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Status: Currently Running: Urban Brawl
Availibility: Can post every day, some days are a little more limited than others but overall I have a fair amount of time to post.
Books: All
Archetype: All. I love Technomancers, not too hot on riggers or mundane hackers but I'm not picky.

Characters: I have 20+ characters that are ready-to-play or can be made ready-to-play in a very short amount of time or modified to fit a particular setting, play style, or gen requirement.

I have a demolitions character I've been wanting to play but I'm happy with any kind of character.

Go ahead and PM me if you've got an opening :)
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Firewall Character Sheet


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Status: Looking for Work!
Availability: Got plenty of time to post. I can at least post once a day if not more if people are actively posting back and forth that day. Busier during weekends because that's when I play Shadowrun/DnD in real life.
Books: The aniversry addition of the core rule book and a good number of the supplements.
Characters: I have Three characters.  A gunslinger (guy who uses pistols and good infiltrating), A magician (he's got a more combat spells than anything) Orc gunner (guy who has firearms 4, no contact's and amnesia)

A note you should probably know is i'm new to shadowrun, but i do have experience with RPing. I run a Starwars RP board for about 5 years and I like to write on my free time as well as play tabletop games. So i'm no newbie in that regard. I also made these three characters while being mostly new so they aren't overly optimized except maybe the Gunslinger who has the highest dice pool i've made which is for shooting his pistols. (20 dice - 27 if i use edge) I would love to play some games to experience Shadowrun more because as a DM i believe I am lacking a good portion of knowledge on Shadowrun and would like to up my game a bit. Best way is through immersion in my experience.

Code names:
Zilfer (Real name: Garn Trump) (Race: Human gunslinger)
Scythe (Real name: Undetermined) (Race: Human Mage)
Orik (Real name: He doesn't remember) (Race: Orc. Funny name no?)

If you have room for me just PM me and I'll discuss with you send you my character sheet and whatever else we need to do to get that out of the way. :D Look forward to playing with some of you guys! (I also have AIM and MSN that you could contact me on but your best bet is AIM or to PM me. AIM Screen name is : Mathew225
Having access to Ares Technology isn't so bad, being in a room that's connected to the 'trix with holographic display throughout the whole room isn't bad either. Food, drinks whenever you want it. Over all not bad, but being unable to leave and with a Female Dragon? No Thanks! ~The Captive Man

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« Reply #47 on: <10-14-11/0248:48> »

Commitment: Can post once per day +

Preferred Archetype: Would like to try an esoteric character such as a ghoul adept. I'm fascinated with a ghoul at the tipping point between losing it totally and going feral vs clawing his way back to sanity and functionality. I have two possible narratives in mind for this char, depending on the treatment he receives from running companions and some other factors.


Mr Scraps is a huge troll vagrant the homeless population of Seattle holds in quiet awe. He trusts no one but a local street doc who seems to be able to get him to work as brute labor from time to time - and, infrequently, as a debt collector or muscle for hire.

Scraps is a ghoul troll adept, made with 400 bp, SR4, SM, RC. He's a decent beatstick but more of a tank in that while he certainly can deal damage, he's more optimized for taking damage. He's got good potential for longer term play but isn't actually all that optimized as he enters play with 400bp.

Full sheet to come when I get it formatted

Strikes again!


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Name: Fenris Greybeard
Alias: Thunderhead
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male
Nationality: German
Lifestyle: Medium
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description:
Stocky dwarf wearing a chainmail coif and a shoulder holster sporting a vintage Colt 1911. Has a thick grey and black beard, medium weathered complexion, and bright, dark eyes. His front teeth have been replaced by black metal replacements. Overall features appear to be rather predatory, almost wolfish. Fenris was born in the year 2020, and therefore is one of the older dwarves around.
Usually has a cautious, dark expression, and tends to grumble in a deep voice. He rarely raises his voice in anger among his friends, as he treats his companions as pack mates. When engaged in a fight, however, he can be brutally fierce, and often has a hard time breaking off even when outnumbered. His loud, booming voice is often heard over the fray.

Fenris is from the area known as Alsace-Lorraine, a region between Germany and France. He has long been a druid in the region, protecting native beasts and populace against paranormal creatures that would seek to upset the balance of nature. This includes such abominations as Loup-Garou, vampires, and their brethren. This also includes any who would seek to pollute or otherwise spoil the land, with exceptional animosity towards toxic and insect shamans.

He is a mystic adept druid who follows the totem of Morrigan, the Terrible Queen. When speaking with his mentor spirit, she takes the form of a giant black wolf, aiding him in both Combat and Beast spells. Fenris has incorporated traditional Celtic blacksmithing into his Druidic studies, and incorporates this into his armor, fetishes, foci, and even his spells.

Fenris is an accomplished Beastmaster, and has brought several of his most trusted animals with him to Seattle. This includes a rare Merlin Hawk, who has the ability to cast any of the Detection or Illusion spells with ease, and also includes his pack mate, a huge Fenrir Wolf who is his constant companion. Fenris has been known to cast illusion spells on his faithful pet in order to disguise his true nature. Sometime after arriving in Seattle, a Blackberry Cat found his home inviting and made herself at home.

Fenris has always had problems with technology, likely a result of the wild magic coursing through his blood. His magic is used to shape the will of beasts and metal, and this chaotic energy causes modern devices to spring to pieces in his presence. The only device he allows himself is his commlink, and he only uses it when necessary due to the high costs of constantly having it fixed. His weapon is a vintage Colt 1911 .45 Automatic, which were made on ancient metalworking machines long before the age of nanoforges and smart materials.

During his training to become a druid, he was exposed to the HMHVV-infected blood of ghouls and other Infected creatures, which helps him to attune his senses when hunting them. This had the unfortunate side effect of making Fenris permanently allergic to silver.

He is fairly new to the city of Seattle, having followed a particularly powerful ghoul to the city all the way from Germany. He may plan to return to his native lands in the future, but for now he is more than content to see what the world has to offer him in both wisdom and wealth.



Positive Qualities
Mystic Adept (+10)
Mentor Spirit (Wolf) (+5)
Animal Empathy (+10)
Spirit Affinity (Beasts) (+10)

Negative Qualities
Gremlins 3 (-15)
Computer Illiterate (-5)
Spirit Bane (Toxic) (-10)
Allergy (uncommon, mild) (Silver) (-5)

Active Skills
Animal Husbandry Skill Group         1
Animal Handling1
Animal Training1
Vet Tech1
Magical Skills
Combat/Other Skills

Knowledge Skills (21 free points)
Street Knowledge - Environmentalist Groups2
Street Knowledge - Smuggling Routes2
Academic Knowledge - HMHVV Infected3
Academic Knowledge - Paracritters3
Academic Knowledge - Botany2
Academic Knowledge - Ancient Mythology2
Interest Knowledge - Blacksmithing2
Language Skills

Adept Powers
Animal Empathy (4)1+4 dice to all animal-related rolls
Astral Perception1Dual-natured being

Magical Tradition
Tradition: Druidic
Magic (Mage/Adept): 3/2

Combat: Beast
Detection: Water
Health: Plant
Illusion: Air
Manipulation: Earth

Willpower + Intuition

Spell Listing
Control PackMLOSS6-
Borrow SenseMTS2-
Increase ReflexPTS5-
Metal AuraPLOSS6Requires Fetish
Metal GrenadePTI7Requires Fetish
Focus Binding - F2 Power Focus
Focus Binding - F3 Sustaining Focus (Illusion)

All foci and fetishes are wrought iron beads worn in Thunderhead’s beard

Gear (124,660¥)
Colt 1911 (Vintage) w/ extended mag1500¥
90 rounds regular ammo180¥
90 rounds EX-EX ammo900¥
45 rounds silver ammo1125¥
Chain Shirt900¥
Form Fit Body Armor (Full Suit)1600¥
   Nonconductivity (3)600¥
   Fire Resistance (3)300¥
Iris Orb1000¥
Novatech Airwave1250¥
Earbuds (r3)30¥
Subvocal Mike50¥
Sim Module100¥
Power Focus (r2)50000¥
Sustaining Focus (Illusion) (r3)30000¥
Fetish (Combat)200¥
Fetish (Manipulation)300¥
Merlin Hawk8000¥
Fenrir Wolf14000¥
Blackberry Cat1000¥
Fake SIN (4)4800¥
Fake SIN (1)1200¥
Lifestyle (Med) - 1 month prepaid5375¥

Smiley (Fixer)3/3
Hatcher (Talismonger)2/2

Build Point totals:  220 (attrib) +25 (Dwarf) +35 (pos qual) -35 (neg qual) +94 (skills) +26 (spells) +10 (contacts) +25 (resources)

Animal Companions

Canis lupus aesiri

Habitat: Forests

Range: Germany, Scandinavia, and far Eastern Europe

Frequency: Uncommon

Identification: The fenrir wolf is a large canine, standing 150 centimeters tall with a length of 220 centimeters. It can weigh up to 150 kilograms. It has short, dense fur that can be white, cream, red, brown, grey, black, or a mottled pattern mix. It has well-developed canines and curved claws. Females are typically smaller than males.

