, then they never did it in Run & Gun.


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I honestly think something like this would work better:

instead of a weapon that just makes me think of this

Or you could just bite the proverbial bullet and go straight for one of these.

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Ignoring FF8 pic....

The problem with the blade at the bottom of the grip is blocks quick access to the magazine. The small blade under the barrel might through balance off a bit. It can be done though, but it takes up the place where the light or laser sight sits.
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Agreed. This looks like a 'training wheels' edition, that you can use to introduce someone to the setting, and then shift over to something like 5E or 4E. Like how D&D 5E is best used as training wheels for D&D 3.X.

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Mostly the biggest idea of the character was to be able to eat up bullets, I had thoughts of possibly using the murder armor with its gore packs to make the character really frightening. You shoot him, he bleeds, blood everywhere.. but he keeps going. Needs more work I guess. I think also higher body score.. cause penetration doesn't help against a hi body character with low armor as much as it helps against a low body with high armor.
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