Habits: The fenrir wolf is the Awakened version of the common European wolf. It is a nocturnal carnivore that hunts in packs of six to eight members. It is fearless, and it attacks all manner and sizes of targets. It is territorial, and packs have fought over territory, though deaths are infrequent. It is highly resistant to magic, strong beyond its size, able to crush bone in its jaws, and the most feared predator in Europe. Farmers hire armed security to protect cattle from roving packs.

Fenrir wolf packs have both an alpha male and an alpha fe- male. Females can have up to six pups in a den that is dug among bushes or rocks. While the male will bring home food for the caring female and pups, he will also kill off weaker pups or entire litters if necessary so that only the strongest join the pack. Fenrir wolves have a lifespan of 10 years.

The numbers of fenrir wolves are kept low by a shortage of suitable habitat and hunting. As with the golden boar, the German government’s protection of the Black Forest and Saeder-Krupp’s species protection program has helped stabilize fenrir wolf numbers, though not without some resistance. S-K has also worked out a breeding program to produce fenrir wolves for security. The corporation takes pups that would have otherwise been killed by an alpha male. Such security animals fetch a high price on the market, as it’s almost impossible to tame a wild fenrir.


Movement: 15/60
Skills: Counterspelling 3, Infiltration 2, Intimidation 2, Perception 3, Shadowing 3, Tracking 3, Unarmed Combat 4
Powers: Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Low-Light Vision, Smell), Fear, Magical Guard (Self ), Natural Weapon (Claws/Bite: DV 6P,AP1)

Stop Attacking / Don’t Attack - “Sperre”
Attack - “Anfall”
Fear/Intimidate - “Angst”

Falco velox
Habitat: Fields and light forests

Range: In Europe, the northern British Isles and Tír na nÓg in the spring and southern France in the winter. In North America, the northeastern region of the continent in spring and the southern region in the winter.

Frequency: Uncommon

Identification: The merlin hawk measures a half-meter in length with a meter wingspan and weighs an average of 4 kilograms. Males have a blue-grey back and wing feathers with a reddish brown underbelly. The females are dark brown with a tan underbelly. Both have a strong eye stripe, with a reddish tinge in males. Males change colors during the spring to red with a white spotted chest.

Habits: The merlin hawk is the Awakened version of the common merlin (Falco columbarius). While the merlin can be considered two different species—North American and European variants— the merlin hawk appears to be one species that was simultaneously Awakened on both continents.

The merlin hawk is a carnivorous diurnal predator, hunting small rodents and birds. It is also known to eat devil and demon rats. It is territorial, and it uses its extraordinary speed to drive all other birds of prey from its territory.

Males and females live as mated pairs from spring to winter. Breeding pairs also hunt cooperatively, as one flushes out prey animals towards the mate. Males compete with complex aerial dances to attract females and resolve disputes.

Merlin hawks sometimes take over an abandoned nest in- stead of making their own nests in trees or grassy hills—especially in Europe. The female will have four ruddy brown eggs at a time. The male will provide food for her and the chicks. Chicks become fledglings in 30 days, and they will be dependent upon their parents for up to four weeks. Older siblings sometimes help their parents feed and protect fledglings.

The merlin hawk has been noted to be magically active and capable of casting spells and summoning spirits. They appear to use these talents only when threatened or provoked. Because of this magical activity, some believe that the merlin hawk is sapient, as it does take considerable intelligence to use magic to this degree. The Society of Hawks in New York has worked to protect hawks and paid particular attention to the merlin hawk. So far, no one has petitioned for the merlin hawk to be given metahuman rights. More psychoanalysis and attempts at communication will need to be performed before such a resolution is feasible.

Merlin hawks are particularly vulnerable to willow wood and poisons. Poachers of their feathers—a valued telesma—have used old-fashioned bows with willow wood arrows to hunt them. It is also noted that merlin hawks can sense and react negatively to creatures with unusually low essence due to the effects of drugs, implants, or the Infected.


Movement: 30/70 (flight)
Skills: Astral Combat 3, Flight 5, Perception 4, Spellcasting 4, Summoning 4, Unarmed Combat 3
Powers: Animal Control (Avians), Dual Natured, Natural Weapon (Claws/Bite: DV 2P, AP 0)
Weaknesses: Fragile (1), Vulnerability (Willow-Wood Weapons, Poisons)
Note: Merlin Hawks can cast any Detection or Illusion spell.

Stop Attacking / Don’t Attack - “Ruhig”
Attack - “Töten”
Find Flower - “Finden Blume”

Felis nigra
Habitat: The blackberry cat stays close to human settlements, even pretending to be a domestic stray. It lives in buildings and alleys, and it has the same diet as regular housecats.

Range: Throughout Europe

Frequency: Common

Identification: The blackberry is the same size as a regular housecat, though averaging around 15 kilograms in weight. In Southern Europe, it is jet black with slight tawny tones at the tips of its long fur, while in Northern Europe the blackberry can be snow white with dark-toned tips. It walks with its long feathery tail erect. While its behavior resembles that of a housecat, it displays extraordinary intelligence and cunning. It’s nearly impossible to surprise or capture one, though like normal cats they find catnip irresistible.

Habits: The blackberry cat is an Awakened species of the wild cat (Felis silvestris), possibly intermingled with the domestic subspecies.

Blackberry cats still face a legacy of superstition in Southern Europe as black cats, and they have a standing bounty in some countries. In some rural places, black cats can even be burned, fearing the ire of the blackberry cat. This may explain the coloration found on the species in the north.

The blackberry cat is an urban-dependant species. While it still has instincts to hunt rodents and birds, it prefers the processed products of urban living. Blackberry cats do not fear metahumans, and they take advantage of open doors and windows to partake in metahuman comforts. They walk among us like regular cats and even come up to metahumans for attention or food. Even with all this boldness, they have a sixth sense about threats and can usually avoid or evade them. They are very social creatures with ranks. While they don’t move in packs, they do engage in social gatherings of ten to fifteen cats.

Blackberry cats are known to move faster than normally possible as well as project threatening images to frighten away aggressors like dogs. This phantasm ability has also been observed in males fighting over territory and females. While the phantasm appears abstract, it remains startling imagery. No use of this power has been seen in mating rituals.

They are an annoyance as well as a mystery, as they can enter locked rooms or open cabinets and containers to steal food. The superstition surrounding the blackberry cat is not totally unfounded, as it is theorized that these cats can influence metahumans to provide food or shelter. Observance of their vocalization and behavior has recorded only typical cat meows and purrs, suggesting that a subconscious connection may be induced through physical contact.

Blackberry cats have similar breeding habits as housecats, with a spring and summer mating season. They find warm, secluded places to give birth to litters of six to eight kittens.


Skills: Climbing 2, Infiltration 2, Perception 4, Spellcasting 3, Tracking 3
Powers: Adaptive Coloration, Enhanced Senses (Low-Light Vision), Influence, Innate Spell (Combat Sense, Phantasm), Movement (Self), Natural Weapon (Claws: 3P, AP 0), Psychokinesis
Weaknesses: Addiction (Catnip, Mild), Fragile (1)

Stop Attacking / Don’t Attack - “Schnurren”
Attack - “Zischen”
Combat Sense Alert - “Alarmieren”


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Fervidus Fury
Social Engineering Decking Rigger Detective. He can do a little face and a bit of control room.

Active Daily

Sheet at the moment, Built on Core book and Chummer
== Info ==
Street Name: Fervidus Fury
Name: Aiden Kellen
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Ork Male Age 28
Composure: 6
Judge Intentions: 6
Lift/Carry: 11 (75 kg/50 kg)
Memory: 7
Nuyen: 0

== Attributes ==
BOD: 6
AGI: 5
REA: 4
STR: 5
CHA: 2
INT: 4
LOG: 3
WIL: 4
EDG: 3

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   3.4400
Initiative:                8
IP:                        1
Matrix Initiative:         8
Matrix IP:                 1
Physical Damage Track:     11
Stun Damage Track:         10

== Active Skills ==
Animal Handling            : 0                      Pool: 3
Animal Training            : 0                      Pool: 3
Archery                    : 0                      Pool: 4
Armorer                    : 0                      Pool: 2
Artisan                    : 0                      Pool: 3
Automatics                 : 0                      Pool: 6
Blades                     : 4 [Cyber-Implant Blades] Pool: 9 (11)
Climbing                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Clubs                      : 0                      Pool: 4
Computer                   : 0                      Pool: 2
Con                        : 1 [Impersonation]      Pool: 3 (5)
Cybercombat                : 0                      Pool: 2
Data Search                : 0                      Pool: 2
Demolitions                : 0                      Pool: 2
Disguise                   : 3                      Pool: 7
Diving                     : 0                      Pool: 5
Dodge                      : 2                      Pool: 6
Escape Artist              : 0                      Pool: 4
Etiquette                  : 0                      Pool: 1
First Aid                  : 0                      Pool: 2
Flight                     : 0                      Pool: 4
Forgery                    : 0                      Pool: 4
Gunnery                    : 0                      Pool: 4
Gymnastics                 : 0                      Pool: 4
Hacking                    : 2                      Pool: 5
Heavy Weapons              : 0                      Pool: 6
Infiltration               : 3                      Pool: 8
Instruction                : 0                      Pool: 1
Intimidation               : 0                      Pool: 1
Leadership                 : 0                      Pool: 1
Locksmith                  : 1                      Pool: 6
Longarms                   : 0                      Pool: 6
Navigation                 : 2                      Pool: 6
Negotiation                : 0                      Pool: 1
Palming                    : 0                      Pool: 4
Parachuting                : 0                      Pool: 5
Perception                 : 0                      Pool: 3
Pilot Ground Craft         : 2                      Pool: 6
Pilot Watercraft           : 0                      Pool: 3
Pistols                    : 4 [Revolvers]          Pool: 11 (13)
Riding                     : 0                      Pool: 3
Running                    : 0                      Pool: 4
Shadowing                  : 3                      Pool: 7
Survival                   : 0                      Pool: 3
Swimming                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Throwing Weapons           : 2                      Pool: 7
Tracking                   : 3                      Pool: 7
Unarmed Combat             : 0                      Pool: 4

== Knowledge Skills ==
Area                       : 2                      Pool: 5
Fine Restaraunts           : 1                      Pool: 4
Firearms                   : 3 [Pistols]            Pool: 6 (8)
Hospital Routes            : 2                      Pool: 5
Japanese                   : 2                      Pool: 6
Security Companies         : 3                      Pool: 6
Security Design            : 3                      Pool: 7
Security Systems           : 3                      Pool: 6
Security Tactics           : 3                      Pool: 6

== Contacts ==
Kim The Info Broker (4, 4)

== Qualities ==
Allergy (Uncommon, Severe) (Oranges)
Double Jointed
First Impression
Low-Light Vision
Sensitive System
SINner (Standard) (Aiden Kellen)

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Control Rig
Cybereyes Basic System Rating 4
   +Eye Recording Unit
   +Image Link
   +Retinal Duplication Rating 1
   +Thermographic Vision
Hand Blade
Skin Pocket
Voice Modulator (Secondary Pattern) Rating 3

== Armor ==
Armor Vest                6/4
Clothing                  0/0
Lined Coat                6/4

== Weapons ==
Hand Blade
   DV: 5P   AP: -   RC: 0
Ruger Super Warhawk
   +Concealable Holster
   +Hidden Gun Arm Slide
   +Laser Sight
   +Smartgun System, External
   +Speed Loader
   DV: 6P   AP: -2   RC: 0
Throwing Knife
   DV: 4P   AP: -   RC: 0
Unarmed Attack
   DV: 3S   AP: -   RC: 0

== Commlink ==
Fairlight Caliban (4, 4, 3, 5)
   +Novatech Navi
   +Analyze Rating 6
   +Attack Rating 1
   +Browse Rating 6
   +Command Rating 6
   +Spoof Rating 6
   +Scan Rating 6
   +Edit Rating 6
   +Decrypt Rating 6
   +Defuse Rating 5
   +Armor Rating 1
   +Encrypt Rating 6
   +Exploit Rating 6
   +Sniffer Rating 4
   +Stealth Rating 3
   +Track Rating 6

== Gear ==
Ammo: Gel Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x18
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistols) x18
Docwagon Contract: Basic
Fake License (Cid Savage) Rating 3
Fake License (Fervidus Fury) Rating 4
Fake SIN (Cid Savage) Rating 3
Fake SIN (Fervidus Fury) Rating 4
Gecko Tape Gloves
Latex Face Mask x5
Nanopaste Disguise (Small Container) Rating 6 x10
Throwing: Throwing Knife x10

== Vehicles ==
Mercury Comet (Sedan)
   +Rigger Adaptation
   +Vehicle Sensor

== Karma Expenses ==

== Nuyen Expenses ==

Offering Work
I am currently learning to run the system so core book only for the time being. It's 2080's. This is a story driven campaign but sandbox and free thought are allowed and encouraged. I'd prefer characters that are built to grow not min and max. Everyone starts with the free (Johnson- Simone. Loyalty 3 Connections 6.) Feel free to toss the Caster and Technomancer in there as I am struggling with their rule sets. The campaign will take you from concord to seattle to brazil so build appropriately. PM if interested, but do so quickly Simone is a man driven by results, and waiting about rarely gets those.
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Looking for work

Tug sleeps eats and breaths the big gun. I'm online and can post almost all day, Pacific Time
Name: Æge Söderström
Alias: Tug
Race: Troll: Giant
Sex: Male
First time playing I have most all 4E books

Physical Description:  Physically imposing doesn’t quite describe a Troll Giant. At 3 Meters tall and 467 Kilo grams This impressive specimen stands out in a crowd. His skin is brown with a Gray on Significant dermal deposits on his joints and back. There is a brownish hue on the rougher texture of his joints and back. The stony texture of his joints and long physique make it appear that his bones makes up half of his mass. Æge's hair is chest length and usually covers his eyes and most of his face. His upper and lower torso is incased by chromed Dermal Sheathing. His face is long with deep set eyes and jointed nose. He wears Berwick trousers and a flash Ulysses line jacket covering an Armor vest with shock frills. His eyes are solid dark gray almost black and have the texture of oiled cast iron..
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Working, Hit the Ground Running

Kusanagi Motoko, AKA "The Major"
Real Name: Jane Green
Citizenship: Dual-citizenship (UCAS/Japan)
Metatype: Human
Age: 21
Nuyen: 25000 (4d6+12=30x500)
Karma: 0 Current / 0 Total
Street Cred: 0          Notoriety: 0          Public Awareness: 0

Attributes (170 BP)
Body: 3          Agility: 2          Reaction: 2          Strength: 1
Charisma: 3          Intuition: 4          Logic: 5          Willpower: 5

Edge: 2          Essence: 6.00          Resonance: 5 (40 BP)

Initiative: 6
Initiative Passes: 1
Matrix Initiative: 9
Matrix Initiative Passes: 3

Armor: 6B/6I (Lined Coat), 5B/5I (Tegmentum)
Stun Damage: 0/11 (-0 mod)
Physical Damage: 0/10 (-0 mod)

Active Skills (132 BP)
Dodge 2
Longarms (Sniper Rifles) 3(+2)
Perception 1
Tasking Group 4
Etiquette (Yakuza) 1(+2)
Cracking Group 3
Electronics Group 3

Knowledge/Language Skills (27 free skill points)
Matrix Theory 3
Anime/Manga 5
Data Havens 4
IC Identification 3
Operating Systems 3
Corporate Matrix Security Procedures 3

Japanese N
English 3
Cantonese 3

Qualities (+20 BP)
Technomancer (5 BP) - E-Scapist stream (Resonance+Willpower). Resonance 1, Living Persona, compile sprites
Paragon (5 BP) - Alias. +2 to Spoof tests, Crack Sprites. Must spoof lifestyle
Restricted Gear (5 BP) - Buy one item up to availability 20
Media Junkie (+10 BP) - Moderate Matrix Addiction
Prejudiced (+10 BP) - Biased against non-Japanese
SINner (+5 BP) - UCAS/Japan
Signature (+10 BP) - Tags all her hacks with icon from old anime series

Technomancer Resources
Living Persona
Signal 3
Response 4 +1 in full VR
System 5
Firewall 5
Biofeedback Filter 3
Matrix Initiative 9 (3 passes)

Complex Forms (36 BP)
Armor 3
Attack 4
Stealth 5
Spoof 5
Edit 3
Analyze 2
Command 3
Browse 3
Exploit 5
Scan 3

Resources (28 BP) (140000 nuyen)
Barrett Model 121 (9310 nuyen) - 9P, -4 AP, SA, (2) RC, 14(c) ammo. Integral Silencer, Smartgun, folding bipod.
**Melee Hardening - Can stand up to melee combat. 1 slot.
**Sling - +1 RC, harder to lose weapon.
EX Explosive Ammo x138 rounds (1400 nuyen) - +1DV, -1 AP.
Tracker Rounds x70 (525 nuyen) - Same damage. If target takes damage, implanted with a Stealth tag.
Spare Clip x14 (70 nuyen)
Imaging Scope (900 nuyen) - Top Mount
**Smartlink - Can use smartguns
**Thermographic - Can see in infrared
<9 dice to attack. 10P (9P Tracker), -5 AP (-4 AP Tracker), SA, 1(3) RC, 14(c) ammo.>

Goggles (750 nuyen) - Rating 4.
**Low light - See in low light
**Flare Compensation - Compensate for glare
**Vision Enhancement - Rating 3.
**Vision Magnification - 50x electronic zoom

Lined Coat (900 nuyen) - 6B/4I Armor. -2 Concealability to items hidden underneath
**AR Enhanced - Can display AR
**Color changing - Can change colors
Tegmentum (3200 nuyen) - 4B/1I Armor. Display holographic clothes
**Carbon-boron infusion - +1B/+2I Armor.
SecureTech PPP Forearm Guards (200 nuyen) - +0B/+1I Armor. Discrete
SecureTech PPP Shin Guards (100 nuyen) - +0B/+1I Armor. Discrete
Stimtouch Hosiery (250 nuyen)

Emotitoy, Minidrone (2600 nuyen) - +1 Handling, 3/15 Accel, 15 Speed, 3 Pilot, 1 Body, 0 Armor, 3 Sensor. Rating 6.

Simrig (1000 nuyen) - Record simsense
Satellite Link (500 nuyen) - Link to satellites
Tag Eraser (150 nuyen) - Erase RFID tags
Datachip x10 (10 nuyen)
Certified Credstick (25 nuyen) - Blank
Fake SIN (4000 nuyen) - Rating 4
Fake Vehicle License (400 nuyen) - Rating 4

Steel Lynx Combat Drone (10000 nuyen) - 0 Handling, 15/40 Accel, 120 Speed, 3 Pilot, 4 Body, 9 Armor, 3 Sensor. Turret (Fixed, normal, remote), Defense 3 autosoft, Targeting 3 autosoft.
**Satellite Communication - Can link to satellite. 1 Slot
**Chameleon Coating - Can change vehicle colors. 2 Slots.
**Spoof chip - Can change vehicle ID.
Camera (1700 nuyen) - Rating 2.
**Smartlink - Can use smartguns.
**Ultrasound    - Use ultrasound sensor
Radio Signal Scanner (150 nuyen) - Rating 6
Ares MP-LMG (1500 nuyen) - 6P, -1 AP, BF/FA, 2(3) RC, 50(c) or belt ammo
**Smartgun, external (400 nuyen) - External smartgun system. Top mount.
250 Rounds EX Explosive Ammo (2500 nuyen) - +1 DV, -1 AP

GMC Bulldog Step-van (82000 nuyen) - +0 Handling, 5/10 Accel, 90 Speed, 2 Pilot, 16 Body, 8 Armor, 1 Sensor. 4 Additional mod slots
**Satellite Communication - Can link to satellite. 1 Slot
**Chameleon Coating - Can change vehicle colors. 2 Slots.
**Armor - Rating 20. 1 Slot.
**Rigger Adaptation - Vehicle can be rigged. 1 Slot.
**Large Landing Drone Rack - Can launch or recover drone as complex action. 6 Slots.
**Defense Autosoft - Rating 3
**Morphin License Plate - Can change plate
**Spoof Chip - Can change vehicle ID
**Run-flat Tires x4 - Continues to run while flattened
Camera (1100 nuyen) - Rating 1.
**Ultrasound    - Use ultrasound sensor

MCT Fly-Spy (2000 nuyen) - +1 Handling, 3/15 Accel, 15 Speed, 3 Pilot, 1 Body, 0 Armor, 2 Sensor

Gecko Tape Gloves (250 nuyen) - Climb walls
Respirator (150 nuyen) - Rating 6.
Medkit (600 nuyen) - Rating 6.

Cat (50 nuyen) - Bastet named Itazuramono

Lifestyle (10025 nuyen, 1 month)
Comforts - High, 4
Entertainment - Luxury, 6
Necessities - High, 4
Neighborhood - High, 4
Security - High, 4

Easy-going Landlord (+1) - The building where Motoko is currently living is owned by Yakuza friendly to Isao.
Friendly Neighbors (+1) - Her neighbors are happy to know another attractive Japanese girl.
Living By Committee (-2) - A Building Association makes rules for residents.
No Privacy (-2) - Because of the open nature of the building, physical surveillance is easier.
Worse Neighbors (-1) - In the basement of her building, the Yakuza run a bunraku parlor.
Animal Lover I (+1) - Motoko can keep small pets, such as a cat.

Total: 20 (10025/month, High lifestyle, plus cat.)

Left from Resources: 1210 nuyen

Contacts (14 BP)
Kurosaki Isao - Yakuza Fixer (3C/5L)
Isao is Motoko's childhood friend, and sometimes lover. She came over to the UCAS with him when he was sent to be a liason with some of the clans in Seattle, and he is one of the only people who knows her both as Motoko and as Jane.

Lady Godiva - Metasapient AI (3C/3L)
Lady Godiva is a metasapient AI Motoko met in the Matrix, and helped save her from the predations of another AI named AngelEyes. The Lady is fascinated with technomancers, and knows a great deal about the nether realms of the Matrix.

Jane Green was born in Neo-Tokyo in 2052, the daughter of a mid-level functionary in the UCAS embassy and a native Japanese woman, which granted her dual citizenship. Growing up, one of her closest childhood friends was Kurosaki Isao, the third son of a Yakuza lieutenant, who was a year older than she was.

Jane was busy watching anime on the Matrix when, in 2064, halfway across the world Novatech was making it's IPO on the ECSE. When the Dissonance Worm hit Neo-Tokyo, she was still online. A week later, she awoke from her coma, in a hospital bed, as if nothing had happened. But from that day on, things were different for her.

She began developing her newfound technomancer abilities, learning to become a hacker. But she was more than just a hacker. To her, this new wireless world she'd been shown was more real than the real world. In the meat world, she was Jane Green, no more, no less. In the virtual world, she was whoever or whatever she wanted to be.

When Isao was sent to Seattle by his father, now an oyabun in his clan, to act as a liason between the main family and the Seattle branch of the clan, Jane followed him, and in the process took the opportunity granted her to step out of her old life, and become someone completely new. She became Kusanagi Motoko, named after one of her favorite anime characters. When she first got to Seattle, she did some work with Isao's clan, but as a half-Japanese woman, she had no future in the clan, except as a housewife, so, after getting settled in the Emerald City, she struck out on her own, as a shadowrunner.

The technomancer purges of 2071 were a harrowing time for her, but thanks in part to Isao's protection, Motoko was able to avoid getting caught up in some of the violence that struck so many of her kind. As the hysteria waned, she was able to convince Isao that her abilities were just as useful now as they were before people knew where they came from.
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on Hold

build in progress, mostly gear and knowledge skills missing.

Name: Librado Chavez
Alias: Cinco
Race: Orc
Sex: Male
Lifestyle: Low (Advanced)
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: Always clad in a colorfull Jumpsuit and a black/red helmet. Underneath
Personality/background He always seems a bit out of it. At one time it seems like he the talking type and barely moves often leaving his helmet on the whole day you see him. And other times he seem a bit itchy and hyperactive.



Positive Qualities
Will to Live (2)
Low-Light Vision (racial)

Negative Qualities
Addiction (Moderate / Drugs)
Poor Self Control (Combat Monster)
Sensitive System

Martial Arts
Krav Maga (2)Take Aim as Free Action
Reduce ranged combat 'in melee combat' mod by 1
Watchful Guard

Active Skills
Athletics Skill Group1
Heavy Weapons1
Pilot Ground Craft1
Throwing Weapons4
Unarmed Combat1

Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Some Skills17

Language Skills

Lifestyle (2000¥)

AI in Residence
Trigger-Happy Landlord

Gear (30000¥)

Urban Explorer Jumpsuit500¥
Form-Fitting Full-Body Suit1600¥
Bike Racing Helmet200¥
SecureTech Vital Protection200¥
SecureTech Forearm Guards200¥
SecureTech  Leg and Arm Casing350¥

Ares HVBR4500¥
Ingram Smartgun X1270¥
Vibro Sword2100¥
Ceramic Knife175¥
Survival Knife50¥

Van Isherwood1/4
Sechio / Drug Dealer1/1
Gorgona / Fixer3/1

Build Point totals:  XXXXX = XXXXX + XXXXX - XXXXX
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Looking for Work

Ikari Sakura (AKA Nekomusumi)
Metatype: Human (Changeling)
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Lifestyle: High (Advanced) (1 month)
Nuyen: 15500 (4d6+12=31, x500 starting)
Street Cred: 0          Notoriety: 0          Public Awareness: 0

Attributes (180 BP)
Body: 3          Agility: 4          Reaction: 4(6)          Strength: 3
Charisma: 2          Intuition: 4          Logic: 3          Willpower: 3

Edge: 2          Magic: 5 (40 BP)          Essence: 6.00

Initiative: 10          Initiative Passes: 3
Physical Wounds: 0/10 (-0 mod)
Stun Wounds: 0/10 (-0 mod)
Armor: 6B/6I

Active Skills (160 BP)
Athletics Group 3
Unarmed Combat 6
Pistols (Semi-Automatics) 2(+2)
Escape Artist 3
Stealth Group 3
Perception 2
Etiquette (Yakuza) 1(+2)
Con (Seduction) 3(+2)
Electronics Group 1
Locksmith 2
Pilot Ground Craft 1
Parachuting 1

Knowledge/Language Skills (21 Free Points)
Security Systems 3
Safe Houses 2
Fine Cuisine 3
Underworld Politics 3
Magic Background 3

Japanese N
English 3
Spanish 2
Cantonese 2

Qualities (+10 BP)
Adept (5 BP) - Magic 1, Can buy adept powers.   
SURGE II (10 BP) - Choose 20 BP of positive metagenic qualities, 10 BP of netative.
**Keen-eared (5 BP) - +1 to hearing-based Perception
**Celerity (5 BP) - Increase walking and running rates by half (round down)
**Claws (5 BP) - (STR/2)P damage
**Balance Tail (5 BP) - +2 to all tests involving balance
**Extravagant Eyes (+5 BP) - Bright purple cat's eyes
**Unusual Hair (+5 BP) - Cat fur
Low-light Vision (5 BP) - See in low Light   
Fangs (5 BP) - (STR/2-1)P, Reach -1
Spirit Bane (+10 BP) - Spirits of Man REALLY don't like her.
Media Junkie (+10 BP) - Moderate matrix addiction
Sensitive System (+15 BP) - Take double essence loss from Cyberware

Adept Powers (5 PP)
Improved Reflexes 2 (2.5 PP) - +2 to Reaction, +2 Initiative Passes
Killing Hands (0.5 PP) - Unarmed attacks deal physical damage, plus can affect creatures with immunity to normal weapons.
Traceless Walk (1 PP) - Hearing-based Perception tests suffer -4 dice penalty, leave no visible traces
Freefall (0.75 PP) - Level 3. Reduce fall by Level x 2 meters to determine falling damage.
Critical Strike (0.25 PP) - Unarmed attacks deal +1 DV

Resources (18 BP) (90000 nuyen)
Yamaha Sakura Fubuki (4500 nuyen) - 4P, SA/BF, (1) RC, 10(ml)x4 ammo. BF recoil treated as SA
**Personalized Grip - +1 RC. 1 Slot.
**Silencer - -6 to Perception to find source of shot. 2 Slots.
**Smartgun System - +2 to ranged tests. 1 Slot.
80 rounds EX Explosive Ammo (800 nuyen) - +1 DV, -1 AP
<10 dice to attack. 5P, -1 AP, SA/BF, 1(2) RC, 10(ml)x4 ammo. BF recoil treated as SA>

Yamaha Sakura Fubuki (4500 nuyen) - 4P, SA/BF, (1) RC, 10(ml)x4 ammo. BF recoil treated as SA
**Personalized Grip - +1 RC. 1 Slot.
**Silencer - -6 to Perception to find source of shot. 2 Slots.
**Smartgun System - +2 to ranged tests. 1 Slot.
80 rounds Stick-n-Shock Ammo (640 nuyen) - 6S(e), -half AP
<10 dice to attack. 6S(e), -half AP, SA/BF, 1(2) RC, 10(ml)x4 ammo. BF recoil treated as SA>

Shock Gloves (200 nuyen) - 5S(e), -half AP
<10 dice to attack. 5S(e), -half AP>

Flash-bang grenades x6 (180 nuyen) - 6S, -3 AP, 10m radius
Smoke Grenades x6 (180 nuyen) - 10m Radius

Lined Coat (900 nuyen) - 6B/4I Armor. -2 Concealability to items hidden underneath
**AR Enhanced - Can display AR
**Color Changing - Can change colors.
Chameleon Suit (8000 nuyen) - 6B/4I Armor. -4 to Perception to see user.
Teg-mentum (3200 nuyen) - 4B/1I Armor. Display holographic clothes
**Carbon-boron infusion - +1B/+2I Armor.
SecureTech PPP Forearm Guards (200 nuyen) - +0B/+1I Armor. Discrete model
SecureTech PPP Shin Guards (150 nuyen) - +0B/+1I Armor. Discrete model
SecureTech PPP Leg and Arm Casings (350 nuyen) - +1B/+1I Armor. Discrete model
Death Mask (275 nuyen) - +0B/+1I Armor. +1 to Initmidation, functional gas mask

Spectrum Permanent Polish (120 nuyen) - Permanent nail polish changes colors.
StimTouch Hosiery (650 nuyen) - Pantyhose massage legs while walking
**Nonconductivity    - Rating 1
**Shock Frills - Unarmed combat deals Electricity damage. 10 Charges.

Novatech Airware commlink (1250 nuyen) - Response 3, Signal 3
System (3000 nuyen) - Rating 6
Firewall (3000 nuyen) - Rating 6
Pro User Suite (600 nuyen) - Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4
Skinlink (50 nuyen)
Simrig (1250 nuyen) - Acts as Sim module and trodes. Record/experience simsense.
**Modified for hot Sim - Can play BTLs
Empathy Software (3000 nuyen) - Rating 6
Pocket Hacker (4920 nuyen) - Agent (Pilot 3, Browse 3, Exploit 3, Stealth 3)
Eurosoft Clavicula (4700 nuyen) - Decrypt 5, Encrypt 5
Mapsoft (Atlanta) (30 nuyen) - Rating 6
Body Shop (500 nuyen) - Create high end AR clothes
Area Jammer (1000 nuyen) - Rating 2
Tag Eraser (150 nuyen) - Erase RFIDs

Fake SIN (4000 nuyen) - Rating 4. Laylana Lei.
Fake Driver's License (400 nuyen) - Rating 4
Fake Weapons permit (400 nuyen) - Rating 4
Fake Locksmith License (400 nuyen) - Rating 4

Wingsuit (600 nuyen) - Can glide at rate of 3m forward for every 1m drop
Glasscutter (10 nuyen) - Get through window quietly
Inline Skates (100 nuyen) - Increase Walk/Run rate by half (Round up)
Autopicker (1200 nuyen) - Rating 6
Miniwelder (250 nuyen)
Wire Clippers (25 nuyen)
Gecko Tape Gloves (260 nuyen) - Can climb sheer walls.
Grapple Gun (500 nuyen) - Shoot line 75m, pull up small loads.
Standard Rope (50 nuyen) - 100m
Medkit (600 nuyen) - Rating 6

Goggles (1150 nuyen) - Rating 4
**Smartlink - Use Smartguns
**Flare Compensation - Compensate for glare
**Vision Magnification - 50x electronic zoom
**Vision Enhancement - Rating 3

Suzuki Mirage (20550 nuyen) - +2 Handling, 20/50 Accel, 200 Speed, 1 Pilot, 6 body, 4 Armor, 1 Sensor
**Run-flat tires x2    - Run while flattened
**Spoof Chip - Spoof vehicle ID
**Morphing License Plate - Change plates.
**Chameleon Coating - Change Vehicle Colors. 2 Slots.
**Gridlink - Can draw power from Gridlink system. 1 Slot.
**Gridlink Override - Spoof access to Gridlink to avoid controls. 1 Slot.
**Motorcycle Gyro Stabilization - +2 Handling to avoid crash. 1 Slot.
**Smuggling Compartment - -6 Concealability to items hidden inside. 1 Slot.
<'+4 Handling, 20/50 Accel, 200 speed, 1 Pilot, 6 Body, 4 Armor, 1 Sensor.>

Lifestyle - High (Advanced, 1 month) (10000 nuyen)

Nuyen left: 1210

Advanced Lifestyle:
Comforts: High - 4
Sakura's suite is decorated in a traditional Japanese style, complete with wooden furniture, paper walls, and artwork from Japan, and a Renraku Manservant drone keeps the place tidy.

Entertainment: Luxury - 6
Sakura has memberships to all the most exclusive clubs in the sprawl, and can walk into any club she wants, and expect to get a table.

Necessities: High - 4
Sakura eats simple meals, but those meals are all real food, without a trace of soy. Her building has a secure underground parking facility, and  her suite is a 300 square meter condo. She wears only the latest fashions.

Neighborhood: High - 4
Sakura lives in a high class area of the sprawl. Response times are less than three minutes, and neighborhood watch groups will call the police if anyone looks out of place. Nekomusumi has only recently become accepted enough in the neighborhood that people recognize her, and stop calling the police.

Security: High - 4
Sakura has invested in top of the line security, including heavy duty locks, black IC on her home node, and bulletproof windows.

Friendly Neighbors (+1) - Sakura's charm and looks (and the fact that she 'accidentally' leaves her curtains open while changing) have gradually won over her neighbors, and the men in the area are quite willing to do her a favor, if she asks nicely.
Well Made (+1) - Sakura's apartment is very well made, allowing her to live in comfort, despite the weather outside.
Living by Committee (-2) - The neighborhood association holds meetings frequently, and expects residents to abide by their decisions.
No Privacy (-2) - Big, open windows allow for a spectacular view of the area, but also reduces the thresholds for physical surveillance by 2.

Total: 20 LP (10000 nuyen/month)

Contacts (12 BP)
Blake Jones - Fixer (Connection 2/Loyalty 2)
Blake is a good ol' boy born and bred in Atlanta. He's been working Atlanta's shadows for a while, and actually helped Neko get her start in the town (a 'favor' he made her pay off on her back). Now he sends her work when he has something that fits her skills.

Snake Charmer - Blogger (Connection 2/Loyalty 2)
Snake Charmer is a naga by the name of Seketh. He learned enough about the modern world to become a very talented hacker, and has since managed to 'own' himself, through various fronts. He runs the Serpent's Shadow blog, providing a resource to the 'nontraditional' (read: infected, non-metahuman sapients, and changeling) runner crowd in Atlanta.

Roxy Red - Prostitute (Connection 2/Loyalty 2)
Roxy is an Elf who works at the Cheetah Club, an upscale gentleman's club/brothel. She hears a lot of information from the boozed up clients she serves, and she passes the information on to Nekomusumi, sometimes.

Nekomusumi looks in most respects like an attractive Japanese woman. However, when she became a Changeling, several physical changes came over her. She has a long black tail like a cat's, her ears have moved to the top of her head and are now shaped like a cat's with black fur, her eyes are a brilliant purple, and slitted like a cat's, she has sixteen pairs of whiskers on her face like a cat, and her finger and toe nails have elongated into cat's claws.

In social settings, Nekomusumi tends to wear either a lined coat with the season's latest fashions (modified for her tail, of course), or the new Teg-mentum holowear, allowing her to project all kinds of clothes over her body. On runs, she usually wears a chameleon suit, and a Death Mask styled like a jaguar.

Ikari Sakura was born in Chiba in 2049. Her parents were corporate citizens of Renraku as computer programmers. Her early life was fairly uneventful, growing up in a corporate enclave, and enjoying the lifestyle that a child of corporate citizens usually received. That all changed when she was twelve, and Haley's Comet decided to make life crazy for everyone.

Her reaction to the Comet's passing was to undergo a painful and dramatic change, developing characteristics like the catgirls that had so long been part of Japanese culture in anime and manga. Her exotic looks caused her to become a target even at that young age, and she was kidnapped by members of the Yakuza. She was shipped (literally) to Seattle in a cargo container, where she spent several years working off her 'debt' to the Yakuza as a toy for the use of several of the higher ranking Yakuza. However, as she got older, she managed to escape the brothel where she was being held, and fled into the shadows, where she made a living as a thief.

She's since settled in Atlanta, well away from the Seattle Yakuza. She still works as a thief for hire, but has managed to work her way up into the higher class social circles, being something of an oddity.
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« Reply #54 on: <11-15-11/2325:37> »
Status:  Looking for work

mage:  custom possession traditon
also provides armorer and vehicle support

Karma:  50  41 of that is spent

Race: Dwarf
Sex:  Female


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« Reply #55 on: <11-30-11/0046:38> »
Looking for work
I can post 3 times a week minimum,
Prefer play by post.
I have most of the books.
Will try any role once, current character I wish to play:

Troll technomancer more info on request
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Looking for Work

I can post pretty much all day, every day, as nothing I do takes me away from a computer for very long.

Current Premades:
Random, Pixie Magician (400BP, Free Contacts = Cha*2, Custom Tradition)
-A pixie who believes he's found where the lifeweave means for him to be, and is willing to do anything to keep himself right where he is.

'Risk, SURGE Elf Technomancer (400BP, Free Contacts = Cha*2)
-Neotenous prodigy attending college with a scholarship/contract signed with Horizon to get his family out of the Barrens, starting to look for ways to break away from said contract after hearing rumors about just what Horizon is doing with virtuakinetics...

Tank, Troll Street Sam (400BP, Free Contacts = Cha*2)
-What's best in life is to break your enemies, see them running away from you, and shack up with their women. Currently has a dayjob as a bouncer in a meta-friendly club in Seattle and always looking for an excuse to put a gun in someone's face or break their head.

Dakka Dakka, Ork Hacker (400BP, Free Contacts = Cha*2)
-Former ganger, gaming history buff, and frequent WH40k wargamer, Dakka's looking to go legit... but just can't stop himself from hacking into anything and everything he sees. Figures the only way he's gonna find steady work is the illicit kind.

Ryuuji, Nosferatu Magician (400BP)
-Former Yakuza goon, almost killed after being infected, starting his life over in the shadows as far away from organized crime as he can.

Preferred Archetypes: I prefer to play magicians and technomancers, though I do enjoy a good romp as a mundane every so often. Sheets available for some, have lost most but can rebuild quickly.
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Currently Looking for Work


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Built With: 400BP, Free Contacts = Cha*2

Name: Iokua Kaʻanāʻanā
Alias: Lost
Race: Elf
Sex: Male
Nationality: Hawaiian
Lifestyle: High (20 LP)
Total Karma: 0
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description
1.93 meters tall, with a medium build (heavy for an elf) and milk-white skin, which is almost completely covered by tattoos, all done in a vibrant black ink that contrasts the colorless skin. Dark pink eyes and darkly vibrant red hair kept cut to shoulder-length.

Astral form appears to be almost the same as his meat body sans tattoos, but completely translucent and traced by a thick black border.

On the Matrix, Lost appears to be a soap bubble floating in the air, iridescent and translucent.

Lost is, to most people, a quiet, reserved individual, a friendly person always willing to help out a neighbor. Those people have never seen the inside of his apartment. Or the inside of his mind. Lost is a pure hedonist, seeking out the pleasures in life for himself, willing to use whatever tools are at his disposal to attain those goals. He practices his magic because it brings him pleasure to do so, and it affords him opportunities that would otherwise be denied him.

Born December 31st, 2049 at 11:59:59pm, Iokua was raised in the belief that his family was descended from the kahuna that had protected the rulers of Hawai'i of old from mystical threats. When his magical talent surfaced, his family was thrilled that they had produced a new kahuna and began to groom him to one day take his "rightful" place as a defender of the independence of the islands and those who would support it.

Iokua had a single friend throughout most of his life - a menehune named Akani who was born at the same time and date as Iokua was. The two became close fairly quickly, and were all but inseparable throughout their formative years and later. They became blood-brothers through ritual, carried out in secrecy from their families. As they grew older, they began to discuss how to leave the island and escape their lives; Iokua from his 'destiny' and Akani from being 'just another dwarf'. Between the two of them, they formed a workable plan.

Akani was skilled with his hands; Iokua was magically gifted. With the combination of summoned spirits and Akani's workmanship, they crafted a boat sturdy enough to carry them to the mainland, where they could find their own lives. On the eve before their eighteenth birthday, after Iokua had spent almost a week erasing all material links the two had, they set off in the ship, christened the Freedom.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. A tropical storm broke out over the ocean a few days into the voyage. Even with a water spirit propelling the ship forward, they couldn't outrun the storm. Akani was tossed overboard as the ship was thrown back and forth like some child's toy over the waves, and Iokua was thrown head-first into the deck of the ship, knocking him unconscious.

Iokua awoke hours later, a very wet, half-drowned elf on the shores of CalFree, just outside of San Francisco. He'd made it... but lost his brother in the process. He vowed to not let his blood brother's death be in vain, though. The plan had worked, after all; the ship had gotten at least one of them to the mainland. So Iokua set out to find a new, better life.

He didn't find it. He obtained a legal SIN in CalFree, but with no background and nothing to really offer, the young mage couldn't find any kind of work and was forced to live on the streets. One night, he was jumped by a group of younger teens belonging to a local wizgang called the Satanists of Diablerie. After he killed them (in self-defense), he was approached and made an offer - join or get geeked. He joined; after all, how much worse could it be than having to eke out a meager existence on the streets, getting jumped?

The Satanists of Diablerie were a black magic group who demanded their followers practice magic their way. Their initiation rite involved making a pact with their Mentor - the Dark King. Iokua made the pact freely, an almost Faustian deal - in exchange for the Dark King's assistance in life, in death he would become the Dark King's servant, a guardian in the land of the dead.

Iokua took to the black magic outlook of the wizgang quickly; hedonism, being self-serving, and taking what one wants in life appealed greatly to the young mage who had fled his home in an attempt to escape the trappings of tradition. For a time, he became almost sociopathic, using his magic to bull his way through obstacles and hammer aside opposition.

That changed pretty quickly around 2070. The Satanists of Diablerie were approached by an organized crime group - Iokua never found out who. When they refused to sign on with them, the wizgang became their target of opportunity, to make a name for themselves in the town by wiping out an established local presence who refused them. The gang was systematically assassinated, in drive-bys, bombings and other assorted nastiness.

Iokua booked it when the majority of the gang had been wiped out. He cleansed his material links and tried to get away as quietly as he could. When the bus he had boarded (to get to Los Angeles) was attacked by the crime syndicate, Iokua thought his all-too-short life had come to an end. That's when Akani showed up; he'd washed up in LA and spent the last two years trying to find his blood brother, slowly becoming an information broker in the process. Along with Akani came a well-established go-gang on bikes with heavy weapons that blasted the vehicles of the syndicate to pieces.

Reunited after three years apart, Iokua and Akani returned to LA together, where Iokua played "magical assistance" to Akani's information broker services. Which meant that he spent a lot of time on his ass while his rich and influential friend made nuyen hand over fist. After a year of this, however, Iokua became... well, bored. At least in the wizgang, he was living on the edge, dancing the knife-edge between life and death every day. Akani gave his blood-brother a chance at finding that excitement again; he sent him to Seattle and fixed him up with a comfy life and a Fixer. Running the shadows should be pretty exciting, right?

Well, after another year went past, and a small number of shadowrunning jobs under his belt, Iokua began looking for something... bigger. He'd lived in small places all of his life; the islands, the ten mile radius that the Satanists had control over, the apartment building Akani owned and worked out of. He wanted size. He wanted immensity. He wanted to see the world and all that was in it.

A few phone calls later, and a job out of the country was lined up...



Positive Qualities
Magician (15); Black Magician Tradition.
Mentor Spirit (5); The Dark King.
Restricted Gear (5); Force 4 Power Focus

Negative Qualities
Albinism; Mild allergy to Sunlight (-2 to all actions while in sunlight), flashing/glare effects at 1.5* power.
SINner (Standard); Tesh Kana, CalFree citizen.
Media Junkie (Mild); 2 hours/day browsing Matrix, can skip one day. -2 dice to resist the urge to surf the Matrix and Addiction tests.
Prejudiced (Common, Biased); Lost is intimidated by Trolls and tends to react badly to their presence, but tries to keep it to himself.
Nano Intolerance; Nanonware degrades at 1 point/4 days instead of 1 point/week.

Active Skills
Knowledge Skills
Magic Theory3
Spell Design2
Underworld Politics2
Language Skills

Bonded Foci
Power Focus Force 4100000¥Bonded, 4 BP; polished ring of petrified balsa wood with a 1/16th inch wide inlay of orichalcum running down the center.
Health Sustaining Focus Force 330000¥Bonded, 3 BP; finger-sheath in the shape of a skeleton coiled around the finger.

Acid Stream(F/2)+3
Toxic Wave(F/2)+5
Detect Enemies, Extended(F/2)+3
Trid Phantasm(F/2)+3
Improved Invisibility(F/2)+1
Metal Wall(F/2)+5
Increase Reflexes(F/2)+2

Gear (165,000¥, 685¥ unspent)
Form-Fitting Body Armor, Full Body Suit with Nonconductivity 62950¥
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit with Thermal Dampening 63500¥
SecureTech PPP Leg and Arm Casings with Fire Resistance 6950¥
SecureTech PPP Forearm Guards200¥
SecureTech PPP Shin Guards150¥
2 Fake SINs8000¥
Tag Eraser150¥
Rating 6 Goggles with Image Link, Flare Comp, Vision Enhance 3, Thermographic Vision775¥
10 Tranq Patches Rating 61200¥
Modified Erika Elite (Response 3, Signal 1) with Iris Orb OS (Firewall 3, System 3) and Pro User Package (Analyze/Browse/Edit 4, Command 2)3610¥
Rating 3 Earbuds with Audio Enhancement 3 and Spatial Recognizer430¥
6 Rating 4 Fake Licenses2400¥

The InformantC6/L6
  • A highly secretive information broker who sells what he knows to the highest bidder, with an extensive network of information gatherers across the globe. But to Lost, The Informant will always be Akani, the menehune the elf grew up with on O'ahu, his blood-brother and closest confidant.
  • 5er0 (pronounced Vernon) is a surprisingly skilled troll hacker that Lost ran into in the meat one day. Lost helped 5er0 out of a tight jam, by dropping a stunball on a group of Humanis Policlubbers looking for an easy target (and apparently a glasses-wearing troll dressed in nerdy slogans counted). While the two aren't especially close, 5er0 helps Lost out from time to time with his "madd Troggy Matrix skillz", and has his own fairly long-reaching resources in the form of a mutinational hacker group he belongs to.

Black Magic
Combat: Fire
Detection: Water
Health: Earth
Illusion: Air
Manipulation: Man
Drain: Willpower+Charisma

Mentor Spirit: The Dark King (+2 dice to Perception and Assensing, +2 dice for spirits of Man, -1 die to resist Physical damage)
  • The Dark King peers over Lost's shoulder and whispers in his ear. He points out the things Lost misses in both the physical and magical worlds and lends his most manipulative servants to Lost.

Tash KanaLegalCitizen of CalFree
Seito Kaiba4Citizen of UCAS
Licenses4Magic, Power Focus, Health Sustaining Focus
Deis Davros4Citizen of CAS
Licenses4Magic, Power Focus, Health Sustaining Focus

Build Point totals: 400 = 170 Attributes + 30 Metatype + 105 Magic + 68 Active Skills + 25 Positive Qualities + 33 Resources + 4 Contacts - 35 Negative Qualities
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Looking for work

I am fairly new to the pbp style, so I will try and do 2/3 posts a week. Hopefully I don't disappoint

Name: ????
Alias: Pulse
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: Denver
Lifestyle: Low
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: 5'10" short blonde hair, athletic build, blind.
Personality/background Found on the door step of the DDH on Dec, 17/ 2050, Pulse grew up never knowing is parents, but never felt like he had no family. As he grew older and his abilities started to manifest, the staff of the DDH trained him in the ways of data collection, storage, and maintenance. At the age of 20 he left the DDH, but being nieve to the ways of the world, quickly fell into the shadows.



Positive Qualities
Martial Arts (Arnis de mano), Analytical Mind, Technomancer
Negative Qualities
Blind, Sinner (common sin)

Active Skills
Cracking, Electronics Skill Group3
perception 4, clubs 2, pistols 2
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Denver street gangs4
UCAS history4
Code writing4
Club music4
Language Skills

Complex Formss
Browse, Analyze, Decrypt, Spoof, Edit, Encrypt, Defuse, command: 3Biofeedback Filters: 4

Gear (Full body suit, Berwick suit jacket, trousers, shirt, Telescopic staff, Beretta 200st, fake license, fake sin)

street doc2/3
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400 BP, free contacts cha*2

Name (real):  Na’Nele M’Bokani (Lagos Citizen)
Name (fake SIN1 r3): Alisha Couto (Horizon citizen)
Name (fake SIN2 r4): Maria Wilkinson (UCAS citizen)
Alias: Hyena
Race: Orc
Sex: Female
Nationality: Yoruba
10 LP total, 2000¥/month (2 months bought)
Total Karma: 23
Karma Spent: 23


555 (6)3
EdgeMagic EssenceInitiative
3568 (10)

Positive Qualities
-adept (5)
-Hawkeye (5)
-way of the warrior (improved reflexes, mystic armour) (10)

Negative Qualities
-allergy (uncommon, mild, ekyelebenle venom) (-5)
-compulsive (moderate) (save women) (-10)
-records on file (Ares) (-10)
-combat monster (-10)

Active Skills
Outdoors Skill Group2
Firearms Skill Group4
first aid 1
astral combat (blade foci +2)3 (5)
blades (swords +2)3 (5)
unarmed combat1
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
biology (parabiology +2)2 (4)
navigation (Lagos)3
Lagos gangs2
corp (Ares)1
Nigerian kingdoms2
survival (jungle) (awakened jungle +2)2 (4)
Language Skills

Adept Powers
Astral perception1can see the astral plane
Improved reflexes 11.125+1 reaction / +1 IP
enhanced perception (2)0.50 +2 dice on perception tests
Mystic armour (3)1.1252 armour (physical + astral)
rapid healing (2)0.50+2 on healing tests
sustenance0.25only require 3h of sleep and 1 meal a day
attribute boost (agility) (1)0.25boosts agility by hits on magic+level
attribute boost (strenght) (1)0.25boosts agility by hits on magic+level

17 (group + deed ordeal)Adept centering

Gear (69815¥)
monofilament sword (weapon focus r2) + gecko grip + personalised grip10950 ¥
vibro blade knife (+gecko grip) 1100 ¥
Ares predator (gecko grip, personalised grip, silencer) 950 ¥
Ares Alpha (sling, gecko grip, foregrip, personalised grip) 1960 ¥
armoured jacked (chemical protection 3, fire resistant 3) 1950 ¥
form-fitting half body suit (nonconductivity 3) 1500 ¥
actioneer business clothes ¥
rifle ammo: 10 clips regular, 2 clips ex-ex1680 ¥
pistol ammo: 8 clips regular, 2 clips ex-ex, 2 clips stick-n-shock880 ¥
18 spare clips (10 rifle, 8 pistol) 90 ¥
grenades: 1x esprit petit-brume, 2x smoke, 2x thermal smoke, 6x flash bang 1310 ¥
hermes ikon + novatech navo + programs (analyse 4 (ergonomic), browse 4, edit 4, encrypt 4, purge 4) 6800 ¥
Sony Emperor + Iris Orb (firewall 3) + programs (analyse 4 (ergonomic, optimization 2), browse 2, edit 2, encrypt 2, purge 2) 2800 ¥
satellite link, subvocal microphone, AR gloves 800 ¥
goggles (flare comp, image link, smartlink, vision enhance r2, vision magn) 1175 ¥
earbuds (audio enhance r2, select sound filter r2) 630 ¥
contact lenses (flare comp, smartlink, image link) 825 ¥
smart pack, flashlight, respirator r4, survival kit 1025 ¥
medkit r5 500 ¥
5 doses lael in disposable syringes 950 ¥
2x trauma patch + 5x stim patch (r4) + 5x tranq patch (r5) 2000 ¥
pharmaceuticals r4: 5x antibiotics, 5x antivirals, 5x antiparasitics 1100 ¥
biomeds: 2x zeta-interferon, 2x antibac 2800 ¥
Fake SIN rating 4 + licences rating 4 (gear, weapons, magic) 5200 ¥
Fake SIN rating 3 + licences rating 3 (gear, weapons, magic) 3900 ¥
directional jammer rating 2 1000 ¥
tag eraser 150 ¥
combat load vest (5x ammo pouch, 1x ration pouch, 3x smart canteen) 490 ¥


Daughters of Yemaja (group)2(12)/4
Kayin (Hawala/fixer)4/1

Physical Description:
Length: 1m69
Weight: 86 kg
Eyes: brown
Hair: black

Na’Nele was born in the Ikeja division in Lagos, close to the rain forest.  She was the seventh child of twelve and one of the only four to survive into adulthood.  Life in Ikeja was hard, but as her father and two older brothers all worked in an Ares factory, at least they had food on the table.  From a young age she had to help running the household, including rummaging through garbage piles for anything remotely useful that could be sold or used.  It was this that claimed to life of so many children, as they got wounds while going through the piles of trash and those got infected.  She also got wounds, but they always seemed to heal in no time.

When she turned ten, things changed.  As orks matured faster, she started to fill out and the local area boys started looking at her differently.  One evening when she was a little later coming back from the waste piles, two of them assaulted her.  While everybody in Lagos carries a weapon of some sorts, if only a knife, normally a ten year old ork should not be able to win against two older area boys.  But that was what happened.  She managed to dodge their attacks and place a couple of hits on painful places.  Unfortunately Area boys never work in groups of two and their friends joined in.  She couldn’t fend them all of.

They had just put her against the ground when gunfire ripped through the night.  Na’Nele just kept close to the ground, knowing like everybody in Lagos what to do when a gunfight broke out close by.  Run or get under cover.  When there was a pause in the fight, she made a run for it and went home quickly.  When she told the story to her mother, she at first didn’t believe it until she repeated a few of the tricks.  While not educated, they weren’t stupid and they knew that she had magical powers.  The following day her father took her with him to work and after a quick examination by a mage in the factory she was sold to Ares.

The following years she spent in training as a bodyguard for expeditions going into the rainforest to harvest telesma.  While she was a city dweller, Lagos can also be considered a jungle so she adapted quite well.  And she quickly learned how to handle guns and she also quickly learned English.  Other advanced technology took a bit more time.  As Ares employee who already knew the local languages, she was often used as go-between for the expedition leaders and the local porters they used.  During one of the trips in the jungle they were attacked by ekyelebenle and while she healed quickly, since then she has a mild allergy to their venom.

She did develop her powers more and she also learned to astrally perceive, something very useful while out in the jungle.  While all telesma harvesting expeditions always had a mage with them, those were not always useful in combat against paracritters, spirits and other astral critters out there.  They even had a monofilament sword made for her that was also a weapon focus so she could combat those critters.  By the time she was 18 she was one of their better guards and while back in Lagos she tried to learn as much as possible about various critters so she could recognise them.

But that was in the future as when she was 16 she was approached by a woman while going back to the compound after a rare visit to her family.  She told her about saving a young girl some years ago and wanting to save more.  To make a long story short, after an initiation Na’Nele joined the daughters of Yemaja.  She quickly became very valuable for the organisation as she had access to transports.  When going on an expedition she could easily hide one or two woman among the porters without her employers being any the wiser.  When in the city she participated in raids on Cherubiums and things like that.  She also kept left-over supplies from expeditions (like medication, water purification tablets, food and things like that) to give to the organization.

It was on a raid like this that things went wrong.  She was 18 and had been told she would have to go to the UCAS for an assignment.  The night before she had to leave she participated in one more raid.  Unfortunately among the ones killed were two Ares scientists working on an important project in Lagos (and one was the son of a VP). She didn’t know it then, as the bodies had been burned beyond recognition, but the Ares people did find out she had been involved.  So when she had gone into Chicago with a team, they sent her out to scout and then left her.  What they hadn’t calculated on was the fact that she had survived hell holes before and she managed to get out.  But now she had to survive in a strange country where she was the Oyibos.  And on top Ares had of course blocked all her accounts and deleted the SIN they’d given her, leaving her only with the money she still had with Kayin, a hawala in Apapa.

For almost two years she managed to get by, doing odd jobs left and right.  She had kept all the stuff Ares had equipped her with, although she did have someone go over it to remove all the tags.  During these two years, she did a lot of hooding jobs, continuing what she had been doing with the daughters of Yemaja in Lagos, but also other things.  She was wary of going against Ares though, as she knew they still had a large file on her.

Build Point totals:  400 = 180 stats + 20 race +20 edge + 42 magic + 124 skills +20 qualities – 35 qualities + 14 resources + 15 contacts
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